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Well the time has come.

I could go into a long list of names of people here who have touched me here but the list would be too long... You know who you are.

I have not been involved with navy field for the last little bit and have left Kitty in charge. It has given me great pleasure to see her step up and be the leader that I always knew she could be. 

I have sent an email to naiad games and asked them to install "Allessandra" as the new chief of Thunder Prime.

I hope you will all support her in this new undertaking as I know the navyfield community always would.

As you can well imagine his hard for me to leave my fleet and equally as hard to leave my friends here in navyfield. 

I'm going to spend a little bit of time in west chat to say goodbye to who I can.

If you're not there or I've missed you than know this.... I wish only for the wind always be at your back and thank you for the good times! 







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Darn, I missed you in game.

Goodbye, have a nice time with whatever you get get involved with next.

I hope you will pop back in the game just to say hi every now and then.



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