4.5.3 version will be released.

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Christmas event & 4.5.3 version will be released!

From 21st to 26th, Dec., online battle reward will be double for Christmas event.


4.5.3 version patch list (21st, PM 5:00 Patch scheduled - Korea time base)

1. New 120 captain level submarine added.

- US Tambor
- UK Safari
- JPN I-54
- KM Type U-Flak I
- SN L XI Class

2. Repair ship added in Research Center (A grade)

- MN CA Jules Verne

3. New armor system

- Belt & Deck : Reduce damage by gun caliber
- Bulge : Reduce torpedo damage by percent

Caution-1) Armor will decrease ship speed

Caution-2) Hull of submarine will increase ship speed

4. Reduce damage ability of sailor is decreased by 50%

5. Critical Hit Bonus will be added in FCS

6. Torpedo Boat in defensive weapon will be enhanced.

7. C grade US CL Brooklyn & Cleveland will be enhanced in AAW

8. UK 130 Lv BB Lion II will be enhanced in AAW

9. Skill Cool down time will be increased 2 seconds excpet AAW skill.

10. Submarine can move in deep dive situation with 3 knots. 

Thank you.




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