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  2. Dear Captains, We will shutdown the server to finish daily quest event and start summer event. Also you can update your app version as 7.0.6 at markets. Schedule - 4:30PM ~ 5:00PM (Korea time) Patch list ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Harbour assault log fixed - Harbour defense menu fixed - Fleet members roles fixed ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
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  5. We will shutdown the server to update 7.0.5 and daily quest event. Schedule - 9:30PM ~ 10:00PM (Korea Time) You can update your app version in markets. Patch list ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Harbor time reset issue after harbor assault is fixed 2. Fleet member can promote in fleet 3. Maximum fleet point in WoF is limited 4. Chat Fleet notification option is available in advanced setting 5. Double reward in harbor assault for premium account is available -------------------------------------------------------------------------- After remaining time for daily quest, the event will be started. For compensation about recent bugs, we will give 500 golds for all players. Thank you.
  6. We will shutdown the server to finish Early Summer event and update 7.0.3 version. You can update your app version as 7.0.3 at markets. Schedule - 5PM ~ 7PM (Korea time base) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch List 1. New War of Fleets (WoF) - Leagues • Expert • Master • Conqueror - Fleet point (Rating) • Based on damage in WoF battles and win • If a fleet rejects battle in Expert/Master leagues – penalty 1% of current points • How to get fleet point : WoF battle win – 3points, per 10,000 damage in battle – 1 point - Season • 30 days • Starts with zero fleet point - Expert • Unlimited fleet count • Battles 3 vs 3 • If a fleet gains 100 fleet points, the fleet will move to Master league - Master • 10 fleet from Experts league (First fleets which gain 100 fleet points) • Battles 5 vs 5 (Tournament with each fleets) • After end of season, top 3 fleets will move to CW league - Conqueror • Only 7 clans can participate • Battles 10 vs 10 • After end of season bottom 3 fleets move out - Pillage : Only CW fleets can attack for pillage to other cities - Defender for pillage • 10 ships can be set as max • No limits by class for ships - Attacker for pillage • Only 5 players maximum • Limit for ship classes SS/CA/CL/DD 2. New aircraft carriers (S tier & A tier) in research center - US CV Ranger (S & A tier) - RN CV Malta Project (S & A tier) - IJN CV Zuiho (S & A tier) - KM CV Project AV (S & A tier) - SN CV Project69 AV (S & A tier) - MN CV PB-58 (S & A tier) - RM CV Garibaldi (S & A tier) 3. Repair function for all damaged ships (Below 75% DP only) 4. Harbor Assault is changed for pillage mode (Not stored resources in depot can be pillaged) 5. France BB Stras Bourg (A tier) enhanced flightdeck France BB Charlemagne increase turn differ (18->20) 6. Daily Quest reward for Expert Online battle is changed. Thank you.
  7. We will shutdown the server for the event. Schedule - 4:30~5:00 PM (Korea time) Thank you.
  8. Dear Captains, We will shutdown the sever to start May event. Schedule - 3:00 PM ~ 3:15 PM (Korea time base) Thank you.
  9. i accidentally put this in the suggestion section oops
  10. Italain C tiers CL like Duca have 3700 x 5 x 4 or 5 tubes lauchers ,thats is not low damage potential, they are just spreaded in arc , for higher chance to hit something, closer you aproach to target,more risky it is ,but higher damage. Torpedo from planes work diferently ,they mostly all hit in one place, and they mostly hit all or miss all,and it also depends on skill of CV players,how well he deploy planes before he command them to attack. B tiers torpedo planes (Italian) are not significly stronger than CL torpedos, they have 5000 default attack per plane (7000 when you upgrade them), so maximum total damage they can do is 5000 x 20 torpedo planes, thats total damage of 100.000 ,with upgraded planes 7000 x 20 = 140.000 dmg , while A and S tiers Italian CV have 9200 x 20 = 184.000 , versus duca 3700 x 5 x 4 ,total damage 74.000 ,while some ships have much better options: Bogatyr C 3700 x 4 x 8 = 118.400 dmg. Saint Bon A 3600 x 5 x 8 = 144.000 dmg, Kitakami C 3600 x 5 x 10 = 180.000 dmg. And dont forget, most of ships have only less than 40 secunds of reload time for torpedos, while planes need to get ready , take off, fly to target, fly back,then gwt ready again ,which take at lest 2 or 3 times longer. Torpedos from planes and ones from ships are balanced fine already, they just need to be set and used right, best example is A Storione CV,when set with full armour and full FCS, CV is near unsikable vs subs and ,single spread from one of its 6 build-in torpedos lauchers can criple even S tier sub when it dares to attack it. Also, it make sense that torpedos from planes are stronger,ships torpedos need to travel a long time before they reach target, so significent part of space in torpedo must be used for propolsion and fuel needs, while torpedos from planes dont need longer range, so that makes more room in them to place more explosive.
