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Found 1 result

  1. Most premium ships has equal power as their descendants with lesser hull. In US and UK, SS in level 79, Gato and A Type are not weaker than SS92. Except hull, both of them have equal stats in speed and diving time and even more in the number of launchers. Their CV79 owns over CV92 too. However, for IJN, SS79 Kai Kou Type is a very weak boat. Although she is smaller in size and has same speed and diving time as I-400, she has only six bow launcher (and zero stern launcher), making it vulnerable to SS fights. The only reason to use Kai Kou Type is to use its small size to pass through net of sonar. But the reason is not justifiable as it cannot scan dived SSs (okay it has scouts) In conclusion, Kai Kou Type is weak in SS combat (no stern launchers), is also weak in hunting big ships (only 6 launchers in total). So perhaps the only usage of it is to destroy heavy guns XD. I would discourage players to use gold to buy this premium ship if no buffs are given in future. Suggested buff on Kai Kou Type maybe: 1) increase sonar range for scouting purpose 2) shorten torpedo reload speed (if increasing number of torps is not allowed) 3) increase ship turn speed and accelerate speed for increase survivability in SS combat (it make sense in physics also if she uses same engine as I-400 but enjoys smaller in size and total weight) As such Kai Kou Type can be positioned as a compact SS for long range missions.