4.7.5 version will be released today!

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We have the maintenance for patch from 4PM~5PM today. (Korea time base)

Patch list

1. Battle Royale: The maximum of 8 players can attack each other.
     - Available 4 times per day (1 hour each)

2. Add airstrike function for S grade aircraft carrier.

3. Add New S, A grade aircraft carrier in research center.

   Aircraft Carrier - US CV Georgia, RN CV Indefatigable, JP CV Shinano, KM CV Project A, SN CV Fevral

4. Add B grade destroyer, light cruiser, heavy cruiser in research center.

   Destroyer - US DD Somers B, RN DD L Class B, JP DD Akisuki kai B, KM DD Z99 B, SN DD Tashkent B
   Light Cruiser - US CL Texas B, RN CL Tiger B, JP CL Dhonburi B, KM CL Bayern B, SN CL Gamelin B
   Heavy Cruiser - US CA Portland B, RN CA London B, JP CA Aoba B, KM CA Deutschland B, SN CA Rurik B

5. Change the engine speed down from 5% to 3% with armor.

6. Improved accuracy of dive bomber

   - Accuracy improves and damage is reduced.

7. Battle invite message ON/OFF function in advanced setting.


Thank you.




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