  11. the ship launched torpedoes lack damage compared to plane launched torpedoes ship torpedoes are usually very long for it to travel long distances (kitakami) or it will be standard sized (most F/E tier dds) either way if a torpedo hits an ship it will probably leave one or two marks in this case i was using Duca d'Aosta (C tier) to torpedo Magrat's italian battleship (not sure if its vv because it is not andrea doria) and i launched torpedoes before i died then a torpedo i launched hit magrat's battleship and done 1.5k damage but when i used my cv and torpedoed the same battleship magrat is using it took 10-8 torpedoes to sink (or set on fire) magrat's ship which is not surprising because a ship cant tank 10 torpedoes especially if its not yamato but the thing is my torpedo from C Duca d'Aosta didnt even scratch the paint on magrat's battleship so , ship launched torpedo should be as powerful as the plane launched torpedo , if not stronger and damage should increase/decrease based on ship tier
  12. Answered in PM
  13. Sasa i saw on another post that you have Myoko C ship, i should make the Myoko C or Fuso C??? the Myoko C is really only 1 barrel???
  14. FCS add damage that critical hit will do,it dont increase chance to score critical, other factors decide that, like attack ship and target ship crew veteran status, more the diference in veteran status, higher hance to hit/evade critical hit. FCS bonus counts on guns,aaw,anti sub weapons and planes of carriers.
  15. Hi, The FCS "bonus to critical hit" add damage to a critical hit or add chance of doing a critical hit?
  16. This is just mobile game, many of implementations suggested here wuld seriusly increase lag on screen, IF can be implemented at all. Examples: Small fire on every plane, with just 4 Carriers in battle ,thats arund 70 planes, if half of them damaged, thats 35 smokes/fires on each, big stress on game and server. Same with this:we should see the anti aircraft machine gun firing at the enemy planes(small shells firing into the air). And this: can you please make the shell design more "round" rather than flying lines? As for shell spread and good counter vs faster ships, we already have that, ships with fast reload guns and chainfire trick are great against them. DD,CL and SS(surfaced) will take passive damage when they got too close to BB,CA and CV(should be short range) - then DO take damage when enemy ship have secondaries, and many have, except ships that have anti sub weapons instead. planes can reposition itself to be more effective(especially torpedo bombers) - skillfull CV player already knows how to reposition torpedo bombers before they attack. New Maps is great idea. No objections to other not quoted ideas, they are fine.
  17. It's been long ago... You'll never. Understand. And you're never will. Judging from your profile, you are fresh meat, so know nothing of the situation that happen that time. And i see you are enthusiastic about your ideas to change the game for better. HAH! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! Seriously though, good luck with that. Add realism huh.. Well this game aren't so much realistic to be started with. salvo makes gun more inaccurate you say huh.. In this game, there is no accuracy. Only miss by too far or too short. People can one shoot you if you keep straight to them. I used to be like you. Eager to make dev to make the game realistic a bit and giving ideas to improve the game. But it's all lost when dev decide to add something that against all the players. Hence..... Making a lot of good players quit the game. This game use to be on top of google playstore chart. But because of dev, many is gone. I suggest you look at the suggestion or other post very long ago and try to understand the situation we are in.
