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  1. hahahajajaja te pasas 😂😂
  2. About raid: I often play raid instead of GB. When I joined yesterday, as soon as the raid started, 10 sec later the battle ended without even fighting. I saw something about capture. Anyway, I could play 1 raid for 4 min (After being rejected like 100 times 😤) then I saw the capture mode, not 1 min like in GB, 10 seconds only. As I was hiding... game over.
  3. I have the same problem... 😤😤
  4. Have you tried to join raid battle? You will have a heart attack.
  5. Hello. First of all I would like to see the WoF tournament back, where with anticipation you can have enough time to get ready with your teammates and let them know when they have to be online. After the first and last wof event so far, devs said there would be a wof tournament montly, but well, let's say they are busy now, so that's why there are fleets rewards every 2 weeks. Second, as my teammate said, we are an international fleet and we don't have enough people during the day to have wof when others fleets are looking, or when we are enough no one is looking. There were cases when we were forced to use ships that we didn't want to, but HEY!! WoF is WoF! And let's add some fleets that avoid us to WoF, you know why and actions will be taken. Anyway, we are still playing and doing our best. It's really sad to know you are already part of the players who say things that aren't true about my fleet. How do you say that the only reason that we win in wof is because we have a lot of players on? Do you really think that's the only reason? No. (we have some videos on youtube and some old WoF videos in our group, maybe we uploud it to youtube later ;)) Even with 5 / 7 players we play and to win you need = team work, tactics, experience and obviously balance, BB CV SS CL DD players, everyone knows which one are their best. If Victory cool, if defeat is ok, next time we can do it better. It's about to have fun and learn every day. But we don't have enough wof during the week, let's say 3 wars in 7 days, see? But HEY! At the end of the season there are more than 20 fleets with points, and for example: we only have fought with 5, adding some fleets avoiding us to WoF, fleets that have never been seen looking for wof in west/east, but they are into top10, ghosts fleets? That's another topic;). Let's continue: WoF is not like long time ago, players got tired with limitations, not fleets to wof, or only few fleets and same fleets all the wof season. Even koreans fleets got tired. I know some of them and how stronger they are but sadly the time zone to play against other fleets doesn't help them. If devs already know about this issue with time zone and fleets hiding, what are they waiting for? As I said, they must be busy, but hope they take in mind. And don't expect to much if your fleet is new. You will have to be patient. And be grateful you have the option to choose between beginners, expert or master. Long time ago it didn't exist, even an agreement or decide the max level. So, be patient, don't lose the control and try to have fun, don't take this game so seriously, doesn't worth it. And thanks to those fleets for keep playing WoF with us where we can have fun and a good time.
  6. .

    But "bombona" is female, "bombón" male 🤣. Anyway, he looks so cute:) he is a bombon
  7. :3 would play raid mode instead of wof, very funny anyway
  8. We were 2BB's 120, 1 SS, 1CV😋 Chinok = Kaiser. Bombona = Queen Victoria. GuilleNumberOne = Lexington. Itsumi Erika = Balao.
  9. I think all players should be allow to see who is online but only leaders (and officers if possible) do the job to go to WoF
  10. remember us!
  11. hi old kittie
  12. Being attacked surprising outnumbered by koreans fleets are nothing new to know. But it seems this bug keeps with us yet. It's not the first time it happens, when you retreat and be attacked by another fleet (mostly korean🤷🏻‍♀️) at the same time. At least, in the old patch when it happened, when the chief sent the alert, and the list of players were in red, you could have solved that "problem" choosing the players again and show up in wof panel. And no one from my fleet showed up in WoF because of the "bug",and obviously an easy win to the enemy fleet.
  13. In less than 4m 8 vs 3... #shutthefingerx2
  14. Okay, then if they won't remove bots, they must work on fair matches. I have been playing GB and checking my members... 8 vs 13 9 vs 11, the only one with a decent ships was me, isn't vetted yet and my team CL CA DD against mastered BBs, ss... #shutthefingerbom.