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  1. Already talk about this bug.. wait until devs can fix it.. thanks!
  2. Your welcome 😁👍
  3. There is a update posted in the facebook page about this...
  4. If you press the fire button, in game for a couple of seconds.. it will change between Manual and Automatic..
  5. Good idea!. we will consider it Thanks!!
  6. Thanks for the report, we will consider to fix it ASAP...😄
  7. Also, HA it isn't fully functional right now... but in next updates it will... just wait for it .. thanks =D
  8. This are mine, i dont know if it is good ... but i have 2 FCS 2 Engine 1 Main Gun and 3 Armor
  9. Its supposed to not get anything if you win in defense... thats why you don't receive steel or oil.. the numbers on defense are wrong.
  10. I will comment that.. but it could take some time to do it...
  11. There isnt an official solution for UI problems in low resolution devices.. you just have to wait until devs can update the game to full support them
  12. Done
  13. Hi!! Well.. this game isnt set to complete it all in a 1 or 2 months.. so you cant get all ships and upgrades in 1 week..because it get bored.. about PvP .. there are ones that you sink a lot of ships.. and others that yoy dont.. its part of the game.. you have to know how to avoid and make good strategy to deal with all kind of enemies... We are improving the reward system for all kind of missions and battles... but like i said.. dont expect to complete the game in a month.... For more precision shooting there is a strategy to hit with all of your gun shells.. and you need to lvl up your crew to veteran to get more susccesful shoots.. (the fcs doesnt improve it) The PvE arent supossed to complete them all with just your DD or CL.. you need a good BB or CV to complete. We are trying to make a good game with all of your reviews.. thanks
  14. Thx for your report.. we have this in consideration
  15. Good suggestion.. but it is hard to delete accounts, because players might be back to play some day.. but maybe devs can make that just 1 week active players can be part of HA or something like that