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<Weekend event announcements and patch list at the end of September>

Hi! all captain.

Updates and patches scheduled for this week have been postponed again.

At the time of Apple's review, iOS 11 update is in a situation where some changes are difficult and need to be reviewed again.

We are sorry for you once more.

But next week we will be able to make sure we can patch it.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

* We will present 60 gold for weekend combat subsidy.

Captain xp, steel acquisition value, 25% increase event

- From 7 pm on September 22 to 5 pm on September 25 (Korean time)

* We have 100 Crew points as a gift to all users.

1. Add Daily Quest
- We will give crew points from battle result to daily quest.

2. Fix bug for time end battle result with submarine attack point.

3. Submarine can pass under the ships.

4. Torpedo fire safety distance added (Torpedo damage is not applied within a certain distance)

5. Fixed the phenomenon of switching to WEST when changing the screen from chat channel EAST

6. Remove pop-up for asking gold with ship repair

7. When a submarine lands on the surface under a different ship, the ship will sink into collision damage.

8. Add online training mode for new comers (availabe until 24 level)
- Ally consists of a player & AI ship
- The enemy is made up of AI only, making it easier for novice users to battle.
- Available until 24th level

9. Add "PLAY TUTORIAL" mode

10. Ranking interface is changed. (system change and compensation added ASAP)

11. Display required captain level and command center level for unreleased ships.

12. Added icon to distinguish automatic and manual gun mode.

13. Add target point for hedgehog.

14. When purchasing a ship, it has been modified to be purchased without filling in the name of ship.

15. Add detail skill information

16. Harbor assault is changed.
- Pillage system is removed
- When the attack succeed, system will give the reward.
- When the defense succeed, system will give the reward.

17. Correction of 1-tierDD torpedoes and hedgehog launchable angles
- US (Fletcher), England (O Class), Japan (Kagero), Germany (Z1), Soviet (Storozhevoy) torpedo (hedgehog) can be launched in any direction. It is changed.
- The Soviet (Storozhevoy) DD is changed to only the torpedo in the middle, and the rear torpedo is now.
18. Gunfire or airfields are added to an island or land on the Dead Zone.

- The gunfire and weapons in the Dead Zone will attack both the enemy and ally.
19. Add an ally defense weapon (allied occupied territory)
- Ally defense weapons attack enemy ships and provide sight to ally at the same time.
- If your defensive weapon is destroyed, you lose sight.
* It is not a function to occupy an island or land.

20. Adding Great Online Battle Map
- Added 5 Great Battle maps. (Total of 10 maps)

21. A mine is added to the Outer (Edge) area of the map of Online 'Great Battle.
- In case of a ship being automatically operated (such as a ship or a submarine or a Macro-operated ship that is automatically operated due to a crash during a game), it may sink without direction (steering) operation.

22. Anti-subnet (vs Submarine defense)
- Apply to some maps (currently 1 map).

23. Modifying ship SD image of Yamato (battleship) and Gato (submarine)

24. Add an anti-aircraft gun to CA 1-up seconndary gun
- Added to some ship 2-up (You can check it in the ship equipment window.)

25. crew xp add transition (move to another crew)
- It can be added to the next patch on schedule














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