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Rules for naming captains and ships

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Dear NF captains, 

Lately I've been encountering a LOT of captains with inappropiate names. Please note that I will come down on those captains. Offending captains will be warned, if they don't chance the offending name  they will be submitted for suspension. Don't be one of those captains!


What exactly is an inappropiate name, you may ask? To prevent any discussion, here's some clear rules on naming:


- Any reference to terrorists, war crimimals (including Nazi's) or criminal organisations is not allowed.

- Any reference to people or organisations who have committed crimes against humanity is not allowed.

- Offensive language in names is not allowed.

- Spam in names is not allowed.

- Insulting of other players in names is not allowed.

- Racism, homophobia, negative stereotyping and suchlike are not allowed.

- Explicit (sexual) language is not allowed.


This list may be edited by moderators, so when in doubt please refer to the latest edition. 


The very best option you have: if you are in doubt whether or not a name is allowed, don't use the name.


Thank you all very much for your cooperation. If you see players breaking above rules, please report them in game or PM a screenshot of the player's profile to a moderator.

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