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    Hello players! Tomrrow we will be releasing 3.7.7 patch. We are sorry it took so long but the devs tweaked some things with the new raid mode as well as added new features which you can find in the post I made which is linked down below. In addition to the new content the devs added fireworks! This is to celebrate the 1 year anniversary. We thank you for your continued support! -ethor98 Moderator
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    St. Louis after the Battle of Kolombangara, showing torpedo damage to her bows
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    I wanna bring my my idea towards Devs for a new Patch. Since the Research Center, the nations lost mostly their specific advantages. Before Research Center, every nation had its own specific advantage, like gun range of the German ships, armor of the British ships, Speed/Agility of Japanese ships and so on. With the new ships of French/Italian nation and the new national ships with higher tier these specific advantages of each nation got lost, cause new US ships can have the same range as German ships and so on. So my idea is, giving all the ships, a captain has in his nation, a specific percentage improvement of the advantage, the nation had been known of in the past. Something like about 5% improvement. So if you have the German nation, every ship, he has, would have a plus of 5% of his gun range. Or British nation would get a plus of 5% plus for every ship’s armor and so on. if this could be arranged by Devs, all nations would get back their specific tactical advantages, which had been lost with the research center. So, if you would comment this post, if this idea is good or bad or can be realized or not, would be nice.
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    greetings to all, personally I had many doubts about the effectiveness of the armor in the "new" system, especially for the effectiveness of the 3rd upgrade thinking how much speed it costs, we also had discussions between players, so I decided to make a small test whose results I hope will be helpful to all players, with a my friend we made two trial duels, in one the ship Target, a BB Francesco Caracciolo grade B 2 stars complete, was without bulges, in the other had the bulge activated , "the opponent" chosen is the small SS HMS P type of the Royal Navy, just built, without any upgrade or star for the crew, from the results below you understand very well that the bulge really reduces the damage of the torpedoes by 45% declared (in the case of Caracciolo), the starting damage is about 5,700 to which we must subtract the reduction for the crew. without Bulge 4100 4900 4700 4400 4000 4800 6000 4700 (burning) with Bulge 2200 3300 2400 2200 2200 3800 2600 2300 ......... the Ships were in same perpendicular position (around) and at 0 speed in both test, of course others tests or comments are welcome 🙂
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    This new update brought in armor drawbacks for having armor on your ship. For every upgrade the slower your ship becomes. Aircraft carriers are more powerful with ships like battleships and heavy cruisers becoming easy targets without much protection against it. Now SS is most overpowered ship in the game because it's to fast. And has nothing to fear considering it cant get hurt, If battleships are slow they should receive more anti air and for submerged subs they should never reach a speed above 20 knots for balance. If ss are going to be 9ver powered cls and dds should receive a torpedo and hedgehog buff that should hurt the sub than give it a few scratches. Each ship should have a purpose of strength not uselessness at over powered ships if u have a ship sudgestion to make this more clear put it down below. If I use a cl I want it to have a use in wof same with dd. Make each ship have it's own strength.
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    The price of monthly subscription is unreasonably high. In many MMO games monthly subscription is only USD4.99 and it has provided most resources and xp boost. But in NFM if you want all it will charge you USD30. Please offer a more affordable subscription option so your loyal players can support the game’s long term development. The spirit of subscription should be letting the game sustainable with players’ monthly payment, and let the payers’ playing experience more enjoyable.
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    Hello, Captains. We will inform you of precautions In recent online battles, there have been many cases of intentional retreats to prevent ships from sinking. Especially when he is disadvantaged, he retreats himself and deprives the enemy of opportunity. This behavior has many negative effects on the normal play of many goodwill users. Since the start of the game service, we have been judging these behaviors as unfair play and are also charging penalties. We will continue to do so in the future. If a retreat continues at these critical moments, we should remove the retreat function or remove the reward it when retreating. We ask that you make wise choices so that fair and fun combat can be carried out please.
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    The new Battle Royal Mode is highly favored to SS because Subs are over Powered. There is no way to hurt or run away from a sub which makes most over ships useless to even participate. Its basically built to were it's a sub playground and if you join in with another ship you would have to be lucky to sink it.
