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  1. Had the same problem today, again at 21:41 o'clock CET. If those shut-downs of servers are scheduled, please announce them upfront.
  2. I am disappointed by the change of manual to automatic aaw with recent update 3.7.0. The manual aaw was a demaning feature and it needed some experience to handle it. But once mastered, it was fun to shoot down planes. Moreover, the aaw-ships played a significant role for the team in "great battle" as well as in "war of fleets". With the update, the general automatic aaw mode made this skill useless and deprived the game of a fun action. Even worse, it is less efficient in shooting down planes than manual aaw. I therefore suggest to role back this part of the update.
  3. In order to assess the consequences of the last update properly, I request a full display of the required crew point costs for every ship type by the developers immediately. It is strange that this has not been done yet by Navy Field officials and I am expecting the worse.