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  3. Dear Captains, We will shutdown the server to finish 6th anniversary event and patch for Daily Quest event. Schedule - 5:40PM ~ 6:10PM (Korean time) Patch list ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Daily Quest Event (after next turn for daily quest) 2. Increase resource producing amount for oil and steel in harbor 3. Increase gold reward in some daily quest for Online experts -------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  4. Dear Captains, We have patch with 6th anniversary event. Patch list ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Repair amount per time reduced for 3up and 4 up in repair ships 2. Increased torpedo speed in fast mode for submarine (US, UK, JP, KM only) 3. Increased 2up and 3up torpedo speed in submarine long range mode 4. Reduced 3up torpedo range in submarine long range mode 5. Building upgrade level 4~5 section upgrade time reduction 6. Added A tier aircraft carriers in resarch center (these ships are provided with 2 destroyers as escort ship) - US Independence - UK HMS Colossus - JP Hiryu - KM Seydlitz - SN Komsomolets - MN Bearn - RM Sparviero ------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  5. You can update your app version for 7.5.5 at Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. Patch list -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Switch torpedo function (fast speed or long range) with long touch torpedo button 2. Auto repair target funcion added in option 3. UK CA HMS Artifex added in research center (Repair ship) 4. Crash bug fixed when sub weapon changed 5. MN D tier BB Bretagne DATA bug fixed 6. Simple control bug fixed in online battle ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  6. Good afternoon community! I had an idea about suggesting to go back a bit to the time of the NaviField on PC, changing the environment and sound, among other things. A clear example is the introductory music, the first one at the time of accessing the account was incredible, the music, from the respective nations, squeezing a sailor and having him interact and have voices. The original voices of the BO and the planes, from when you received damage, the voice of the woman, when the ship was set on fire... And above all in the ports, the real detail of our ships when placing the weapons, at least that they can be seen up close as it was still. Before, with that perfect detail that makes you fall in love with seeing it up close. Things that were magical on PC and can be done on our devices. A constructive suggestion from me, I hope you appreciate it. Thank you! Greetings and blessings from Argentina
  7. We will shutdown the server for patch and Lunar New Year Event. You can update your app version for Google (7.5.2), Apple (7.5.1) at markets. Schedule - 4:00PM ~ 5:00PM (Korea Time) Patch List ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Added damage when a ship is hit by a falling aircraft (1500 damage) 2. When an air base is destroyed or an aircraft carrier is sunk, aircrafts that have already launched return to the friendly aircraft carrier or aircraft base. - If there is no operational allied aircraft carrier or air base, it moves off the map and disappears. - Returned aircraft can be used again 3. Equipment upgrade UI is changed (displayed in UI from basic equipment) 4. Added new repair ships in research center (A-tier CA) - Previously added repair ships, US CA Jason and JP CA Akashi, have been changed to gun-reinforced types. - Added KM CA R Class, RM CA Fiume, and SN CA Kommuna 5. Added new repair ships in research center (A-tier CL) - US CL Prince David, RN CL Rawalpindi, JP CL Aikoku Maru, KM CL Kormoran, SN CL Ural, MN CL Gloire, RM CL Ramb II - New CL repair ships can operate T-Boat (torpedo boat) on each side 6. Daily Quest Gold Reward Increase 7. Changed some submarine data - France Surcouf: Decreased gun reload time (740 -> 580), increased firing angle of sub gun, increased turning power (20 -> 21) - British A Type: Increased turning power (S-class, A-class: 18 -> 19, B-class: 17 -> 18), increased firing angle of sub gun (S-class, A-class) - Soviet Union K Class: Increased firing angle of sub gun (S-class, A-class) 8. Added torpedo upgrades to some battleships in sub weapon line (mines and torpedoes can be installed through upgrades after basic AAW) - Class A: JP Mutsu, MN Gascogne, UK Hood 1943, KM Tirpitz - S class: SN Proletariat, UK Nelson, US California 9. Some aircraft carrier data changes - JP Zuiho (Class S : change basic secondary weapon to AAW and add torpedo upgrade, Class A : add torpedo upgrade) - MN PB-58, KM Project A : Increased basic FCS sight range (1625 -> 1800) - KM Graf Zeppelin II (Class B~S): Increased the number of sub guns from 2 to 3, added AAW function 10. Removed the delay time when dropping torpedoes by torpedo bombers 11. SN CL Svetlana AAW gun changed.
  8. I mosty use Kirishima yes,because tank ship is alwais needed in wof , and not many players in Kido has such, so i had to use it and teammates with less tanky ships use sniper types, but i wellcome any oportunity to use J44 whenever somone who do have good Tank ship is in team. And yes, German battleships are mostly very weak,but thats trait of their ships: good range, bad battleships,strong Fighters on CV, great SS and great CA. Every nation suck in something and it is good in other areas, thats how game is designed.