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    Hi captains, at first I wanna say thx Ibby for this great guide for NF and for your job as Mod. And as support for your guide you asked for my introduction clip for NF on YouTube....you can see it by the link below.
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    5.0.5 version is released in app store for iOS and playstore for android. Please update your app for the latest version in store. Patch List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Add new A grade BB for each nation in research center. - USN BB West Virginia - RN BB HMS Hood 1943 - JPN BB Ise(1937) - KM BB Nassau - SN BB Arkhangelsk - MN BB Provence - RM BB Andrea Doria 2. Fix command center image defect between France and Italy. 3. Remove D grade ships with full resources input in ship research. Thank you.
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    Greetings to all, of course I address the group of Developers, while being aware that you are under pressure for the new patch of March 7 I kindly ask you to intervene urgently on the WoF system, I explain: after the release of the "Research patch" the old system of level limits for the three types of WoF does not work very well, without prejudice to the 3 types (Beginners, Experts, Masters), my proposal would be to allow the WoF to all ships but activating the limits of "grade / tier ", ie Beginners all types of ship but maximum" C "; Experts still all types of ship but maximum "B", Masters still all types of ship without any grade limit, in my humble opinion this change would revitalize the whole system, last thing, I would leave the number limits unaltered, ie 3vs3, 5vs5, 10vs10.naturally I invite everyone to make alternative proposals, but always in my simple opinion it is quite clear that the system should be urgently reformed. bye all
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    Hello everyone!!!!! I think you all are going to be extremely excited about this next update. As a ton of you have been requesting France and Italy nations. Well the time has finally come. France and Italy are finally joining the fight! But not as separate nations. As you will see below in the video. You have to use scrap to research new ships. You can combine scrap with gold,steel, and oil to improve the outcome ship you receive. New to this as well is there is different "tier" ships. Ships also now have different "skins" to show what tier they are. Here is an example. This is the regular Nebraska. This is a tier B Nebraska Below is a tier A Nebraska. Slightly better than the Tier B Nebraska. And finally below is a a tier S Nebraska. I will post in another forum topic a FAQ regarding this new update. We hope you all enjoy! ethor98 Senior Moderator Navy_Field_2018-09-20-09-29-14.mp4 Navy_Field_2018-09-20-09-35-36.mp4
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    [Updates and Patches] A server check for 3.5.0 version updates and patches is scheduled. The server check will be conducted for about 40 minutes from 5 pm Korea time today. ... Please update the server patch and game app update at the same time. (caution) Update versions may vary in deployment time by 1 to 4 hours per individual. Especially for Apple iOS, it can be delayed by up to 10 hours. There is no problem playing the game, but please update to the latest version as much as possible. Patches and Updates -------------------------------------------------- - 1. Add 1 vs 1 battle mode - You can apply for a 1 vs 1 battle from your chat window. - There is no compensation for 1 vs 1 combat (abuse prevention). 2. Decrease the damage of 3rd upgrade gun for mini CL (20%) - As a part of the balance control for the Mini CL, the damage of the 3 main guns is reduced by 20%. 3. Change the resulting windows interface 4. Add 'Extra Crew XP' - If the crew of the ship is all veteran, all of the crew XP will be converted to the extra sailor experience. - 'Extra Crew XP' can be transferred to other ship's sailors using gold. * event 1. When purchasing 'Limited Edition Steam Pack', a new French ship 'Provence' will be provided. - A new Provence battleship starts with all salior as an Expert at the same time as build. - Can be used without any level restrictions and will be built in the countries where you buy the Steam Pack. It is not added to other countries. - Period From December 21, 2017 server check up to January 18, 2018 2. Captain EXP 50% UP ↑ Event - You will receive 50% more Captain experience from online combat. - After December 21 server check up to December 28 server check up -------------------------------------------------- - *caution* - When you access the game, if the tutorial window is displayed instead of the country selection window, touch the return button on the top left corner to return to the country selection window. If the tutorial is completed by clicking on the "Battle" button, the tutorial may be executed only once. If you proceed with the tutorial, you can use it normally.
