Punishment regulations for bug abusing and hacking for details

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Thanks for your interest in Navyfield and being our valued captains again!

This is an update of the previous punishment regulations for bug abusing and hacking. 

An immediate penalty of an account may result if a captain found guilty of exploiting errors and bugs to cause any chaos, such as achieving unfair profits and/or creating any destruction of game balance, instead of reporting them to provide a fair and secure gameplay environment. Depending on number of times the errors and bugs were exploited, the penalty can vary as follows: 1st attempt: account suspension for 7 days, 2nd attempt: account suspension for 15 days, and 3rd attempt: permanent account suspension.

In addition, any captain found guilty of using hacking tools will have an immediate permanent account suspension.

We ask for all captains’ cooperation to continuously improve our game environment.

Thank you.


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