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  2. We released 7.2.4 version for Google and Apple. You can update your app as 7.2.4 at markets. We fixed voice effect ON/OFF bug in option and some data changed. You can check details on Facebook. Thank you.
  3. Simple control is just that, simple, it limits what you can do for easier game start and learning. Turn it off shortly after tutorial and never turned it on again. You can do same to free camera option.
  4. I've already managed to get it working somehow, but it doesn't work in simple control mode. Or am I doing something wrong?
  5. No, Manual aiming and firing is still in game, hold weapon icon you wish to switch to manual for secund or two, and you will hear clicking sound, that confim you changed mod from auto/manual, hold again to chabge back. Be aware, that mesage show up sometimes (not alwais) : manual or auto on/off. Alternativly, you can switch to manual or auto in game options to.
  6. Dear Captains, We will shutdown the server for the patch. Schedule - 3:30PM~4:00PM (Korea time) Patch list --------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Voice effects in battle added 2. some rules of War of Fleets are changed 3. New Japanese BB(Mutsu) added in research center 4. Some BB are enhanced - A tier US BB Montana : AAW enhanced - S tier IJN BB Mikawa : 3UP main gun and sub gun enhanced A tier IJN BB Super Yamato : AAW enhanced - A tier KM BB H44 Class : AAW enhanced - S, A tier MN BB Thermidor : AAW enhanced - S, A tier RM BB Cesare Borgia : AAW enhanced ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you.
  7. Has the manual aiming function been removed? I read everywhere here that I have to hold down the fire button to switch, but it does nothing.
  8. War of Fleet Operational Details Mode of Operation: Seasonal War of Fleet Period: 30 days (data reset after season ends, new season starts after 3 days pause) War of Fleet League - Expert League - Master League - Conqueror League (including Pillage battle) Fleet Point Acquisition Method: 1 point for every 10,000 damage in battle, additional 3 points for winning a battle Maximum points earned per battle - Expert League: 15 points - Master League: 25 points - Conqueror League: 35 points Fleet that does not respond to the fleet battle will deduct 1% of their points as a penalty (minimum 1 point) Set open battle time: The fleet leader or co-leader set 6 hours as a convenient time for the fleet members to play. (Once set, it cannot be changed for 7 days) ◈ In the next patch, it will be modified so that it cannot be changed even when the declaration of war is in progress. The start of the league - Expert League: Start from reset - Master League: Starts when the first 10 fleets that achieve 100 points in Expert League are formed - Conqueror League: Start with 7 qualified fleets Master League: It is conducted in the form of rounds, and the first round lasts for 7 days, and points can only be obtained from one battle with the same fleet in each round. The Master League proceeds for a total of 3 rounds. Conqueror League Qualifications: Remain in 4th place based on points earned in the existing Conqueror League, and the top 3 fleets in the Master League will join the Conqueror League next season Restrictions on the number of participants in league battles and classes - Expert League (Participant: 3 people, ship class limit: 1 submarine, 1 aircraft carrier) - Master League (Participant: 5 people, ship class limit: 1 submarine, 2 aircraft carriers) - Conqueror League (Participant: 10 people, ship class limit: 3 battleships, 2 submarines, 2 aircraft carriers) Pillage battle in Conqueror league - 5 people participating in the attack, class limit: battleships and aircraft carriers are not allowed, 1 submarine ◈ In the next patch, the maximum number of participants in pillage will be changed to 4 people. - Defense Fleet in pillage: Up to 20 ships can be provided by fleet members (Up to 10 ships can be deployed on the 1st and 2nd stages and operated by AI) - When the first stage is successful in attack: 25% of city resources are acquired - When the second stage is successful in attack: 75% of city resources are acquired (If the second stage is successful in attack, 100% of the resources produced by the city can be looted) Fleet War Participation Cost - Expert League Battle: 2 gold - Master League Battle: 5 gold - Conqueror League: 100 gold - Pillage: 5 gold Fleet War Standby Period (Preparation period from application to battle to start of battle) - Expert League Battles: 20 minutes - Master League Battles: 30 minutes - Conqueror League Battles: 60 minutes - Pillage: 5 minutes Battle duration: 10 minutes ◈ In the next patch, Conqueror League battles will be changed to 15 minutes. Consumption of ships participating in Fleet Wars - Expert League: When sinking, durability 10%, fuel 10% (durability 5%, fuel 5% when alive) - Master League: When sinking, durability 20%, fuel 20% (durability 