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    Hi! We will inform you about next patch plan. The scheduled update is likely to be delayed by a week or so. This is because we need to collect update lists together with Apple's recommended game registration issues. Sorry for the inconvenience. ... Patch Contents -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Online battle(Great Battle, Beginner Battle) shows the clan mark on the left side of the ship name 2. Identification of enemy aircraft's peers (enemy - red claw, friendly - green claw) 3. Add attendance compensation (a fixed amount of gold for the first 7 days) 4. Special promotion function for Expert crew (Expert immediate promotion function) 5. Add master crew - Four-star crew with 250% ability efficiency - Add crew point (new resource) for master crew promotion In online battles(Great Battle, Beginner Battle), If you win, crew point is awarded with 100% probability, and if defeated, a crew point is awarded with 30% probability. - Promotion conditions (Promoted to master crew with a certain amount of crew points, steel, and fuel) - Master crew's time and probability of promotion (1 day master promotion probability 76%, 3 day master promotion probability 20%, 7 day master promotion probability 3.9%, 365 day master promotion probability 0.1%) 6. Beginner battle Participation level limitation - Level 8 ~ Level 60 (Great Battle is available from level 15) 7. Change the way of Harbor Asaault progresses 8. Display the number of enemy attacks and enemy ships sunk in online battle 9. New ships added (50 Level Destroyer) 10. Change Captain experience A. Gold Ship's Captain Experience Value Up 10% B. If Increasing the tier in the same ship class. The captain experience increase by 2% (up to 6%). -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Patch contents and schedule may be changed or excluded due to developer's convenience. Thank you.
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    Ship Update for 2.4.4 Patch Notes: 1. The basic guns of each country DD have been strengthened for new users to adapt quickly. 2. Reduced the DD and CL salior 'xp requirements to half for the novice user's quick game adaptation. 3. The gun data of the ship has been modified. - US BB [North Carolina] 3Up Main gun, damage 1577 -> 1901 - US BB [South Dakota] 2Up Main gun, Damage 1577 -> 1901 - US BB [Montana] 2Up Main gun, Damage 1577 -> 1901 - US BB [Iowa] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1800 -> 1920 / Reload time 1760 -> 1799 - UK BB [Hood] 3Up Main gun, range 2503 -> 2603 - UK BB [Nelson] 3Up Main gun, range 2266 -> 2359 - UK BB [Prince of Wales] 3Up Main gun, reload time 1952 -> 1834 - UK BB [LION] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1898 -> 2102 / Range 2585 -> 2632 - UK BB [Vanguard] 1Up Main gun, range 2503 -> 2603 2Up Main gun, Damage 1818 -> 1791 / Reload time 1739 -> 1820 / Range 2447 -> 2585 (LIONII 2Up Main gun replacement) 3Up Main gun, range 2645 -> 2692 - KM BB [Bismarck] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1580 -> 1620 - KM BB [H44] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1530 -> 1631 - KM BB [H39] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1692 -> 1793 - Soviet warships [Soyuz] 3Up Main gun, reload time 1940 -> 1797 - Soviet warships [Stalingrad] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1530 -> 1572 Note: Ship Balance patches can be adjusted at any time regardless of game app version and timing.
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    Hello folks, since there seems to be a demand for this kind of thing I figured I'd copy and paste the list of S tier ships from the 101 guide to a separate post. So here are all currently existing S tier ships (list will be updated if new ships are added). Please feel free to post screenshots in the comments with stats of S tier ships if you have them! - edit - I've also added the A tier ships. Please let me know if I missed any. Tip: follow this post, so that you're alerted when it's updated! N.B. the (x2) means that there is an A tier version of that ship available from both research and the shipyard. They have the same name and tier, but they are in fact different ships. The research version is always better. A tiers S tiers PS. A list of repair ships can be found in my 101 guide.
