3.4.4 version released for iOS and Android

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- Patch list
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------...
1. Update version 3.4.4 (Android, iOS).
2. Improved UI related to Fleet invite and create
3. UI improvements including all upgrade notification panels
4. Improved the name of the ship and the captain in battle
5. Improved ship target indicator in battle
6. Improved chat function
7. Fixed a quest-related "winning in a row" count bug
8. Correcting the battleship main-gun accuracy (up to mid-range)
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

2. New Events
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
* Events for new captain
- Period: From November 30, 2017 to January10, 2018
- Purchase Starter Pack during this period and you will receive special battleship. (No required Captain level and Command Center level)

Campaign, Survival Mission is now easily conquered!

* caution!

A Battleship is added to the country where you buy the Starter Pack.

Not available in other countries.

New Starter Pack icon.png


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