5%, fuel 5% when alive) - Conqueror League: 100% durability when sinking, 100% fuel (10% durability when alive, 10% fuel) - Attack ship in pillage: When sinking, durability 50%, fuel 50% (durability 5%, fuel 5% when alive) - Defense ship in pillage (AI ship): 5% durability and 5% fuel regardless of whether it is sunk or not Fleet War Rewards - Expert league: 1st place (3,000 gold), 2nd place (2,500 gold), 3rd place (2,000 gold), 4th-5th place (1,500 gold) - Master League: 1st place (5,000 gold), 2nd place (4,000 gold), 3rd place (3,000 gold), 4th-5th place (2,000 gold) - Conqueror League: 5,000 gold per city captured at the end of the season, 500 gold for each city's 1st level upgrade, regardless of the resources produced in the city Period of battle break and city protection period - Expert League and Master League: 60 minutes break after battle - Conqueror League: City protection period for 4 days after battle - Pillage War: 10 minutes rest if successful, 24 hours city protection period if unsuccessful Conqueror League - Consists of 7 major cities in Africa - City Conquest War: You can receive a declaration of war from other fleets during battle open time (6 hours). - Pillage War: Exposed to Pillage for a period other than battle open time (18 hours) - In order for the attacking fleet to proceed with the battle for city occupation, there must be an overlap between open battle time of the fleet occupying the city and open battle time of the attacking fleet. - During the city protection period, city occupation and pillage battles do not proceed. - Fleet that conducted pillage battle cannot conduct an additional pillage battle for 24 hours. Players who have left the fleet will not be able to participate in fleet battles for 21 days. Thank you
  9. Dear Cpatains, We will shutdown the server to patch 7.1.6 version. You can update your app as 7.1.6 version at markets. Schedule - 5:00PM ~ 5:40PM (Korea time) Patch list ---------------------------------------------------------------- - New CA for Soviet (Project 66E), new BB for UK (Royal Sovereign) - Added AI ships in Battle royal, added pirates Team - Added ship class limit for expert and master league (Expert league - 1 CV, 1 SS limit, Master league - 2 CV, 1 SS limit) - Change protection duration for city in conquest league (Pillaged city - 10 minutes, After CW battle - 4 days) - Additional reward for city in conquest league (When season ends, 5,000 golds for city, 500 golds for each level) - New collections for ship research - Go straight mode in maneuver (touch center of wheel) - New signal lamp messages - Bug fix for UK CL Emerald (non-available mine issue) --------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  10. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I have sent the email as requested. Sugbuanon17
  11. Hi there, Sorry for your inconvenience. Please send email to [email protected] with your captain name. This issue is fixed already. We will restore your blueprint and resources after checking your email. Thank you. TeamNF
  12. Hello support team, I tried to build a Tier C CA Zara (Regia Marina) but I had issues. The cost of the ship which 1.2M was taken away and the blueprint was removed from my blueprint collections but no ship was built. Please fix this or return the resources and blueprint so that I can build it again. Thank you! Player ID: 9461-715A-14C9-EEA0
  13. Ah, so torpedo distance is at what range you begin seen enemy torpedos that are heading to your way,make sense, thank you.
  14. Data for the 13 US CAs: FCS stats are consistent with E/D class CAs starting with FCS I and C/B/A starting with FCS II: FCSName AccuracyBonus TorpedoDistance ViewDistance RadarRange SonarRange CriticalBonus CA FCS I 65 500 1600 2400 0 0 CA FCS II 252 525 1650 2723 0 15 CA FCS III 375 550 1700 2805 0 20 CA FCS IV 587 575 1750 3110 0 25 CA FCS V 800 600 1800 3413 300 30 Engine stats are consistent like FCS where E/D class start with Engine I and C/B/A Engine II: EngineName ShipMaxSpeed ShipOverSpeed ShipOverSpeedTime CA Engine I 22 30 5 CA Engine II 24 34 8 CA Engine III 26 38 11 CA Engine IV 28 42 14 CA Engine V 30 44 14 Portland class has repair skill with B class portland having 30,000 HP to restore and A class having 45,000. Primary guns: Ships: Secondary guns:
  15. Yes FCS has an accuracy bonus column. It does not give a torpedo range increase, it is torpedo detection range. I'm not sure why there are lo/hi speed data columns for torpedoes, but they do exist as separate values. US CLs do not have secondary guns that are AAW capable, only primary guns.
  16. This is very usefoul data, and all is preaty much clear, except few things that wuld require clarification: Acording to this data, FCS upgrades give accuracy bonus for all weapons, AND they also increase range of torpedos, correct? What exactly is range Lo/Hi in torpedos stats? Also , i noticed in secondary guns data, it dont say which gun is aaw and which is not.
