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  1. Check if banning by IP and if a daily limit of how many posts can one make is possible. Thanks for trying to keep things working
  2. A Aurore's deck gun is placed at extreme bow and below sub, appearing to float alongside or just in front of sub from most angles Other ships have similar issues (guns placed low on hull) but nothing that extreme or funny
  3. The idea is to get points, you have to be active and open to attack, then attacks will reshuffle points - but if attacking fleet can't be more powerful than defending it is down to skill and outsmarting your opponent. If winner gets points from loser then battling between main and clone will reshuffle points but not generate new - you'd have to stay active to generate or grab them from a third fleet.
  4. Ideas to get fleets out of the shadows: 1. Attacking fleet may not have more ships than defender and higher tier. For example I get my fleet in wof room with a D, D, C and B tier ships, attacker should be limited to 4 players and B tier max 2. Defending fleet strength by number and tier of ships: strength in points* by tier F=2, E=3, D=4, C=5, B=6, A=8, S=10. So the D,D,C,B above will worth 19 points, I can attack with an S and an A (18 points) or 5 E tiers and a D (19 points) or whatever i think is best *points per tier indicative - need playtesting to create truly competitive not favouring high, mid or low tiers One of the above, combined with points given for being active should address both the inactive fleets issue and the fear of getting overpowered by a fleet entering with overwhelming strength
  5. In fb what i did was put a link here, hoping someone will be interested and add his ideas here for further discussion or at least add his support. fb is volatile, while good for a heated discussion it, posts get quickly buried and forgotten
  6. there was a suggestion in the past that i believe has potential, please check, comment and help it mature as a suggestion if you feel the same
  7. Nothing focused on particular nations. Read sir Ibby's "101 a beginners guide" if you haven't already and ask in global chat for advice - mostly what ships to avoid
  8. while you're at it, give u-flak manual AA, maybe somewhat higher passive AA as well. And remove the nukes. please. hold a vote in fb page if you believe people think it is a good idea and I'm the only one complaining
  9. ship stats

    Several ships (most A&B DD/CL/CA, CL60s from dockyard) and some recently added Battleships have repair skill. It is not shown in any stats, only in battle with a special repair button (right side with guns, launchers, planes etc.) and a yellow circle around ship (repair range). to repair a ship click the repair button, then ship you want to repair. A line will appear between ships, green when in circle, red when out of range. Note that the line is visible to enemies through fog of war - to unlink ships long press the repair button.
  10. continuously? in other words running a bot is allowed if only used sparingly? Ban them, never to return as soon as they get caught
  11. That is why "research" is also called lottery. You just get a random ship with every try, some ships are more common, some less and some very rare even with maximum resources. Traductor de Google: Por eso "investigación" también se llama lotería. Solo obtienes un barco al azar con cada intento, algunos barcos son más comunes, algunos menos y otros muy raros incluso con los máximos recursos. my suggestion is to play with as much oil and steel you can afford and only put 50 (others suggest 150) gold when you can also put 300k steel and 30k oil. It will take time but you will get the most out of your gold. Don't be disappointed at first, push on slowly mi sugerencia es jugar con la mayor cantidad de petróleo y acero que puedas pagar y solo poner 50 (otros sugieren 150) de oro cuando también puedes poner 300k de acero y 30k de petróleo. Tomará tiempo, pero sacará el máximo provecho de su oro. No te decepciones al principio, sigue adelante lentamente
  12. hi joseph, to win by capture you need a minute, when less than a minute remains there is no need for a counter since time will run out before counter. no bug there imo
  13. A cunning plan for surviving in Great Battle Dear captain, you have played and dominated Online Experts and think of trying your skills in Great Battle. Ideally you have a couple of nice DDs and CLs, built the level 41 CA or found a C tier DD/CL/CA at the lottery and built it. This Plan is for you. Note 1: You don’t need a BB/CV/SS. Note 2: You will meet A & S tier BBs that seem impervious to any damage (hulls into the 60 thousands) and put out 20-30k+ broadsides at great ranges (2800 I consider short, 3000 average and 3300 long range) Note 3: High tier CVs are fast, have lots of planes and can kill the high tier BBs with 2-3 squads of torp bombers. They also have great hulls and many short range guns for protection Note 4: High tier SSs are fast (submerged close to 30kn normal, 40kn overheat) with many torp tubes (10-12) shooting 6-8k damage torps. Also many have quite powerful deck guns, scouts and some even bombers Note 5: Scared yet? S tier BBs can call a nuke strike every 5 mins and S CVs airstrike every 4 minutes Note 6: A good player with a DD/CL/CA can be as useful as any of the above, turn the tides of battle and win. So, how do you win a battle where you can be squashed like a bug? 1. Pick your ship role(s). A DD/CL/CA can be one or more of the following: ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare), AAW (Anti-Aircraft Weapon), repairship or minelayer. Might also have quite good guns (some of the higher tiers put out damages comparable to BBs) 2. At the beginning of battle you have some seconds that enemies are visible. Check their line-up, note the BBs, CVs and SSs 3. Check your own side BBs, CVs and SSs 4. Depending on your role, choose your strategy. In general escort a BB or CV and provide your services 5. Be smart. Survive. Speed is your ally, rudder your friend. Whenever you feel threatened run. Always swerve your rudder; hard. Make them miss, respect a battleship’s space – close in and you’ll be squashed. 