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Found 1 result

  1. Some ships have a flightdeck that can launch fighter and bomber planes. By request, I have listed the current crop. Full flightdeck: IJN CA Mogami 1944, tier D (shipyard) and C IJN CL Oyodo, tier D (shipyard) and C IJN CL Agano, tier B IJN BB Atago, tier S IJN BB Ise (1943), tier A SN BB Project 69SE, tier S MN CL De Grasse, tier B MN BB Strasbourg, tier C, B and A RN BB Italia, tier S Small flightdeck (2 fighters, 3 torpedo bombers, 3 dive bombers, 1 squad): IJN CA Asama, tier C IJN SS I54, tier A (shipyard) IJN SS I400, tier B, A and S IJN SS Kai-Kou type, tier B and A MN SS Surcouf, tier S As always, let me know if I've missed some ships. Cheers folks!