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  1. Hi captains, at first I wanna say thx Ibby for this great guide for NF and for your job as Mod. And as support for your guide you asked for my introduction clip for NF on YouTube....you can see it by the link below.
  2. Hi lads and gents, I want you all to tell you, there is a fleet, which is obviously a Nazi group! As you can see in the picture it is called „die SS“ and has a black flag with a skull. That is exact the same what the German troops called „SS“ is like. In my opinion this is not acceptable!!! So is there a possibility by Devs to react?
  3. Greetings Captains and Devs, i realized a bug. When you had been in Harbour attack menu, the tabs for great battle or off/def do not appear anymore, when you go back to main menu. You have to restart the game, so they appear again. Sincerely yours, Mike Siggi
  4. I wanna bring my my idea towards Devs for a new Patch. Since the Research Center, the nations lost mostly their specific advantages. Before Research Center, every nation had its own specific advantage, like gun range of the German ships, armor of the British ships, Speed/Agility of Japanese ships and so on. With the new ships of French/Italian nation and the new national ships with higher tier these specific advantages of each nation got lost, cause new US ships can have the same range as German ships and so on. So my idea is, giving all the ships, a captain has in his nation, a specific percentage improvement of the advantage, the nation had been known of in the past. Something like about 5% improvement. So if you have the German nation, every ship, he has, would have a plus of 5% of his gun range. Or British nation would get a plus of 5% plus for every ship’s armor and so on. if this could be arranged by Devs, all nations would get back their specific tactical advantages, which had been lost with the research center. So, if you would comment this post, if this idea is good or bad or can be realized or not, would be nice.