7.8.0 version released !

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Dear Captain,
We will shutdown the server to patch 7.8.0 version.
You update your app version as 7.8.0 at markets.
Schedule - 12:00 AM ~ 01:00 AM (Korea time)
Patch List

1. New aircraft carriers are added in research center

    - US Hornet CV-8  (A tier)
    - US Hornet CV-8 Doolittle (S tier) : 3 Medium bomber-1 can be operated.
    - Medium bomber-1 spec : Sight range(1,000), DP(1,000), Speed(558), Damage per bomb(1,000)
    - Medium bomber can attack 3 times within a certain area and after attack, they don't return to the ship and disappear off the map.

2. Airfield in raid, online battle, harbor assault can operate Medium bomber-2

    - Medium bomber-2 spec : Sight range(1,000), DP(500), Speed(558), Damage per bomb(1,000)

3. Battle UI changes

    - Speed button and Control wheel will disappear when ship DP is below 25%.

4. Added ceiling system to ship research center

    - When using premium account, rewards are given according to the amount of gold used for ship research. (Final reward random S-tier card)
    - For VIP account, regardless of premium account use, rewards are given according to the amount of gold used for ship research. 

5. Fixed bug related to manual targeting of torpedo bombers

    - Fixed a bug about one torpedo bomber attacked separately when manually targeting

6. Changes in US BB Project1058 for flightdeck and guns

    - Based on 3UP flightdeck (scout 5-fighter 11-torpedo bomber 16-dive bomber 16 -> scout 5-fighter 14-torpedo bomber 17-dive bomber 17)
    - Basic gun US 16" x 3 (reload 1903, damage 1780, range 2709), 1UP gun US 18" x 2 (reload 2020, damage 2731, range 3006)
      2UP gun US 16" x 3 (reload 1940, damage 2368, range 2906), 3UP gun US 18" x 3 (reload 1920, damage 2468, range 3006)

7. Restoration of attack target setting function in harbor assault.

8. Submarine speed change 
(All engine overheat speed increased by 1 knot, EngineIV max speed decreased by 2 knots, EngineV max speed decreased by 1 knot)

9. Added pop-up function for game review (star rating and review page guide pop-up for game evaluation)


Thank you.




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