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  2. Please help me get back the game account
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  5. Greetings Captains and Devs, i realized a bug. When you had been in Harbour attack menu, the tabs for great battle or off/def do not appear anymore, when you go back to main menu. You have to restart the game, so they appear again. Sincerely yours, Mike Siggi
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  7. hi spiel is ganz gut nur macht es doch so hmh bei den schiffen wenn man sich ein neues gebaut hat das man da dann im bildschirm mit den verbesserungen nicht punkte hat die man vergibt sondern pakete also z. b. bei der flercher ist enthalten im paket eins fuer die kanone :verbesserte reichweite verringerte streuung auf hundert meter schnellere nachladezeit und dass man so alle pakete mit geld freifahren kann also das das erste paket hier ist es stahl nicht geld sorry 25.000 stahl kostet zum beispiel das naechste dann kp 30.000 und so weiter. das man ein komplettpaket hat in feuerkraft panzerung reichweite vom sonar und sichtweite und das diese unterteilt sind in einzelpakete und man eben diese einzelpakete mit ner bestimmten menge an stahl kaufen kann und das man bei paketen fuer ausruestung einfach mehr reintut zur auswahl also das man fuern bestimmten aufpreis nicht nur drei heilungspakete hat sondern sechs und fuer noch mehr stahl eben noch mehr heilungs pakete hat irgendwie sowas dass man halt zwar laune beim spielen hat man ja jetz schon aber das dieses spiel noch besser wird wies jetzt ist
  8. Since new patch arrive, now there something that other captain concern. And demand it to be realised. For a captain who start fresh on new French and Italian nation, so are the new player, found out it was very hard to fought a ship that is superior, higher tier than than theirs. Even though it was a same ship. But different tiers. Because of this, it may discourage them to play more of this game. Decide to quit earlier. For who has the higher tier, will surely win. But this not only affect beginners but also a veteran captain who having trouble fighting higher tier ship. For example, is it fair for C tier battleship fought S battleship? Adding more that S had an advantage of NUKING A WEAK PLAYER!! Now because of this, it is decided that a Tier Battle mode must be added. but without removing the Great Battle mode. Available for every level. DD, CL, CA, BB, CV, SS are welcome but only at same tier. Better make use of that ship TIER sir. Thank you.
  9. First 2, I fully agree For the third it is either unfair for CVs (ship has to be in the zone) or unfair to others (planes occupy). Since it is a fleet action game I'm inclined to agree with you - even if a sole CV does not stand a chance in zone with any other ship
  10. We released 5.0.0 version. Patch List ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. One account policy adpated. - one player can have one captain only. 2. Resource transfer function added. - Resources from US, UK, JP, KM, SN harbor to France & Italy harbor can be transferred. 3. New A grade BB added in research center. - US BB Guam - UK BB Repulse - JP BB Ise(1943) - GER BB Bismarck - SN BB Project 69 4. Cool downtime for airstrike reduced (5 -> 4 minutes) 5. 3UP Torpedo distance for IJN DD Aki-Kai B grade longer. 6. France and Italy have own harbor. (All building level is 12 - max level) 7. Gold ship can be sold. Thanks
  11. First, when you click on “online great battle” that’s what you should get. If people want “offense defense”, make it a separate choice. Second, if you call in a nuclear strike and you are in the radius, you should sustain just as much damage. How does one exclude themselves from a nuclear strike on their ship? Third, when it hits the last five minutes, an airplane in the battlefield with a ship up in the corner of the world should not count; either your ship is in the battlefield or you are losing, otherwise just get rid of that whole system.
  12. Hello ALL and ahoi Mike 👋👋,actually with the activation of the Research all our personal fleets are leveling out without having more than their own characteristics therefore I personally fully agree with such a mechanism that would still justify the existence of different Nations 👍
  13. I wanna bring my my idea towards Devs for a new Patch. Since the Research Center, the nations lost mostly their specific advantages. Before Research Center, every nation had its own specific advantage, like gun range of the German ships, armor of the British ships, Speed/Agility of Japanese ships and so on. With the new ships of French/Italian nation and the new national ships with higher tier these specific advantages of each nation got lost, cause new US ships can have the same range as German ships and so on. So my idea is, giving all the ships, a captain has in his nation, a specific percentage improvement of the advantage, the nation had been known of in the past. Something like about 5% improvement. So if you have the German nation, every ship, he has, would have a plus of 5% of his gun range. Or British nation would get a plus of 5% plus for every ship’s armor and so on. if this could be arranged by Devs, all nations would get back their specific tactical advantages, which had been lost with the research center. So, if you would comment this post, if this idea is good or bad or can be realized or not, would be nice.
  14. I've noticed a lot of spam threads, most of them originating from one profile. I have deleted the threads and suspended the profile. The spam messages contained a lot of links and clearly computer-generated text. My apologies for any inconveniences caused by the spam. If new spam appears, please let me or other moderators know by pm.
  15. thats about what i was thinking. thanks for the information
  16. Only way to "see" them is to be really lucky or spend a gazillion gold in research to get one. (I've spent around 13000 gold in 50 gold, max oli and steel researches and haven't got one yet.)
