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  1. Dont do it. Its a trick
  2. So i built 2 A class sub's. I54 and l'aurore. Both have full 02 upgrade however very low exp 1 star at best each. so with 02 available 252 or several minutes the meter during gameplay read 100. does that 100 on the 02 dial represent a % of oxygen? or rather time in seconds?
  3. So you got the gold and it's time to expand out! Be brave go for different ! Get a new style. who did you choose and why? currently playing IJN thinking about going for something with a high punch or high armor just to switch it up. who pairs well with the Ijn?
  4. I'll add after trying france and America, they are less dynamic, more defined in their roles. which is a little less exciting but absolutely has a place in the game. no complaints. give france mission okay though. Booo. Awesome job boooo
  5. I chose ijn as a beginner and here is my take. I agree paper armor. use blueprints. stock ships are well stock. Limited shooting angles (not a disadvantage if you are feint/retreating and just fire the whole time. Like a scythiam, mongol or any horse archer tactic) torps. Takao 8 tubes awesome kitakame 10. awesome awesome. shimakazee c class however is just not excellent. that's not a crime. Its wont punch out a bb alone. So teamwork. The agano and oyodo just shred me up online so that's a thing. the mogami cl can have 10 barrels firing, damn fine little boat. I think if you dont want it easy, like a challenge Japan is the way. you gonna get just chewed up 1/5 rounds though.
  6. I hit that mission around the time you posted th. Avoided it. well today I got bored enough to give it a go. Took 3 tries. idonnow man
  7. Shimkazee is where it's at, after getting a C class blue print my whole strategy is in that boat until I can level up , collect debris and get something ridiculously powerful. so far all my other ships go to harbor assault. Got a b lvl Kongo I cant afford the build yet. But it's working for me. 2 launchers 3 guns 2 engine 1fcs. what prints are available ?
  8. How about just letting campaign register exp forever? all the practice rounds and traing right there to be had. No point in having a whole new section of game built. Ya already have it. Turn on exp for campaign for every play
  9. For Chinese and well any person in the world? Yeah I'd love to be nice to you please and thank you. any government can pound sand if they dont like it.
  10. How about blueprint exchange only? Cant sell anything, but a 1 for 1 trade. Perhaps an equal investment by both parties to activate the exchange (150g?) Ontop of the purchase price of the ship? Then I could incorporate other nation ships into my dream team of France/Japan/usa against the world
  11. not being a crybaby, No is a perfectly acceptable answer. No worries. Can I please retire a nation? It's just buyers remorse, I dont like French boats. I love france , not so much in the game. I dont care about the cost , just bugs me to look at it. anyhow, smoking a joint while I dothis and I care waaaaay less about this as I'm done typing. anyway, I dinnae want ta winge or whine. Just think it'd be a nice option. for the record. Cool game and all of my issues have been user error.
  12. Yup, my ijn ss blueprint is almost unaffordable AND uncompetitive
  13. just maxed out guns on a dd50 shimkazee and now I'm actually a threat the battles ships. totally worth it. but are ijn ss just slow? C class hei type 1 is about as fast as a CA really. American subs can just run lapse around be
  14. Yea, your points are completely valid and spot on, I can only ferry resources one way. No campaign. there's no reason I cant just enjoy the game.
  15. I have a c tier shimkazee which stats claim to have 4 torpedoes at lvl 2 upgrade, however only 3 in gameplay. this normal experience?
  16. 9Ah, I see. booo! Lol thank you.
  17. Ha! I totally waited until I was hopelessly bored to do Just that . now I see our friend solved it like rubic cube with his eyes closed. good work gents.
  18. Oh thank you! it does make sense! I here is another scenario. D lvl mogami 1938. 4 torpedo launchers. in gameplay. I ready Clearly 4 on the fire button. CLEARLY there is 4 range sights on torpedo. however .... only 2 may fire in succession, the other 2 range sights are unavailable until warm up time. At wich point again 2 tubes will fire, again reading a yellow warm up time for 2 torpedo range sights. the result: never fired all 4 launchers in one succession. Effectively only having 2 available at any time.
  19. So why isn't there a French or Italian forum? Did I just miss it. I think I'll go france cause I cant look up italy