  18. Hello i cannot collect the reward "how much does the world cost" Nation ...Japan and usa
  19. the dive delay for the submarines is completely fine to me, it gives enemy ships a chance to take a shot at you not diving then surfacing then diving and then surfacing again until you save up enough o2 to dive long enough to kill the enemy ship. The dive delay might be annoying but i think it adds a little bit of realism also the salvo(all guns firing at once) makes the gun more inaccurate at range about the torpedo range delay thing i dont know what are you talking about maybe minimum torpedo arming range, it prevents ss from spamming torpedoes DIRECTLY under the enemy ships hull(especially for CV mounted with torpedoes)when the enemy ss is directly under your hull he can fire the front tubes and back tubes at once i would like the minimum torpedo arming range back but i would also like to pair it with worse ship steering to balance it out
  20. hey guys it is me again can you put these ideas in game pls shell spread shell spread is how much shells are spread in an area if you decide to put shell spread can you also add shell fire mode(accurate and spread shell fire mode) it is a good counter against quick ships larger map can you make the map WAY larger than it is now(also add a plain ocean map with no islands) islands that has towns, cities and harbors should be able to fit battleships passive and manual AAW the passive AAW range should be increased but its damage should be decreased if an enemy plane has half HP it should smoke passive AAW should have 2 zones of AAW(long range flak and short ranged anti aircraft machine guns) we should see the anti aircraft machine gun firing at the enemy planes(small shells firing into the air) DD,CL and SS(surfaced) will take passive damage when they got too close to BB,CA and CV(should be short range) visible damage damage should be visible shell damage should blacken the area that is hit and has a(5% fire ignition chance) torpedo damage should submerge the hull a little bit and has a(you can decide what percent of flooding per torpedo) hull HP dropping at 25% will not cause the ship to burn and stop the engine and constantly lose hp but fire and flooding fires should be caused by shells and not just the hull HP dropping to 25% fires can spread throughout the ship(midship,fore and aft) in DD.CL and SS there can only be one fire(midship) flooding should reduce the ship speed(up to you what amount of speed reduction)and reduce the ship HP by 100 per tick improved shell design can you please make the shell design more "round" rather than flying lines? improved planes planes dont fly in perfectly straight lines planes can reposition itself to be more effective(especially torpedo bombers) rocket planes can dive and pull back multiple times(if planes equipped with rockets does get added) CV complexity idea different plane upgrade choices torpedo bomber can be: improved torpedo bomber(unavailable in japan)(increased speed and increased bomber hp) heinkel he111(germany only)has great speed and great survivability nakajima b5n(japan only)(deals damage to nearby enemy planes even fighters and has more hp than normal torpedo bomber) Ilyushin Il-4(russia only)has a great amount of fuel and decent speed(only 3 plane per squadron) twin engine torpedo bomber(unavailable in germany and russia)faster and has more hp than normal torpedo bombers fairey swordfish torpedo bomber(britain only)slower than normal torpedo bombers but their torpedo damage is unmatched dealing heavy damage to enemy ships that get hit by it dive bombers can be: stuka(germany only)can drop 2 bombs per plane but only 4 planes max per squadron, has great speed bomber equipped with rockets(launches 4 rockets that deal heavy damage on unarmored ships) corsair(US only)quicker and more durable than a normal bomber breda ba.65(italy only)an bomber that can damage enemy planes like a fighter and has the sight range of a scout(3 per squad only) improved bomber(unavailable to italy,germany and US)improved survivability, fuel capacity and speed compared to normal bombers fighters can be: spitfire(britain only)greatly increased firepower and speed fighter bomber(can drop a bomb but reduced firepower and speed) lockheed p38 lightning(US only)(able to move very quickly across the battlefield and deal heavy damage to enemy planes but only 1 plane per squadron is allowed) breda ba.88 lince(lynx)(italy only)a fighter/bomber capable of dropping a bomb while still maintaining the firepower of an fighter(3 per squadron only) dewoitne d.520(france only)a quick fighter with superior maneuverability improved fighters(unavailable in france ,US and UK) scouts can be: kamikaze(japan only)can dive toward enemy ship and deal direct damage, has a chance to miss and hit the ocean floatplane(unavailable in US)(when run out of fuel can still survive but ally ship needs to pick it up in the middle of the ocean) fighter scout(unavailable in japan and russia)(modified fighter that has no guns but the speed,agility and durability of a fighter) polikarpov R-5(russia only)a reconnaissance bomber capable of dropping a bomb while having the sight range of a scout(3 planes per squad) consolidated pby/pbn catalina(US only)has greater sight range,speed and fuel capacity than a normal scout morane-saulnier M.S 406(france only)can damage enemy aircraft like a fighter but has the sight range of a scout improved submarine torpedo submarine torpedo doesnt make any sense how can you fire torpedo under a ship and still do damage that submarine should already deep dive(if SS dont deep dive they might risk crashing their superstructure to the enemy ships hull) but it just spams torpedo when its below big ships iam open to other ideas
