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Weapons and stats for the 17 US CLs.

FCS upgrades are fairly standard with 1 exception. All E/D class start with FCS I and upgrade to IV while C/B/A and Omaha D class start with FCS II and upgrade to FCS V:

FCSName AccuracyBonus TorpedoDistance ViewDistance RadarRange SonarRange CriticalBonus
CL FCS I 55 550 1400 2520 672 0
CL FCS II 216 575 1450 2871 696 15
CL FCS III 325 600 1500 2970 720 20
CL FCS IV 520 625 1550 3300 763 25
CL FCS V 700 650 1600 3627 806 30


Engine upgrades follow the same upgrade route as FCS above:

EngineName ShipMaxSpeed ShipOverSpeed ShipOverSpeedTime
CL Engine I 24 32 5
CL Engine II 26 36 9
CL Engine III 28 40 13
CL Engine IV 30 44 17
CL Engine V 32 46 17


Primary weapons:


Secondary guns and launchers:



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This is very usefoul data, and all is preaty much clear, except few things  that wuld require clarification:

Acording to this data, FCS upgrades give accuracy bonus for all weapons, AND they also increase range of torpedos, correct?

What exactly is range Lo/Hi in torpedos stats?

Also , i noticed in secondary  guns data, it dont say which gun is aaw  and which is not.



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Yes FCS has an accuracy bonus column. It does not give a torpedo range increase, it is torpedo detection range.

I'm not sure why there are lo/hi speed data columns for torpedoes, but they do exist as separate values.

US CLs do not have secondary guns that are AAW capable, only primary guns.


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Ah, so torpedo distance is at what range you begin seen enemy torpedos that are heading to your way,make sense, thank you.


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