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War of Fleet Operational Details


Mode of Operation: Seasonal

War of Fleet Period: 30 days (data reset after season ends, new season starts after 3 days pause)


War of Fleet League

- Expert League

- Master League

- Conqueror League (including Pillage battle)


Fleet Point Acquisition Method: 1 point for every 10,000 damage in battle, additional 3 points for winning a battle


Maximum points earned per battle

- Expert League: 15 points

- Master League: 25 points

- Conqueror League: 35 points


Fleet that does not respond to the fleet battle will deduct 1% of their points as a penalty (minimum 1 point)


Set open battle time: The fleet leader or co-leader set 6 hours as a convenient time for the fleet members to play.

(Once set, it cannot be changed for 7 days)

In the next patch, it will be modified so that it cannot be changed even when the declaration of war is in progress.


The start of the league

- Expert League: Start from reset

- Master League: Starts when the first 10 fleets that achieve 100 points in Expert League are formed

- Conqueror League: Start with 7 qualified fleets


Master League: It is conducted in the form of rounds, and the first round lasts for 7 days, and points can only be obtained from one battle with the same fleet in each round. The Master League proceeds for a total of 3 rounds.


Conqueror League Qualifications: Remain in 4th place based on points earned in the existing Conqueror League, and the top 3 fleets in the Master League will join the Conqueror League next season


Restrictions on the number of participants in league battles and classes

- Expert League (Participant: 3 people, ship class limit: 1 submarine, 1 aircraft carrier)

- Master League (Participant: 5 people, ship class limit: 1 submarine, 2 aircraft carriers)

- Conqueror League (Participant: 10 people, ship class limit: 3 battleships, 2 submarines, 2 aircraft carriers)


Pillage battle in Conqueror league

- 5 people participating in the attack, class limit: battleships and aircraft carriers are not allowed, 1 submarine

In the next patch, the maximum number of participants in pillage will be changed to 4 people.

- Defense Fleet in pillage: Up to 20 ships can be provided by fleet members

(Up to 10 ships can be deployed on the 1st and 2nd stages and operated by AI)

- When the first stage is successful in attack: 25% of city resources are acquired

- When the second stage is successful in attack: 75% of city resources are acquired

(If the second stage is successful in attack, 100% of the resources produced by the city can be looted)


Fleet War Participation Cost

- Expert League Battle: 2 gold

- Master League Battle: 5 gold

- Conqueror League: 100 gold

- Pillage: 5 gold


Fleet War Standby Period (Preparation period from application to battle to start of battle)

- Expert League Battles: 20 minutes

- Master League Battles: 30 minutes

- Conqueror League Battles: 60 minutes

- Pillage: 5 minutes


Battle duration: 10 minutes

In the next patch, Conqueror League battles will be changed to 15 minutes.


Consumption of ships participating in Fleet Wars

- Expert League: When sinking, durability 10%, fuel 10% (durability 5%, fuel 5% when alive)

- Master League: When sinking, durability 20%, fuel 20% (durability 5%, fuel 5% when alive)

- Conqueror League: 100% durability when sinking, 100% fuel (10% durability when alive, 10% fuel)

- Attack ship in pillage: When sinking, durability 50%, fuel 50% (durability 5%, fuel 5% when alive)

- Defense ship in pillage (AI ship): 5% durability and 5% fuel regardless of whether it is sunk or not


Fleet War Rewards

- Expert league: 1st place (3,000 gold), 2nd place (2,500 gold), 3rd place (2,000 gold), 4th-5th place (1,500 gold)

- Master League: 1st place (5,000 gold), 2nd place (4,000 gold), 3rd place (3,000 gold), 4th-5th place (2,000 gold)

- Conqueror League: 5,000 gold per city captured at the end of the season, 500 gold for each city's 1st level upgrade, regardless of the resources produced in the city


Period of battle break and city protection period

- Expert League and Master League: 60 minutes break after battle

- Conqueror League: City protection period for 4 days after battle

- Pillage War: 10 minutes rest if successful, 24 hours city protection period if unsuccessful


Conqueror League

- Consists of 7 major cities in Africa

- City Conquest War: You can receive a declaration of war from other fleets during battle open time (6 hours).

- Pillage War: Exposed to Pillage for a period other than battle open time (18 hours)

- In order for the attacking fleet to proceed with the battle for city occupation, there must be an overlap between open battle time of the fleet occupying the city and open battle time of the attacking fleet.

- During the city protection period, city occupation and pillage battles do not proceed.

- Fleet that conducted pillage battle cannot conduct an additional pillage battle for 24 hours.


Players who have left the fleet will not be able to participate in fleet battles for 21 days.


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