6. The more successful you are at protecting your allies, the better the chances at winning 7. Ideally your ship should serve 2 or more of the roles below ASW ASW weapons are the hedgehogs, torpedoes and mines. Note that subs can deep dive and avoid the ASW weapon (HHs will explode harmlessly, torps will sail past, mines will stay there – deep dived subs will have to crawl away at 3kns. Additionally note that mines are invisible to subs). BBs are particularly vulnerable to subs, they are (the majority) slow, (most) lack any defences vs a submerged sub and cannot detect submerged subs (few have a small sonar that is generally useless). As an ASW escort you need to (in order of priority): 1. keep track of subs. Keep them in sonar range so they are visible 2. Block their path to your allies 3. Wear them out with HHs and torps. If they deep dive fast enough to avoid your weapons try to supress them. If they spend their time in deep dive they are not threatening your allies and will eventually run out of oxy. No need to take unnecessary risks by going too close If there are no major surface threats you can actively hunt enemy subs or aid an allied sub duelling another (sub duels often happen between the enemy-allied lines and closing in to the enemy line is not wise) AAW Killing scouts. Kill the enemy scouts. Once more: kill the enemy scouts. BBs fire well beyond their visual range, without scouts they are blind – your level 1 DD can win a battle just by keeping your allies invisible to the enemy. Other than scouts; move between enemy bombers and their target, they’ll have to either go round you to the other side (you can too by sailing a much smaller distance), over you (you’ll kill several or all of them before reaching their target), switch target to someone else or switch their target to you (torp bombers are quite easy to evade, dive bombers will have to go directly above you) Finally fighters: many times you will see allied and enemy fighters locked in combat; note that your AA fire can and will shoot down allied planes as well so be careful and judge the situation. If the enemy fighters chase allied bombers just fire at them, the bombers are doomed anyway Repairship Pretty straight forward. Just escort a BB and repair it. Repair other allies when you get the chance and feel free to change the ship you escort if needed. Note that repair line is visible through fog of war, so disengage (by long press of repair button) when not needed Minelayer If you are a dedicated minelayer then choose an area to rig: in front of your allied CVs if any, a choke point between islands or just an area close to centre (has to be inside the occupy zone appearing at 5 mins) work best If not a dedicated minelayer just drop mines as you go. The more the better. If you double back or encounter other allied mines try to group them together or make long strings. A particularly tricky tactic (but immensely satisfying when it works) is to sail over a sub and drop mines directly on top of it. This usually results in the immediate destruction of the sub (or you if you don't get it right). You will need the fastest and smallest ship for this - DDs and the small, premium CLs (Texas, Tiger, Dhonburi, Bayern and Gamelin) work best for this. Running parallel to sub and somewhat behind it, hit OH speed and aim just ahead of it, at the last moment turn hard towards it and drop your load - practice makes perfect. Minesweeper Your DD/CL can also detect enemy mines (the only classes that can). Help allies to navigate through enemy minefields. Hedgehogs can also destroy enemy mines. Though not very successful may come handy sometime Gunship While not in the roles listed, your ship has guns, use them to take out small ships or add your damage to whatever the heavyweights are shooting at. Here you can use the skills you learned in online beginners and experts. If you get in the unfortunate position where there is an enemy BB but no allies to kill it (BB, CV or SS) try to gang with any survivors and attack it. If there is nothing blocking your path to an enemy CV grab the chance and chase it (you need speed, some good guns with a good range for this, CVs are fast and many pack some nice guns for self protection) Further reading 101 a beginners guide by Ibby. Everything needed to play and enjoy the game for day 1 to advise for experienced players. A must read. Unofficial battle tips by me. Quite dated but valid in many points. Just note that when it was written there was no "research" (only shipyard ships), no minelayers, no Italy, no France, no occupy zone at 5 minutes, no repair skill and no BB/CV had AAW, ASW or sonar Some other advice Tip 1 was you don't need a BB, CV, SS. Building a BB/ CV/ SS early in the game is the wrong thing to do. D & C tier BBs have weak hulls, building them is a waste of resources and will give the wrong impression about BBs. D & C CVs and SSs also have weak hulls but if played well a good hull is an inconvenience not a fatal flaw. While sub-par and weak they can still play their intended roles in gb. Fighters are as strong as on the high tier CVs, bombers some 30-40% weaker. Subs suffer from low torpedo counts (6-8 tubes are typical for D-C tier subs, while B,A & S have 10-12). In addition BBs, CVs and SSs of B tier and higher will need some 10-11 million steel to build and upgrade, with third upgrades needing as much as 3 million steel; a level 12 steel depot is needed for that
  14. NF also need to publish ship stats. The ship trees under nation specific are more than 2 years old now, ships have changed, more ships have been added, even two more nations have been added.
  15. I miss the original radar where land was visible as it was possible to avoid bumping on land/borders while ship was off screen and use an island to approach unseen from radar. I think it added an extra dimension to the game and want to see it back.