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  1. While I disagree with the way Bobby put it, I agree that the mission has to change. The way the mission is >95% of the time you get defeated before the first squad takes off, no matter what CV you play. To win you have to get lucky and get heavy transports spawn close to weak DDs. Devs can at least code in heavy transports to reduce the random element that makes it unwinnable most of the time edit: tried twice with vet S tier A Project, launched 2 scouts to distract DDs at North and two dive bomber squads. Sailed with OH speed to attract fire. Lost both times at 32 seconds, scouts shot down before dive bombers approached Northmost DDs that killed the Transport (a light 1st time and heavy the second but between an L class and a Tribal)
  2. C is the highest Shimakaze you can get (currently at least). while powerful and ludicrously fast (69 knots OH with mastered crew) and fun to play (mostly because of the OH speed), note that DDs lack repair crew and the damage reduction they offer making them relatively fragile
  3. you mean armour? yes it reduces damage taken by a good amount
  4. Launchers on most ships fire either side of the ship, you have to aim them the other side to fire all of them.
  5. For the attacking time issue I suggest fixing each territory to a time - unchangable by occupying fleet. This will prevent getting all areas to the time preference of a couple of fleets and give a fair chance of occupation of an area to all
  6. The upgrade describes how many tubes each torp launcher fires. Launchers are 3 for Shimakaze and don't change by upgrades (much like gun turret number is fixed but gun barrels per turret may change by upgrading guns)
  7. Check if banning by IP and if a daily limit of how many posts can one make is possible. Thanks for trying to keep things working
  8. A Aurore's deck gun is placed at extreme bow and below sub, appearing to float alongside or just in front of sub from most angles Other ships have similar issues (guns placed low on hull) but nothing that extreme or funny
  9. The idea is to get points, you have to be active and open to attack, then attacks will reshuffle points - but if attacking fleet can't be more powerful than defending it is down to skill and outsmarting your opponent. If winner gets points from loser then battling between main and clone will reshuffle points but not generate new - you'd have to stay active to generate or grab them from a third fleet.
  10. Ideas to get fleets out of the shadows: 1. Attacking fleet may not have more ships than defender and higher tier. For example I get my fleet in wof room with a D, D, C and B tier ships, attacker should be limited to 4 players and B tier max 2. Defending fleet strength by number and tier of ships: strength in points* by tier F=2, E=3, D=4, C=5, B=6, A=8, S=10. So the D,D,C,B above will worth 19 points, I can attack with an S and an A (18 points) or 5 E tiers and a D (19 points) or whatever i think is best *points per tier indicative - need playtesting to create truly competitive not favouring high, mid or low tiers One of the above, combined with points given for being active should address both the inactive fleets issue and the fear of getting overpowered by a fleet entering with overwhelming strength
  11. In fb what i did was put a link here, hoping someone will be interested and add his ideas here for further discussion or at least add his support. fb is volatile, while good for a heated discussion it, posts get quickly buried and forgotten
  12. there was a suggestion in the past that i believe has potential, please check, comment and help it mature as a suggestion if you feel the same
  13. Nothing focused on particular nations. Read sir Ibby's "101 a beginners guide" if you haven't already and ask in global chat for advice - mostly what ships to avoid
  14. while you're at it, give u-flak manual AA, maybe somewhat higher passive AA as well. And remove the nukes. please. hold a vote in fb page if you believe people think it is a good idea and I'm the only one complaining
  15. ship stats

    Several ships (most A&B DD/CL/CA, CL60s from dockyard) and some recently added Battleships have repair skill. It is not shown in any stats, only in battle with a special repair button (right side with guns, launchers, planes etc.) and a yellow circle around ship (repair range). to repair a ship click the repair button, then ship you want to repair. A line will appear between ships, green when in circle, red when out of range. Note that the line is visible to enemies through fog of war - to unlink ships long press the repair button.