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    A cunning plan for surviving in Great Battle Dear captain, you have played and dominated Online Experts and think of trying your skills in Great Battle. Ideally you have a couple of nice DDs and CLs, built the level 41 CA or found a C tier DD/CL/CA at the lottery and built it. This Plan is for you. Note 1: You don’t need a BB/CV/SS. Note 2: You will meet A & S tier BBs that seem impervious to any damage (hulls into the 60 thousands) and put out 20-30k+ broadsides at great ranges (2800 I consider short, 3000 average and 3300 long range) Note 3: High tier CVs are fast, have lots of planes and can kill the high tier BBs with 2-3 squads of torp bombers. They also have great hulls and many short range guns for protection Note 4: High tier SSs are fast (submerged close to 30kn normal, 40kn overheat) with many torp tubes (10-12) shooting 6-8k damage torps. Also many have quite powerful deck guns, scouts and some even bombers Note 5: Scared yet? S tier BBs can call a nuke strike every 5 mins and S CVs airstrike every 4 minutes Note 6: A good player with a DD/CL/CA can be as useful as any of the above, turn the tides of battle and win. So, how do you win a battle where you can be squashed like a bug? 1. Pick your ship role(s). A DD/CL/CA can be one or more of the following: ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare), AAW (Anti-Aircraft Weapon), repairship or minelayer. Might also have quite good guns (some of the higher tiers put out damages comparable to BBs) 2. At the beginning of battle you have some seconds that enemies are visible. Check their line-up, note the BBs, CVs and SSs 3. Check your own side BBs, CVs and SSs 4. Depending on your role, choose your strategy. In general escort a BB or CV and provide your services 5. Be smart. Survive. Speed is your ally, rudder your friend. Whenever you feel threatened run. Always swerve your rudder; hard. Make them miss, respect a battleship’s space – close in and you’ll be squashed. 6. The more successful you are at protecting your allies, the better the chances at winning 7. Ideally your ship should serve 2 or more of the roles below ASW ASW weapons are the hedgehogs, torpedoes and mines. Note that subs can deep dive and avoid the ASW weapon (HHs will explode harmlessly, torps will sail past, mines will stay there – deep dived subs will have to crawl away at 3kns. Additionally note that mines are invisible to subs). BBs are particularly vulnerable to subs, they are (the majority) slow, (most) lack any defences vs a submerged sub and cannot detect submerged subs (few have a small sonar that is generally useless). As an ASW escort you need to (in order of priority): 1. keep track of subs. Keep them in sonar range so they are visible 2. Block their path to your allies 3. Wear them out with HHs and torps. If they deep dive fast enough to avoid your weapons try to supress them. If they spend their time in deep dive they are not threatening your allies and will eventually run out of oxy. No need to take unnecessary risks by going too close If there are no major surface threats you can actively hunt enemy subs or aid an allied sub duelling another (sub duels often happen between the enemy-allied lines and closing in to the enemy line is not wise) AAW Killing scouts. Kill the enemy scouts. Once more: kill the enemy scouts. BBs fire well beyond their visual range, without scouts they are blind – your level 1 DD can win a battle just by keeping your allies invisible to the enemy. Other than scouts; move between enemy bombers and their target, they’ll have to either go round you to the other side (you can too by sailing a much smaller distance), over you (you’ll kill several or all of them before reaching their target), switch target to someone else or switch their target to you (torp bombers are quite easy to evade, dive bombers will have to go directly above you) Finally fighters: many times you will see allied and enemy fighters locked in combat; note that your AA fire can and will shoot down allied planes as well so be careful and judge the situation. If the enemy fighters chase allied bombers just fire at them, the bombers are doomed anyway Repairship Pretty straight forward. Just escort a BB and repair it. Repair other allies when you get the chance and feel free to change the ship you escort if needed. Note that repair line is visible through fog of war, so disengage (by long press of repair button) when not needed Minelayer If you are a dedicated minelayer then choose an area to rig: in front of your allied CVs if any, a choke point between islands or just an area close to centre (has to be inside the occupy zone appearing at 5 mins) work best If not a dedicated minelayer just drop mines as you go. The more the better. If you double back or encounter other allied mines try to group them together or make long strings. A particularly tricky tactic (but immensely satisfying when it works) is to sail over a sub and drop mines directly on top of it. This usually results in the immediate destruction of the sub (or you if you don't get it right). You will need the fastest and smallest ship for this - DDs and the small, premium CLs (Texas, Tiger, Dhonburi, Bayern and Gamelin) work best for this. Running parallel to sub and somewhat behind it, hit OH speed and aim just ahead of it, at the last moment turn hard towards it and drop your load - practice makes perfect. Minesweeper Your DD/CL can also detect enemy mines (the only classes that can). Help