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Found 2 results

  1. update

    A copy of NF announcement in facebook 4.3.2 version released! We updated 4.3.2 version for iOS & Android. 1. Added Captain's requirement level for the construction of blueprints from ship research. - When a ship is to be constructed with blueprint obtained through ship research, Captain requires certain level. - S grade first Battleships: Captain Requires Level 100 (Nebraska S grade in US, Queen Victoria S grade in UK) - S grade second Battleships: Captain Requires Level 90 (California S grade in US, Nelson S grade in UK) - S grade Aircraft Carrier and Submarine: Captain Requires Level 90 - A grade Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Submarines: Captain Requires Level 80 - B grade Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Submarines: Captain Requires Level 60 - C grade ships do not have a Captain's requirement level. 2. Debris can not be converted to gold - Debris will be given as a reward of Random Box and Daily Quest only. - You will not be able to convert Debris to Gold since version 4.3.2. 3. Fixed crash issue. 4. Add new skins for S grade ship of UK Thank you.
  2. Thanks devs and Happy 1st Anniversary!