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  2. hmm It need to fix Auto Solvo problem it's Important for all ships 😅
  3. Где администрация? Речь идет о рекламе на вашем сайте. С уважением.
  4. Нужна помощь? Не могу написать в топик. С уважением.
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  6. You can update your app version for 5.8.4 in market. Critical bug is fixed. Thank you.
  7. Dude, chill , it is only 24 hours not be able to talk in public chat, thats nothing. I was once muted just because i mentioned Pamela Anderson in joke, not insulting anyone , but you dont see my crying and asking for justice and holy retribution lol.
  8. We patched 5.8.3 version today. However the version has a critical bug. All ships including SS can be showing for opposite team. It's caused by replay mode for Conquest World. We will resolve it as soon as possible. Sorry for your inconvenience. Thank you.
  9. m class game moderator muted 老高 for no reason. 老高 just said, " 🏻‍♂️🏽🧑‍🦯走过路过不要错过。一为避免新人走弯路,二为避免老人盲目抽船把号玩废,⚓故,我《大海战中国玩家微信交流总群》群内200+大佬为你排忧解难➕微信15840191266拉你进群" for recruiting new members. Furthermore, he has the freedom of speech without any violation. m class, as a new moderator, abused their duty and made the game in chaos instead of keeping it smoothly going. How stupid he is! Is he a racist? You, m class, must clarify what u did, make an apology to 老高, relieve the muted time, and promise you are no longer stupid!
  10. We have the maintenance for patch today. You can update your app for 5.8.3 version in market. Schedule : 5PM ~ 6PM (Korea Time) Patch List --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Fixed lag problem during battle 2. Beginner battle and 1vs1 battle result excluded from ranking 3. Jules Verne gun problem fixed 4. submarine delay reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. 5. 10% increase in submarine oxygen capacity 6. Change the position of the Sell Ship button 7. Crew EXP UI change ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
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  12. GamesKey is creating an article on "Hidden Gems to play" Thank you.
  13. While with firing delay on most Battleships we can more or less manage, there is one exception that need to be fixed: Battleships with lots of turrets and fast reload (Fuso, Takao, ISE etc) have so high fire delay that they cannot possibly fire all turrets before first fired turrets are reloaded again, so that ships have 2-3 turrets alwais waiting its turn to fire, and in that way ,they loose lot of its firepower, they are effectifly nerfed, hevily. They need to have less reload time then rest of Battleships, probably CA reload time .
  14. Hey bud, you were obviously feeling frustrated & upset when you wrote this, but after calming down a bit you probably realized that this probably isn’t the best approach if you actually want help. With nothing but insults & cursing to go on, there’s no way to offer advice about your Op 5 issues, even if someone wanted to. So, here’s the best & only suggestion (assuming you’re actually interested) currently possible: Try writing this post again as a request rather than a rant. Imagine being an experienced player who had the same struggle, knows exactly how to help, and is now reading your post. From that perspective, consider the minimum level of courtesy you’d expect from a stranger asking for help, and the maximum level of rudeness you’d tolerate before deciding the stranger didn’t deserve your help. Would you spend time responding to the post you wrote? Of course not, so try again with that in mind If that’s still too hard, here’s the super simple version: No one can help you because you don’t give enough information, and because your post is a tantrum, no one will want to try. So you need to change your post, a lot. First, select the parts that curse, insult, or blame other people for vague problems; remove them one at a time, & replace each with a specific detail about your problem. Start with vital basic info, like which nation you’re playing, what level you are, & which CV you were using. Coherent sentences don’t seem to be your strength, so just write those basics as a list: Nation, level, CV name & tier. This information is absolutely necessary, since operations are a different experience based on them at the very least. Next, list the details about your CV’s layout, what systems are 0, 1, 2, or 3. For example, flight deck 2, engines 1, secondary guns 0, etc. Then tell us if/how vetted it is. Have you leveled officers, armament, etc at all, and if so, to what level? List them all followed by their number, or if they’re all the same level just say that. After listing all these details in short but complete fashion, start a new paragraph. Here, explain briefly but clearly exactly what trouble you’re having with the operation. Is there a certain enemy ship giving you trouble, are you almost winning or getting killed right away, that sort of thing. CVs are hard for many of us, they’re def not for everyone. The ops get harder as they advance, so you may just need to get your boat stronger, get a better boat, or get better at playing before you can tackle that one. The only thing we know for sure right now is that spazzing out in a post will def not help you to beat the op. That brings us to the final step in rewriting your post. With a clear, complete list of your basics (nation, level, CV name & tier); a clear, complete list of its details (layout, vetting); and a brief, specific description of what trouble you’re having in place, we only need to add finishing touches. Before all the other text, add one sentence that basically says “I’m having trouble with this and hope someone can help. Here’s my info.” Short, direct, and POLITE. It’s not someone else’s fault that you’re struggling, and even if it is, it’s certainly not all of our fault. Want help, ask nice, it’s that simple. So, one last step– after all the other text, add one sentence basically saying “I’d really appreciate advice from someone who beat this operation, and any video you could suggest showing it being done is even better. Thanks for your time.” The game isn’t super easy, and help helps. If you want it, it’s there, you just have to ask in a civilized manner. Good luck.