  9. what are you writing !!! the battles we did you never had the J44 you were always with OP Kirishima who is stronger than many other S class... Bro now you are actually writing something irrelevant.. please... I'm at the IJN at the moment they are complete other things to play stronger bon the attitude have a super clout … KM ships are paper ships .. they only have range nothing else!!! don't want to exaggerate but it's the pure truth! With kind regards
  10. Few facts first, then check if something match your situation: While upgrading, steel mill and fuel rafinery do not produce anything until upgrade is finished. Steel depot and fuel depot have maximum capacity at each level, so if they are already full,you cannot transfer resurces from steel mill/fuel rafinery to them,and those resurces refuse to transfer and they stay in steelmill/fuel rafinery,upgrade depots more to be able to store more. Example on images below: at lv12, my steel depot is at full capacity, 3.5 M steel deposited , so i cannot transfer any produced steel to it, so steel mill will keep producing and store steel until its is full as well, up to 100k capacity at lv12,then since it cant store anymore, it will not produce anything until you spend some steel. Basicly, steel mill now just trow all that exces steel in to ocean, since it cant store it anywere.
  11. As a proud owner of J44, i can assure you J44 is no weak and it needs no patching, you just have to use it in right way. It is not tank/evasive battleship to hold battle line like ships like Conqueror, Queen Victoria, or Kirishima,Arizona,UP38, P21 , it belons more in Sniper role,to suport those ships types,since it has great range but it is not as tough or evasive as them. With right suport teammate, i very rearly loose battle when i am in J44.
  12. Hey there you have to click on the symbols, otherwise the resources won't fill up by themselves... so click the steel and fuel symbol... you also have to pull them up so that you get the right resources... best regards ASSASSIN
  13. I have no hourly or daily production of steel or oil. Oilplant is LVL2 Steelplant LVL 6 Have since over 12 hours now 12 Oil and about 62.000 Steel. Not going up. Ideas?
  14. The J44 is made so weak by the masses that one cannot believe that even the power of impact is so weak that one believes that this is not a Tier S class. The J44 is lame, hardly moves max 37 knots and regular speed 32 big which is an easy hit for everyone!! So here is a patch that should regulate that! there are many things that are inappropriate here!!!! at IJN, for example, you had to patch all the ships!! Maybe I exaggerated a bit but that's just my opinion! Yours sincerely, ASSASSIN
  15. Dear Captains, We will shutdown the server for winter event. Schedule - 3:30PM ~ 4:00PM (Korea time based) Thank you.
  16. We released 7.2.4 version for Google and Apple. You can update your app as 7.2.4 at markets. We fixed voice effect ON/OFF bug in option and some data changed. You can check details on Facebook. Thank you.
  17. Simple control is just that, simple, it limits what you can do for easier game start and learning. Turn it off shortly after tutorial and never turned it on again. You can do same to free camera option.
  18. I've already managed to get it working somehow, but it doesn't work in simple control mode. Or am I doing something wrong?
  19. No, Manual aiming and firing is still in game, hold weapon icon you wish to switch to manual for secund or two, and you will hear clicking sound, that confim you changed mod from auto/manual, hold again to chabge back. Be aware, that mesage show up sometimes (not alwais) : manual or auto on/off. Alternativly, you can switch to manual or auto in game options to.
  20. Dear Captains, We will shutdown the server for the patch. Schedule - 3:30PM~4:00PM (Korea time) Patch list --------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Voice effects in battle added 2. some rules of War of Fleets are changed 3. New Japanese BB(Mutsu) added in research center 4. Some BB are enhanced - A tier US BB Montana : AAW enhanced - S tier IJN BB Mikawa : 3UP main gun and sub gun enhanced A tier IJN BB Super Yamato : AAW enhanced - A tier KM BB H44 Class : AAW enhanced - S, A tier MN BB Thermidor : AAW enhanced - S, A tier RM BB Cesare Borgia : AAW enhanced ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you.
  21. Has the manual aiming function been removed? I read everywhere here that I have to hold down the fire button to switch, but it does nothing.