  21. Thank you for the suggestion. We will check it out.
  22. I think you should incorporate from the original pc game the ship customization where you can choose different guns , armor, and set up. Also what would greatly enhance the game would be a blueprint trade system
  23. ok
  24. Interesting ideas, but i think it wuld brake game to much. Examlle,i take my mastered S tier Project 24 (70k HP) ,and mount on it : -Improved Ship Survivability +25% ship HP -10% ship speed -Overarmored -25% shot damage reduction -10% speed reduction +10% added ship HP -25% crit chance -Improved Engine +10% increase in overheat speed +10% increase in speed +10% increase in ship HP And captain damage control and resuction skill 4 star -32% damage reduction +20% repair speed End result? 70 k + 45% more HP = araund 100 k HP BB, with aditional 57% more reduction damage (on top on what Mastered full armored BB already have) ,with much beter auto repair and only minuses that it has -10% less ship speed, but +10% overheat speed. Good luck sinking that unless you have 5 BB against it. Example 2 , I take I 400 SS , and i mount on it: Improved Pressure Hull +25% speed +10% ship HP +10% damage reduction Improved Engine +10% increase in overheat speed +10% increase in speed +10% increase in ship HP And let say Minelayer module, so you can sikently sneak araund and mine im enemy teritory, just for lol, since it has no third engine boost. and captain skill improved engine crew efficiency 4 star +32% ship speed. End result ? Its Normal mastered speed is 33/51 and 29/43 underwater , with additional 67% more speed and +10% overheat speed, thats 55/57 or , 47/48 underwater , in BR even more insane, thats not sub, thats a Road Runner,lol, good luck escaping that ,and , natyrally, nothing can catch it,plus it has improved HP and reduced damage, but that is not game breaking as much as its speed. UK subs, who have natural speed bost with Armour wuld be even faster than that. Anyway, i have seen modules like this introductions in online game, it alwais end up bad and breake game. Players compete in who will have most OP setup,because without that you have no chance to win, and prices rise skyrocket by game master for thise modules, they are not sold cheap like for 5 gold or something, but for lets say 5.000-10.000 gold for module , this game eqvivalent ,and they only last for month or two, then new modules are relised that makes ones from previus generation vastly inferior, so you have to buy them as well, and so on ,from patch to patch, every month or so,infinite loop of spend half of your month salary or die. That happen for War Robots for example, so i stop playing that 2 years ago, and it was my favorite game, and i hope i will not see same situation here. This game is rare gem exactly because it gives all players equal chance to compete,you do not have to spend insane amouts of money for good ships that will be obsolite after few months, all you need is patience and smart investing in already present in-game resurces and you can very soon have great ships that will serve you well for hole game ,altough purchasing in-game do speed up process a lot for ones unwillling to wait, and nothing is wrong with that.
  25. hey guys it is me again i am watching these videos about WoW and they have this building concept , you know like mounting some stuff on ships (which we do in navyfield but they have a lot more stuff like aaw modifications and all those) so i had a new idea, what if there were different special modules (not like guns and engines and fcs) but like an improvement to passive AAW (and many other different modules) you can pick 3 ship mounted module that can be mounted on ship (including S and F tier, some modules can be mounted to others and some can just be mounted to a specific ship class) you can reset for 5 gold you can have 1 captain skill , you can reset for 5 gold each ship can have a captain with captain skills(for convenience purposes cause you cant use one captain , it is a waste of gold for resetting one captain skills) Bot ships are not able to use ship mounted modules or ship captain skills these are special ship mounted modules: NOTE: the costs of ship mounted modules depend on the ship(it takes the highest upgrade costs for example 1.9 million steel for B tier) -Squid ASW(dd and cl only) these gigantic mortar looking like anti-submarine weapon can deal GREAT damage to submarine but suffer a long reload time the underwater explosions looks like massive BB shells landing on water they should have a bigger range than hedgehogs they should have bigger area of damage(area where submarines get damaged) they can be countered by submarines by deep dive they should have the same explosion time with the hedgehogs they should have 60-90 seconds reload the lower the ship tier the less damage squids could do they should only have 1 launcher and fire 3 shots (like the old hedgehogs do)but these shots should be much more spread out -Hydrophone(dd and cl only) Hydrophone is a very useful tool for submarine hunting , it adds (F)400/(E)400/(D)400/(C)500/(B)500 sonar range on a dd/cl but for balancing purposes the original sonar should be halved (divided by 2 so , for example you had a F tier fletcher with a range of 500 you will divide it by 2 so you get 250 , and then add 400 so you will get 650) -depth charges(every ship can be mounted with this module) depth charges was common throughout the first and second world war , it is used to counter the submarines the special thing about it is it can hit the submarine at ANY depth (even deep dive) but going on top of the submarine is very dangerous (since submarines here can fire torpedoes even when under the enemy ship) so i would like to make it a immovable hedgehog with dd has 4 launchers of depth charges cl has 4 launchers of depth charges ca has 2 launchers of depth charges bb has 1 launcher of depth charges cv has 1 launcher of depth charges -Minelayer module(every ship can be mounted with this module) the minelayer module offers 2 launchers it can be mounted to dd,cl,ca,bb,cv,ss it cant be mounted to ships that already has depth charges , but can be mounted to ships that has squids (ss)you cannot spawn a mine over ships because that will break the game , you can spawn them at roughly 300-400 range away from them the dd that recieves this upgrade will instead have 4 mines making it a minelayer . it cant be mounted with depth charges -Citadel protection module(can be mounted on every ship class except dd) critical hits are the results from shots exploding in the magazines/shots hitting another shot detonating it these are often very deadly and can lead to the loss of the entire ship the Citadel protection module strips off armor from parts of your ship to protect your most vital systems it results to +25% damage increase recieved from shots -80% crit chance reduction -Improved Engine(every ship can be mounted with this module) +10% increase in overheat speed +10% increase in speed +10% increase in ship HP -Overarmored(every ship can be mounted with this module except ss) have you ever wanted to tank every shell(almost every) that comes your way? Fear not! The Overarmored module is for you you can tank(almost)EVERY shell -25% shot damage reduction -10% speed reduction +10% added ship HP -25% crit chance -Suicide Scouts(only Japan , cannot be mounted on dd or cl) the scouts from japanese ships can now dive towards enemy and deal a large amount of damage (5000/6000) it just needs to target the enemy ship and then BOOM! a massive explosion resulting in heavy damage towards the enemy ship they have a 50% chance to success and 50% chance to crash into the ocean once they have targeted the enemy ship there is no going back , you cannot order the kamikaze scout to come back to your ship cv kamikaze bombers deal much more damage than usual kamikaze bombers (10000/11000) -Water Pumps(can be mounted on every ship class except dd and cl) water pumps pumps water out of the ship . If the ship is sinking it helps by keeping the ship afloat for longer periods of time for everyone on board to evacuate +10% more ship hp when ship is burning (25%hp) the hp reduction will be 2x slower -Double Bottom hull(can be mounted on every ship class except dd , cl and ss) the double bottom hull doubles the hull and employs a set of countermeasures to torpedo hits and underwater shots -25% torpedo damage +10% ship HP -10% ship speed -Improved Torpedoes(every ship can be mounted with this module) -10% torpedo range +10% torpedo damage -25% torpedo dud rate -Improved Pressure Hull(only ss can be mounted with this module) An Improved pressure hull will have more lightweight but sturdy and strong materials +25% speed +10% ship HP +10% damage reduction -Citadel Enlargement an enlarged citadel will have more space for ammunition to store , it enhances the firepower of a ship but makes it vulnerable to magazine explosions and flash fires +10% fire rate +25% enemy crit chance per shot increase -5% speed -Improved Ship Survivability the upgrade increases the ship survivability by adding some enhancements to the hull and to rooms(for example watertight doors) +25% ship HP -10% ship speed (comment for more ideas) these are the captain skills -Improved AAW Defence it improves the overall AAW to doing more damage and having more horizontal range(not vertical) it is a good counter against torpedo bombers that try to torpedo your tail 1 star 10% more damage in passive aaw 2 star 20% more damage in passive aaw 3 star 30% more damage in passive aaw 4 star 40% more damage in passive aaw -Launcher reload booster 1 star -8% launcher reload 2 star -16% launcher reload 3 star -24% launcher reload 4 star -32% launcher reload -Damage Control and Reduction Skills 1 star -8% damage reduction +5% repair speed 2 star -16% damage reduction +10% repair speed 3 star -24% damage reduction +15% repair speed 4 star -32% damage reduction +20% repair speed -Improved Engine crew Efficiency 1 star +8% ship speed 2 star +16% ship speed 3 star +24% ship speed 4 star +32% ship speed (comment for more ideas)
  26. Thank you!
  27. Yes,thise are perfectly OK,and in line with current C and B tiers.
  28. oh yeah hmm maybe 200k JV spam ships isnt a good idea after all how about this 50k repair on B tier and 30k repair on C tier
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