6th anniversary event

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Dear Captains,

We have patch with 6th anniversary event.

Patch list
1. Repair amount per time reduced for 3up and 4 up in repair ships
2. Increased torpedo speed in fast mode for submarine (US, UK, JP, KM only)
3. Increased 2up and 3up torpedo speed in submarine long range mode
4. Reduced 3up torpedo range in submarine long range mode
5. Building upgrade level 4~5 section upgrade time reduction
6. Added A tier aircraft carriers in resarch center
   (these ships are provided with 2 destroyers as escort ship)
    - US Independence
    - UK HMS Colossus
    - JP Hiryu
    - KM Seydlitz
    - SN Komsomolets
    - MN Bearn
    - RM Sparviero


Thank you.





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