  22. War of Fleet Operational Details Mode of Operation: Seasonal War of Fleet Period: 30 days (data reset after season ends, new season starts after 3 days pause) War of Fleet League - Expert League - Master League - Conqueror League (including Pillage battle) Fleet Point Acquisition Method: 1 point for every 10,000 damage in battle, additional 3 points for winning a battle Maximum points earned per battle - Expert League: 15 points - Master League: 25 points - Conqueror League: 35 points Fleet that does not respond to the fleet battle will deduct 1% of their points as a penalty (minimum 1 point) Set open battle time: The fleet leader or co-leader set 6 hours as a convenient time for the fleet members to play. (Once set, it cannot be changed for 7 days) ◈ In the next patch, it will be modified so that it cannot be changed even when the declaration of war is in progress. The start of the league - Expert League: Start from reset - Master League: Starts when the first 10 fleets that achieve 100 points in Expert League are formed - Conqueror League: Start with 7 qualified fleets Master League: It is conducted in the form of rounds, and the first round lasts for 7 days, and points can only be obtained from one battle with the same fleet in each round. The Master League proceeds for a total of 3 rounds. Conqueror League Qualifications: Remain in 4th place based on points earned in the existing Conqueror League, and the top 3 fleets in the Master League will join the Conqueror League next season Restrictions on the number of participants in league battles and classes - Expert League (Participant: 3 people, ship class limit: 1 submarine, 1 aircraft carrier) - Master League (Participant: 5 people, ship class limit: 1 submarine, 2 aircraft carriers) - Conqueror League (Participant: 10 people, ship class limit: 3 battleships, 2 submarines, 2 aircraft carriers) Pillage battle in Conqueror league - 5 people participating in the attack, class limit: battleships and aircraft carriers are not allowed, 1 submarine ◈ In the next patch, the maximum number of participants in pillage will be changed to 4 people. - Defense Fleet in pillage: Up to 20 ships can be provided by fleet members (Up to 10 ships can be deployed on the 1st and 2nd stages and operated by AI) - When the first stage is successful in attack: 25% of city resources are acquired - When the second stage is successful in attack: 75% of city resources are acquired (If the second stage is successful in attack, 100% of the resources produced by the city can be looted) Fleet War Participation Cost - Expert League Battle: 2 gold - Master League Battle: 5 gold - Conqueror League: 100 gold - Pillage: 5 gold Fleet War Standby Period (Preparation period from application to battle to start of battle) - Expert League Battles: 20 minutes - Master League Battles: 30 minutes - Conqueror League Battles: 60 minutes - Pillage: 5 minutes Battle duration: 10 minutes ◈ In the next patch, Conqueror League battles will be changed to 15 minutes. Consumption of ships participating in Fleet Wars - Expert League: When sinking, durability 10%, fuel 10% (durability 5%, fuel 5% when alive) - Master League: When sinking, durability 20%, fuel 20% (durability 5%, fuel 5% when alive) - Conqueror League: 100% durability when sinking, 100% fuel (10% durability when alive, 10% fuel) - Attack ship in pillage: When sinking, durability 50%, fuel 50% (durability 5%, fuel 5% when alive) - Defense ship in pillage (AI ship): 5% durability and 5% fuel regardless of whether it is sunk or not Fleet War Rewards - Expert league: 1st place (3,000 gold), 2nd place (2,500 gold), 3rd place (2,000 gold), 4th-5th place (1,500 gold) - Master League: 1st place (5,000 gold), 2nd place (4,000 gold), 3rd place (3,000 gold), 4th-5th place (2,000 gold) - Conqueror League: 5,000 gold per city captured at the end of the season, 500 gold for each city's 1st level upgrade, regardless of the resources produced in the city Period of battle break and city protection period - Expert League and Master League: 60 minutes break after battle - Conqueror League: City protection period for 4 days after battle - Pillage War: 10 minutes rest if successful, 24 hours city protection period if unsuccessful Conqueror League - Consists of 7 major cities in Africa - City Conquest War: You can receive a declaration of war from other fleets during battle open time (6 hours). - Pillage War: Exposed to Pillage for a period other than battle open time (18 hours) - In order for the attacking fleet to proceed with the battle for city occupation, there must be an overlap between open battle time of the fleet occupying the city and open battle time of the attacking fleet. - During the city protection period, city occupation and pillage battles do not proceed. - Fleet that conducted pillage battle cannot conduct an additional pillage battle for 24 hours. Players who have left the fleet will not be able to participate in fleet battles for 21 days. Thank you
  23. Dear Cpatains, We will shutdown the server to patch 7.1.6 version. You can update your app as 7.1.6 version at markets. Schedule - 5:00PM ~ 5:40PM (Korea time) Patch list ---------------------------------------------------------------- - New CA for Soviet (Project 66E), new BB for UK (Royal Sovereign) - Added AI ships in Battle royal, added pirates Team - Added ship class limit for expert and master league (Expert league - 1 CV, 1 SS limit, Master league - 2 CV, 1 SS limit) - Change protection duration for city in conquest league (Pillaged city - 10 minutes, After CW battle - 4 days) - Additional reward for city in conquest league (When season ends, 5,000 golds for city, 500 golds for each level) - New collections for ship research - Go straight mode in maneuver (touch center of wheel) - New signal lamp messages - Bug fix for UK CL Emerald (non-available mine issue) --------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  24. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I have sent the email as requested. Sugbuanon17
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