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Official Battle Tips

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1) If your ship slow down, the field of view will be narrowed. And when the ship becomes low in DP, you will need to repair the ship. If the ship's DP falls below 75%, the performance of the ship will be weaken. And Accuracy does not significantly affected by the FCS in the equipment upgrade section. Accuracy is determined by your weapon sailor's ability. If your sailor ability is veteran, it will be 200% effective

2) If your team are about to win in a online battle, do not retreat from the battle after your ship sunk. Watch the battle to the end and you will still get a team victory reward.

3) If you finish a lot of missions, you can get lots of steel and gold and of course XP. You can level up to CA(heavy cruiser)in missions. Then if you can promote your sailors to veteran,your ship ability will be improved a lot and very fun in online battle. We have made beginner's room which can only enter below level 25.



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