allies to navigate through enemy minefields. Hedgehogs can also destroy enemy mines. Though not very successful may come handy sometime Gunship While not in the roles listed, your ship has guns, use them to take out small ships or add your damage to whatever the heavyweights are shooting at. Here you can use the skills you learned in online beginners and experts. If you get in the unfortunate position where there is an enemy BB but no allies to kill it (BB, CV or SS) try to gang with any survivors and attack it. If there is nothing blocking your path to an enemy CV grab the chance and chase it (you need speed, some good guns with a good range for this, CVs are fast and many pack some nice guns for self protection) Further reading 101 a beginners guide by Ibby. Everything needed to play and enjoy the game for day 1 to advise for experienced players. A must read. Unofficial battle tips by me. Quite dated but valid in many points. Just note that when it was written there was no "research" (only shipyard ships), no minelayers, no Italy, no France, no occupy zone at 5 minutes, no repair skill and no BB/CV had AAW, ASW or sonar Some other advice Tip 1 was you don't need a BB, CV, SS. Building a BB/ CV/ SS early in the game is the wrong thing to do. D & C tier BBs have weak hulls, building them is a waste of resources and will give the wrong impression about BBs. D & C CVs and SSs also have weak hulls but if played well a good hull is an inconvenience not a fatal flaw. While sub-par and weak they can still play their intended roles in gb. Fighters are as strong as on the high tier CVs, bombers some 30-40% weaker. Subs suffer from low torpedo counts (6-8 tubes are typical for D-C tier subs, while B,A & S have 10-12). In addition BBs, CVs and SSs of B tier and higher will need some 10-11 million steel to build and upgrade, with third upgrades needing as much as 3 million steel; a level 12 steel depot is needed for that
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    Hello new captain, welcome aboard! On behalf of the Navy Field team I am happy to have you with us and I hope you will enjoy the game. To make things a bit easier, I have compiled some of my own experience and the answers to many, many questions I've been asked into one lenghty post covering the basics of what you need to know. If this post/thread still leaves questions unanswered, you can always ask other players. I hope to have covered most of the basics, for other veterans: please share your own tips and experiences below (and let me know if I've missed something). Tip: follow this post, so that you're alerted when I update it! Disclaimer: I write this guide as an experienced player, not as a NFM official... nothing can be held against me... you know the drill Also please note that this guide is written with shipyard ships in mind - there's a special section for research and its ships. So, first things first: you've just started playing, chosen a nation to your liking and completed the tutorial. And then... 1) Getting started: upgrading your harbour 2) Getting started: different resources 2a) Getting started: gold 3) Getting started: different ship classes, their roles and how to outfit them 4) Getting started: different ship stats and weapons 5) Getting started: battle modes 6) Getting started: using the global chat (west and east channel) 6b) Moderators 7) Getting started: fleets 8) Research and ship tiers 9) Special ships: repair ships and s tier skills 10) Harbour assault and skills 11) Battle tips 12. Support If you encounter problems, such as not being able to access your account, duplicate ships, missing resources, wanting to reset your account, needing a new chief for your fleet or other questions, you can email support (naiadgames@gmail.com) detailing your problem. They will do their best to help you out! Of course, as I said above (6b), the moderators are also happy to help you. 13. Elementary game rules and Terms of Service We at NavyField Mobile pride ourselves in having one of the finest and nicest communities in the online gaming world. To ensure that it stays that way, there are a few rules that you will need to observe. First, there's some rules on naming your captain and ships. We (moderators) do check actively for offenses, but if you encounter offensive names - please report them. Secondly - play nice. Game antics are not something that we moderators usually interfere with, but just be nice to each other! Thirdly - internal fleet business is the responsibility of the chief and leaders, not of the moderators. A bit of social control works wonders. Finally, we understand that sometimes emotions can run high, but please don't shout at others too much to avoid escalating conflicts, with moderators having to step in and mute people. Of course you can express displeasure, but please do it politely! I strongly suggest you read the Terms of Service. There's some important stuff in there. For example: it is forbidden to have multiple accounts (multiple nations is, of course, encouraged), you need to be at least 13 years old to play this game, you may not buy or sell accounts, etc etc. If you let your kids play the game and someone shouts stuff at them that they shouldn't hear - of course we will take action as with any player, but the kids are your responsibility, moderators cannot accept any responsibility here. We ask for your understanding. The same goes for other people using your account - you are responsible for their actions. That does it for now, good luck and have fun!
