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  1. Thanks for new filters in shipyard and for new A and S types ships. But decision to add this "nuclear strike" is really terrible. S ships even without it are very powerful. But it's not a main problem. The creater - is't just not interesting to play against this "feature".
  2. Sended data of ships: Furius (С); Zara (C); Charlemagne (B); Vitorio Venetto (B); Di Giussano (C); Q Class (D); Alsace (B); Super Yamato (B); Shokaku (B); Mogador (C); Jan Bar (B); Mogami (1944) (C); Shimakase (C); Duge Truen (C); Suffen (C); Strasbourg (A);
  3. Hey, can anyone tell, what exactly armor update is doing right now? Cos active / not active is not very useful to understand. How it's saving ship hp - add % to damage resistance (if yes, then how much), or take away some constant amount from each shot?
  4. I get JP CL OYODO tyre C in lottery, but didn't buind it - don't want to waste 400 gold.
  5. New patch added motivation for captains to add ships to defense fleet. It's really cool, good job. But we have one great minus - now you have to spend one point for intelligence and one point for attack. Yes, now we can choose port to attack, but before update if i had 12 points, with great luck, i could attack 12 ports, now maximum is 6. It's balance feature or I don't understand smth?
  6. From 12 attacks there was 10 empty ports, one with 1 CL and only 1 opponent had full fleet. Mb it's possible to do filter on empty one? Or nobody care?
  7. After last update 80% of ports to attack are empty, because almost everyone use their ships in attack as well in defence and online battles. It's simply uncomfortable to switch ships all the time. Because of this farm in port attacks became really slower. Port attack for many players are the best way to get steel and it must be possible to leave ships in defence to let other players to farm!
  8. OMG. All matches have become overcrowded with this colored ships (blueprint). What sense now to improve cap lvl, if all this ships are nothing? Shimacase whith 1400 shell damage and 2000 range? Why do I need CL now? Baltimore with 9 guns from from BB (not shure what exactly). What sense to by Colorado? Randome transforms into smth terrible(
  9. Yep. Also didn't like this patch. It's cool idea with blueprints, but "random" aspect is terrible. Why I have to spend 300k steel, 30k fuel; 100 gold and get terrible DD with "D" tier? Is'nt it better smth like this: 0 resourses = 100% E ship; 100k + 10k = 100% D; 200k + 20k = 100% C; 300k + 30k + 100 gold = 100% B ship; 400k steel + 40k fuel + 500 gold = 100% A; 500k steel + 50k fuel + 750 gold = 100% S; Also, what meens Kurf, QV, Amagi,... is B? What monsters have 2 be S???