  17. Patch List 1. Nuclear Bomb for S grade BB Nuclear bomb has instant damage + radiation damage 2. Ship class distinguishing function at shipyard 3. New maps in online battle 4. New A, S grade BB - MN BB Thermidor S & A - RM BB Cesare Borgia S & A - RM BB Ammiragrio Di Saint Bon A - RM BB Re Umberto A Also we are going on a weekend event after patch (Online Reward Double Event) Thanks
  18. Thanks for new filters in shipyard and for new A and S types ships. But decision to add this "nuclear strike" is really terrible. S ships even without it are very powerful. But it's not a main problem. The creater - is't just not interesting to play against this "feature".
  19. updadated today April 5th 2019 noticed new class A and S BB's added .. im still looking for the class S bb and cariers. i cant find them in the dock yards or the training center inventory. iv noticed you can up your chances in the training center to get a class A or S ship by maxing out the gold, oil, and steel contribution at the time of purchase. so is the only way to see them, get one or what? any help would be greatly appreciated
  20. Got a B tier Somers but: - When I try to get it in DD Operations the game gives me the stock (E tier) Somers instead, I found no way to get in the B Somers, even if the stock was repairing at the time - Crew experience required for levelling seems to be like CA, not DD (400/600/800 xp for first star, image below)
  21. Wait WHAT!? A battle royale!? Wow.... Are they out of their mind? Since when this is implemented?
  22. greetings to all of you, personally I find all the new repairing ships very amusing and interesting, so much so that I try to have at least one in each country, but, in my humble opinion, there is a problem with the yellow repairing "circle", the radius it is too narrow, instead of helping the large powerful allied ships we risk hindering them in evasive or combat maneuvers, it would be enough to increase the radius a little to make the use of these ships less stressful and more fun, they are the only ones ships that have introduced a sort of mission within the normal GBs (the "problem" of the 3000!!!!🤔🤔 crew points necessary for the veteran status of the new repair CA "B" would also remain open), thanx in advance 🙂👋👋
  23. Greetings to all, I'm not sure but I think there may be bugs in the new ships just released, I was lucky enough to get two new grade "B" CAs repairers but after the joy I found two problems, first: these CAs cannot be used in CA's operations (not bad for me because I have already finished everything but important for a new player, I think) and second: these new ships need twice the crew experience compared to normal CAs to get the status of veterans, this does not seem very right considering that these CAs are as powerful as any CA "C", only more are they repairers (a help for others rather than for themselves), I look forward to clarifications before spending double the gold for the veteran status, hello everyone and have fun 👋👋🙂 and I know I started to be annoying with all these posts 🙂😉
  24. I also love the size of the maps but wish we couldnt see where people are at the start that'll help with people targeting to.
  25. what to say more? totally agree, even if personally I am taking advantage of the situation and I use extensively just an SS :-)
  26. The new Battle Royal Mode is highly favored to SS because Subs are over Powered. There is no way to hurt or run away from a sub which makes most over ships useless to even participate. Its basically built to were it's a sub playground and if you join in with another ship you would have to be lucky to sink it.
  27. We have the maintenance for patch from 4PM~5PM today. (Korea time base) Patch list 1. Battle Royale: The maximum of 8 players can attack each other. - Available 4 times per day (1 hour each) 2. Add airstrike function for S grade aircraft carrier. 3. Add New S, A grade aircraft carrier in research center. Aircraft Carrier - US CV Georgia, RN CV Indefatigable, JP CV Shinano, KM CV Project A, SN CV Fevral 4. Add B grade destroyer, light cruiser, heavy cruiser in research center. Destroyer - US DD Somers B, RN DD L Class B, JP DD Akisuki kai B, KM DD Z99 B, SN DD Tashkent B Light Cruiser - US CL Texas B, RN CL Tiger B, JP CL Dhonburi B, KM CL Bayern B, SN CL Gamelin B Heavy Cruiser - US CA Portland B, RN CA London B, JP CA Aoba B, KM CA Deutschland B, SN CA Rurik B 5. Change the engine speed down from 5% to 3% with armor. 6. Improved accuracy of dive bomber - Accuracy improves and damage is reduced. 7. Battle invite message ON/OFF function in advanced setting. Thank you.
  28. The first time the criticalbonus system launched was version 4.5.3, at which time the criticalbonus of rare BB was KM 28. IJN 27. SN 25. USN 25. RN 25. Almost all Italian and French warships use the FCS of the five old countries, except Richelieu. Before version 4.5.3, Richelieu used Soviet FCS. But Richelieu players can easily allocate equipment to the FCS because there is no need to upgrade the main gun. In order to balance the game, programmers designed a third upgrade FCS data exclusively for Richelieu, with critical bonus only 20. But then the problem arises. Later updates have strengthened the critical data, and the FCS criticalbonus of the old five countries has increased by 5. Except for Richelieu's FCS. (The first and second upgrades of the FCS in Richelieu are still using Soviet data, so they are enhanced) I think maybe the developer forgot about the new FCS. The reasonable data of Richelieu third upgrade FCS should be 25.
  29. Good day and good to see you my good friend. As what i see on the screenshot about the FCS upgrade. Probably there is a good reason. Balance. Pay attention on the info. First and second only upgrade sight, radar and critical bonus. But the third add on more. (it really irritates me alot!) Sonar. So they try to balance that ability by reducing the critical bonus percent. (Really!? A battleship!? With Sonar!!??)
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