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    NF also need to publish ship stats. The ship trees under nation specific are more than 2 years old now, ships have changed, more ships have been added, even two more nations have been added.
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    Since new patch arrive, now there something that other captain concern. And demand it to be realised. For a captain who start fresh on new French and Italian nation, so are the new player, found out it was very hard to fought a ship that is superior, higher tier than than theirs. Even though it was a same ship. But different tiers. Because of this, it may discourage them to play more of this game. Decide to quit earlier. For who has the higher tier, will surely win. But this not only affect beginners but also a veteran captain who having trouble fighting higher tier ship. For example, is it fair for C tier battleship fought S battleship? Adding more that S had an advantage of NUKING A WEAK PLAYER!! Now because of this, it is decided that a Tier Battle mode must be added. but without removing the Great Battle mode. Available for every level. DD, CL, CA, BB, CV, SS are welcome but only at same tier. Better make use of that ship TIER sir. Thank you.
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    has been suggested several times to tie beginner/expert/great battles to ship tiers instead of captain level (which is irrelevant now). however devs don't seem to care
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    greetings to all of you, personally I find all the new repairing ships very amusing and interesting, so much so that I try to have at least one in each country, but, in my humble opinion, there is a problem with the yellow repairing "circle", the radius it is too narrow, instead of helping the large powerful allied ships we risk hindering them in evasive or combat maneuvers, it would be enough to increase the radius a little to make the use of these ships less stressful and more fun, they are the only ones ships that have introduced a sort of mission within the normal GBs (the "problem" of the 3000!!!!🤔🤔 crew points necessary for the veteran status of the new repair CA "B" would also remain open), thanx in advance 🙂👋👋
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    Greetings to all, I'm not sure but I think there may be bugs in the new ships just released, I was lucky enough to get two new grade "B" CAs repairers but after the joy I found two problems, first: these CAs cannot be used in CA's operations (not bad for me because I have already finished everything but important for a new player, I think) and second: these new ships need twice the crew experience compared to normal CAs to get the status of veterans, this does not seem very right considering that these CAs are as powerful as any CA "C", only more are they repairers (a help for others rather than for themselves), I look forward to clarifications before spending double the gold for the veteran status, hello everyone and have fun 👋👋🙂 and I know I started to be annoying with all these posts 🙂😉
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    Next patch plan (Coming Wednesday) Hello all! Down below is the list for the upcoming update 3.8.5 - Add Expert Raid mode for captain level 25 ~ 64. - With the addition of Expert Raid, Harbor Assautlt participation condition changes from 25 to 65 captain level. (The related data such as the defensive weapons are maintained.) - Auto gun fire is enhanced. - In naming for captain and ship, special characters and spacing are not allowed. And as always we thank you for your continued support!
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    Hello all! We just wanted to quickly update the mod team list. First of all I would like to personally congratulate and welcome Ibby and Neuner to the moderation team. They have successfully completed their probationary training. We also brought UN SinMaE (or ReFleX) in help with Korean moderation. If you feel that you can help contribute to the team and wish to apply for a moderation position please contact me in one of the following ways. 1.) The forum! 2.) Skype-thoreson010 3.) Discord-Ethor98#4522 And remember we are here to help you!
