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  2. The game is more or less a naval minesweeper... Please add some feature to ss to get a chance against mines...
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  5. Hi captains, at first I wanna say thx Ibby for this great guide for NF and for your job as Mod. And as support for your guide you asked for my introduction clip for NF on can see it by the link below.
  6. Hello new captain, welcome aboard! On behalf of the Navy Field team I am happy to have you with us and I hope you will enjoy the game. To make things a bit easier, I have compiled some of my own experience and the answers to many, many questions I've been asked into one lenghty post covering the basics of what you need to know. If this post/thread still leaves questions unanswered, you can always ask other players. I hope to have covered most of the basics, for other veterans: please share your own tips and experiences below (and let me know if I've missed something). Disclaimer: I write this guide as an experienced player, not as a NFM official... nothing can be held against me... you know the drill Also please note that this guide is written with shipyard ships in mind - there's a special section for research and its ships. So, first things first: you've just started playing, chosen a nation to your liking and completed the tutorial. And then... 1) Getting started: upgrading your harbour 2) Getting started: different resources 2a) Getting started: gold 3) Getting started: different ship classes, their roles and how to outfit them 4) Getting started: different ship stats and weapons 5) Getting started: battle modes 6) Getting started: using the global chat (west and east channel) 6b) Moderators 7) Research and ship tiers 8) Special ships: repair ships and s tier skills 9) Harbour assault and skills 10) Battle tips
  7. OMG. I have been asking for that for months.. They can't if players knew the stats then all the OP Crap would be open to the public...LOL
  8. NF also need to publish ship stats. The ship trees under nation specific are more than 2 years old now, ships have changed, more ships have been added, even two more nations have been added.
  9. I'm as much a stat junkie as anyone else, but until Balance is fixxed MMer is fixxed Power Creep is fixxed The stats are all broken. Someone can get into a boat with alot of $$$....then someone can take the amount of $$$ spent to how that affects stats....
  10. I'm a stat junkie and would appreciate more stats on total battles I've been in, total losses and wins , most used ship stuff like that. Other games do it nf can and should do it to
  11. I miss the original radar where land was visible as it was possible to avoid bumping on land/borders while ship was off screen and use an island to approach unseen from radar. I think it added an extra dimension to the game and want to see it back.
  12. Thanks, nothing will happen, but its the thought...LOL.... Capped Crew XP Capped Steel There is NO way SDE will do anything that might take away from milking the NA Users out of every nickle and dime...Hell Prem is 11.99 for Capt and Steel and its CAPPED...LOL....HAHA....SDE are the masters at screwing players over and making them like it....LOL
  13. The lottery is to drain as much from players as possible, much like the Experts from the PC Version...LOL....I feel dumb for playing this little BS Part of the game.... O well, no S for me because the .5% is BS its probably lower more like .05% since if its wrong SDE doesn't care and no one will know..LOL...
  14. Won't be wasting time in this anymore....SDE has always been Screw the players as much as possible. Even the pc version was slanted to screw the players...LOL....
  15. I've passed this thread on to the game staff.
  16. D tier is disabled now for full resources input, so the chances should have been shuffled a bit... but I don't know the exact current chances. Anyway, the most recommended recipe is 300K/30K/50G. Max 150g. Inputting more gold is no guarantee for nicer ships, etc etc. It takes time! I just got my first s tier, some people have 5, others have none yet.
  17. some time ago devs published chances of max resources research (has changed since then without update afaik)
  18. 500G + 6K Fuel and 150KSteel, C Level Timmerman....HAHAHAAHAhaaa... I'm a fucking idiot to think the lowest chance would win...HAHA...
  19. Or how about let the crews be moved from one ship to another, So you can train and still use that crew. IE: Crew can go from a E:Timmerman - D:Timmerman - C : Timmerman, Or IE: Crew training stays the same or gets a little longer and let players move the crew to build ships to fit their play style...2-3 Engineers vs 1 repair, 1 Radio, 1 engineer...
  20. Hi everyone, I have noticed that many new players and even some veterans complain about the long training required (excessively boring) for capital ships (BB, CV, SS) even in their lowest grade (D and C), of consequently they tend to abandon the game, to stop this "bleeding" my suggestion to the Developers would be to change the experience points of the crew necessary according to the grade of the ship; i.e 4000 for A / S, 3000 for B (except for DD, CL, CA "B" which should return to the normal level of their class) 2000 for C / D, or something similar, thanks anyway
  21. It's unrealistic, for one thing only: the number of players is too small. What this game should do most is to increase publicity.
  22. has been suggested several times to tie beginner/expert/great battles to ship tiers instead of captain level (which is irrelevant now). however devs don't seem to care
  23. seal clubbing is a common occurrence in NF always has been since the introduction of GB....when DD-CA games were the norm, you keep what you killed the game was more fun then today.
  24. game started with japan, uk, us, germany and soviet. italy and france were added some months ago. Thanks makes sense they were the most fleshed out in NF,NF2, NF 3D....To bad Italy and france are broken now...LOL...Looks like no one really cares anyway there is almost NO ONE in the community chatting and the DEVS don't seem to care...Well thats not fair to say, Devs just do what producers want done...even if its dumb...
  25. game started with japan, uk, us, germany and soviet. italy and france were added some months ago. unfortunately the lottery is just that, a gamble. numerous calls for its withdrawal have been made but no answer. developers don't even add some degree of control over what should be "researched" or the chances for each tier
  26. This is where I have a problem, the lottery is nothing more then a Credit Sink(Steel,Oil,Gold)...I would rather earn what I need to get something. I can't get the Guam without playing that lottery, that's the only ship i have any desire to get but can't because of the idiocy of gambling. If I want to play slots I would play slots... I guess its time to start a new nation, nothing better then making player pay to open a new nation. So which Nation is the newest, i only ask because documentation for this game is well very slim...
  27. pure luck. play the lottery a lot i guess. my pattern is 50 gold, max oil, max steel or (when short of steel) 0 gold, max oil
  28. how did you get that B Tashkent DD?
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