7.1.6 version released.

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Dear Cpatains,

We will shutdown the server to patch 7.1.6 version.

You can update your app as 7.1.6 version at markets.

Schedule - 5:00PM ~ 5:40PM (Korea time)


Patch list
- New CA for Soviet (Project 66E), new BB for UK (Royal Sovereign)
- Added AI ships in Battle royal, added pirates Team
- Added ship class limit for expert and master league
  (Expert league - 1 CV, 1 SS limit, Master league - 2 CV, 1 SS limit)
- Change protection duration for city in conquest league
  (Pillaged city - 10 minutes, After CW battle - 4 days)  
- Additional reward for city in conquest league 
  (When season ends, 5,000 golds for city, 500 golds for each level)
- New collections for ship research 
- Go straight mode in maneuver (touch center of wheel)
- New signal lamp messages
- Bug fix for UK CL Emerald (non-available mine issue)
Thank you.




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