  15. We patched Harbor Assault Rule. If attackers win the battle (clear 2nd stage), no ship is decreased DP. Thank you.
  16. Greetings Developer. As the new update came, there is seems to be a huge issue for me (or to everyone who cares) . The auto aim seems to be having a problem. BB for instance, using auto aim, when targeted at enemy ship, it should be fired salvo (all guns firing at once) not taking turns (each gun firing with delay). To be honest, i have a feeling that this is intentional. But the update information doesn't tell such. Therefore rather than creating post in suggestions i create here for i suspected a bug. Therefore please fix this problem immediately if it is a bug. If its not then CHANGE IT BACK LIKE BEFORE. YOUR ACTION CAUSING MORE PLAYER TO QUIT THIS GAME! If this is your marketing thinking then i must say, what kind of moron advisor did you hire? You suppose to attract players not scaring them away. Lastly i want to make it clear, i have a bad feeling about the Dive delay for submarines. But fortunate for you, i haven't heard a complain from it. YET. Remember that ONE TIME when you decide to add SS torpedo a range delay? And how many player who favor submarines attack you DEVELOPER? Welp, none of that matters anymore because we are just gonna quit the game. Unlike before this accursed game downfall. Anyway, just fix the darn auto aim gun salvo and everything back to normal. I think. Thank you.
  17. You can update your app version as 5.8.1 in market. Patch List ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. AI ship bug in missions fixed. 2. Aircraft button bug for CV fixed. Thank you.
  18. We have the maintenance for patch today. You can update app in market as 5.8.0 Schedule : 6:00 PM ~ 7:00 PM (Korea Time Base) Patch List ---------------------------------------------------------------- - Conquest World open for 2nd stage (Open total 4 nations) - Changes in aircrafts attack behavior (Add DP bar and return with low DP) - Changes in nuclear bomb (Target center can be changed by wind effect) - SS dive delay added (5 second delay for dive) - Many improvements (Add premium account booster for more steel gaining) - Leader can declare war like commander in Conquest World -------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  19. Nao tem nada a ver mas Seria muito bom ter como lançar torpedos manual dos torpedeiros
  20. icy map - 2rd compartment - north minefield
  21. icy map : 3nd compartment path, i think it's the way to take the middle channel but it's yet to explore icy map - 3rd compartment path
  22. icy map : mine field square for the middle zone of the 3rd compartment
  23. icy map : mine field for the 2nd compartment of the south zone
  24. icy map : entry path for the south zone
  25. jungle map : entry passage from the south to the north zone, it's more a remember than a discover
  26. While I disagree with the way Bobby put it, I agree that the mission has to change. The way the mission is >95% of the time you get defeated before the first squad takes off, no matter what CV you play. To win you have to get lucky and get heavy transports spawn close to weak DDs. Devs can at least code in heavy transports to reduce the random element that makes it unwinnable most of the time edit: tried twice with vet S tier A Project, launched 2 scouts to distract DDs at North and two dive bomber squads. Sailed with OH speed to attract fire. Lost both times at 32 seconds, scouts shot down before dive bombers approached Northmost DDs that killed the Transport (a light 1st time and heavy the second but between an L class and a Tribal)
  27. There is no reason to going all balistic,mission is hard ,but not imposible to finish. It is end game mission, one not meant to be finished with beginner ship, you need veteran CV with good secondaries. Even then is challenge, you have to keep trying mission, eventualy NPC with position it self in a way they can survive long enough for you to save them. Also, you can send scouts over enemy ships, they lauch fast and enemy will waste shoots on them instead on your ships.
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