  17. Weapons and stats for the 17 US CLs. FCS upgrades are fairly standard with 1 exception. All E/D class start with FCS I and upgrade to IV while C/B/A and Omaha D class start with FCS II and upgrade to FCS V: FCSName AccuracyBonus TorpedoDistance ViewDistance RadarRange SonarRange CriticalBonus CL FCS I 55 550 1400 2520 672 0 CL FCS II 216 575 1450 2871 696 15 CL FCS III 325 600 1500 2970 720 20 CL FCS IV 520 625 1550 3300 763 25 CL FCS V 700 650 1600 3627 806 30 Engine upgrades follow the same upgrade route as FCS above: EngineName ShipMaxSpeed ShipOverSpeed ShipOverSpeedTime CL Engine I 24 32 5 CL Engine II 26 36 9 CL Engine III 28 40 13 CL Engine IV 30 44 17 CL Engine V 32 46 17 Primary weapons: Ships: Secondary guns and launchers:
  18. Dear Captain, We will shutdown the server to start Vacance Event. Schedule - 4:30PM ~ 5:00PM (Korea time) Thank you.
  19. We released 7.1.2 version for apple. You can update your app version in apple appstore. If you update your app version, the graphic issue for US BB Alabama and Maryland will be resolved. Thank you.
  20. Greetings Today, I want to ask about Proyekt-69's characteristics and stats, so if someone have it, then it would be nice to share your experience at it. That's all.
  21. We will shutdown the server to finish summer event and update 7.0.7 version. You can update your app as 7.0.7 version at markets. Schedule - PM 4:15 ~ PM5:15 (Korea time) Patch list ------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added rounds for Master League in War of Fleets - Removed chat function in Battle Royal - Added info about gold in upgrade button - Purchase history limited for one week - New US BB Alabama(S tier) & Maryland(A tier) in research center ------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  22. Dear Captains, We will shutdown the server to finish daily quest event and start summer event. Also you can update your app version as 7.0.6 at markets. Schedule - 4:30PM ~ 5:00PM (Korea time) Patch list ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Harbour assault log fixed - Harbour defense menu fixed - Fleet members roles fixed ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  23. We will shutdown the server to update 7.0.5 and daily quest event. Schedule - 9:30PM ~ 10:00PM (Korea Time) You can update your app version in markets. Patch list ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Harbor time reset issue after harbor assault is fixed 2. Fleet member can promote in fleet 3. Maximum fleet point in WoF is limited 4. Chat Fleet notification option is available in advanced setting 5. Double reward in harbor assault for premium account is available -------------------------------------------------------------------------- After remaining time for daily quest, the event will be started. For compensation about recent bugs, we will give 500 golds for all players. Thank you.
  24. We will shutdown the server to finish Early Summer event and update 7.0.3 version. You can update your app version as 7.0.3 at markets. Schedule - 5PM ~ 7PM (Korea time base) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch List 1. New War of Fleets (WoF) - Leagues • Expert • Master • Conqueror - Fleet point (Rating) • Based on damage in WoF battles and win • If a fleet rejects battle in Expert/Master leagues – penalty 1% of current points • How to get fleet point : WoF battle win – 3points, per 10,000 damage in battle – 1 point - Season • 30 days • Starts with zero fleet point - Expert • Unlimited fleet count • Battles 3 vs 3 • If a fleet gains 100 fleet points, the fleet will move to Master league - Master • 10 fleet from Experts league (First fleets which gain 100 fleet points) • Battles 5 vs 5 (Tournament with each fleets) • After end of season, top 3 fleets will move to CW league - Conqueror • Only 7 clans can participate • Battles 10 vs 10 • After end of season bottom 3 fleets move out - Pillage : Only CW fleets can attack for pillage to other cities - Defender for pillage • 10 ships can be set as max • No limits by class for ships - Attacker for pillage • Only 5 players maximum • Limit for ship classes SS/CA/CL/DD 2. New aircraft carriers (S tier & A tier) in research center - US CV Ranger (S & A tier) - RN CV Malta Project (S & A tier) - IJN CV Zuiho (S & A tier) - KM CV Project AV (S & A tier) - SN CV Project69 AV (S & A tier) - MN CV PB-58 (S & A tier) - RM CV Garibaldi (S & A tier) 3. Repair function for all damaged ships (Below 75% DP only) 4. Harbor Assault is changed for pillage mode (Not stored resources in depot can be pillaged) 5. France BB Stras Bourg (A tier) enhanced flightdeck France BB Charlemagne increase turn differ (18->20) 6. Daily Quest reward for Expert Online battle is changed. Thank you.
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