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    3.6.2 version is postponed to release on 31st January! We will release 3.6.2 version January 31st, 2018. Sorry for delay again. Patch List --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Move point will be displayed for aircraft. 2. Selected aircraft squadron will be distinguished. 3. Change gun target line image. 4. Crew Point is used instead of Fuel for crew training. - After patch, you will use Crew Point to train Crew. 5. AI ship and AAW in land will fire against enemy aircrafts if the ship is equipped AAW gun. 6. Expert online will be availbe until 65 Lv Captain and it will be 10 vs 10 like Great battle online. 7. War of Fleets will be changed. - War of Fleets will be distinguished Beginner, Expert, Great Battle. - Prevent abusing for WOF (The battle between same fleets can receive the rating point once in a day) -------------------------------------------------- - * Schedule and contents may change due to the condition of the development.
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    Hi! Android version 2.6.5 has been released. In addition, data patching was performed. Patch List 1. Game icon changed to Apple version. 2. Time-to-fuel production at refinery level 5 has increased. 3. For beginners, we have downgraded the level of difficulty up to Campaign Chapter 2. 4. Fixed a crash issue in the game. Apple will release it as soon as the review passes. Thank you. * Beginner room will be opened in only a few days to enter DD, CL, CA only.
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    1. New Ships Added: CL - Required Captain level: 18, Command Center level: 4. USN: Taxas, RN: Tiger, IJN: Dhonburi, KM: Bayern, SN: Gamelin. CA - Requried Captain level: 41, Command Center level: 6. USN: Pensacola, RN: County, IJN: Mogami(1944), KM: Admiral Hipper, SN: Petropavlovsk. BB - Requried Captain level: 80, Command Center level: 8. USN: New Mexico, RN: Queen Elizabeth, IJN: Fuso, KN: Scharnhorst, SN: Izmail. BB - Requried Captain level: 120, Command Center level: 12. USN: Nebraska, RN: Queen Victoria, IJN: Amagi, KM: Kaiser, SN: Project24. 2. New Items Added: - Fuel Pack: Refinery produce +100%, Crew EXP +100% in online battle. - Steel Pack: Captain EXP +50%, Steel Reward +100% in online battle. - Steam Pack: Fuel Pack + Steel Pack. - Change Starter Pack: Remove Fuel and Steel depot double effect. (The existing starter packs are not subject to change, and the new starter packs apply). - Premium: Daily Gold Bonus +40. Each package item does not have duplicate effects. 3. DD and CL's basic weapon for torpedo is changed as mine. (Mine has added an anti-submarine feature, and IJN CL Kitakami and RN Dido have not changed). 4. Explosion delay time of hedgehog changed from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds. 5. The gold price of the fuel has changed. (Change from 1Gold = 500 Fuel to 1Gold = 100 Fuel). 6. The fuel consumption of the battleships (except first battleships), submarines and aircraft carriers has increased by 30%. * Ship Balance patches can be adjusted at any time regardless of game app version and timing.
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    Hi there, I think it would be nice, if steering while driving backwards would be possible. Probably you can enable that ability, when the Crew-Captain gets Veteran-Status. That would enhance gameplay and actuality.
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    The image says CL-49 .. i dont think thats the Savannah
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    We released 5.2.9 version for Apple and Android. You can update your app for latest version at market. - Patch List 1. Raining weather defect fixed for low spec phone. 2. Chat font size option added. Thank you.
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    You forgot the MN ACA Jules Verne
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    Dear devs Its getting increasingly difficult to enjoy this game due to your past updates. I've been along time player and I know you do care about this product. My main concern is the nukes but I'm afraid that is a done deal. I would probably not mind so much if I understood the reasoning behind it. No ship was able to launch a nuke in ww2 which used to be the historical basis of the game which I liked. Now instead of battling it out we just nuked for points. If there was a defense u could get maybe that would help. But right now it's just a big stick in a little pond that big player which I am one use to clobber people. I have seen new players recently come in for a few weeks and say this is crap and leave to world of warships. Hope you can figure it out. Thanksthank
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    Hi everyone, I have noticed that many new players and even some veterans complain about the long training required (excessively boring) for capital ships (BB, CV, SS) even in their lowest grade (D and C), of consequently they tend to abandon the game, to stop this "bleeding" my suggestion to the Developers would be to change the experience points of the crew necessary according to the grade of the ship; i.e 4000 for A / S, 3000 for B (except for DD, CL, CA "B" which should return to the normal level of their class) 2000 for C / D, or something similar, thanks anyway
  35. 1 point
    Or how about let the crews be moved from one ship to another, So you can train and still use that crew. IE: Crew can go from a E:Timmerman - D:Timmerman - C : Timmerman, Or IE: Crew training stays the same or gets a little longer and let players move the crew to build ships to fit their play style...2-3 Engineers vs 1 repair, 1 Radio, 1 engineer...
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    Why is is when someone points out the BS it all anger? You might be angry because someone calls out all the BS NFMoble does... Horrid Balance, Lack of Game play other then getting zapped by BBs...Unless you want to play BB/CV/SS in a GB.... Utter lack of configuration which is what NF was known for... Crew training is nothing more then time or $$$$ no crew specialization...Repair/Restore/Engine Simple point and click Block shooting BS. Rush...Die....Repeat... that's how you play. Or Spend $$$ for the same outcome... If you want to play CA/BB its going to cost you alot of time in a DD/CL in GBs or prem which is stupid expensive for a mobile game... Capped Steel per game per ship... Just some thoughts that really no on cares about
  37. 1 point
    i find dds and cls very enjoyable in gb (c tiers at least). hunting down subs, giving aa cover and repairing allies (where available) wins battles, even if damage count is low. rushing into battle is suicidal even for bbs, small ships should keep their distance from the heavies and use their speed and manoeuvrability to escape hazard
  38. 1 point
    Hi! I'd like to report/ask how is it possible... Warship Bb S tier Proletaryay class, driven by player Metall has abnormal possibilities to repair itself. 3 subs were following him, firing torps. he was in fire, than he maked smoke and shipped out from it with almost full HP... So he had to repair in less than 20s over 50% HP. I saw more of it during last days. So, i am asking... How is it possible.. Did hi found some exploit, or his account is bugged? Please check it, becouse it is impossible to sink him, and he ruins gameplay, especially during BR.
  39. 1 point
    Greetings Captains and Devs, i realized a bug. When you had been in Harbour attack menu, the tabs for great battle or off/def do not appear anymore, when you go back to main menu. You have to restart the game, so they appear again. Sincerely yours, Mike Siggi
  40. 1 point
    Hello ALL and ahoi Mike 👋👋,actually with the activation of the Research all our personal fleets are leveling out without having more than their own characteristics therefore I personally fully agree with such a mechanism that would still justify the existence of different Nations 👍
  41. 1 point
    what to say more? totally agree, even if personally I am taking advantage of the situation and I use extensively just an SS :-)
  42. 1 point
    The first time the criticalbonus system launched was version 4.5.3, at which time the criticalbonus of rare BB was KM 28. IJN 27. SN 25. USN 25. RN 25. Almost all Italian and French warships use the FCS of the five old countries, except Richelieu. Before version 4.5.3, Richelieu used Soviet FCS. But Richelieu players can easily allocate equipment to the FCS because there is no need to upgrade the main gun. In order to balance the game, programmers designed a third upgrade FCS data exclusively for Richelieu, with critical bonus only 20. But then the problem arises. Later updates have strengthened the critical data, and the FCS criticalbonus of the old five countries has increased by 5. Except for Richelieu's FCS. (The first and second upgrades of the FCS in Richelieu are still using Soviet data, so they are enhanced) I think maybe the developer forgot about the new FCS. The reasonable data of Richelieu third upgrade FCS should be 25.
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    Hi. We are going to maintain and patch the server for about 50 minutes from 5 pm on Friday, November 16th in Korea time. All Captains should apply the following features, which are updated via Game App Updates (App version will be 4.4.6) ... Patch Contents -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- 1. Harbor Assault improvement - Enemy search function (list format) - Improved UI (Improved to handle attack fleet and defense fleet in one screen, including battle log and defensive weapon button) - Battle Time Limit (If the battle is not over in the 2 minute time limit in 1 stage, the attacker will win and go to 2nd stage) - In Stage 1 battle, the skill animation is output only once at the first time, and later, it is omitted in order to shorten the time. - Added DP gauges for all defensive weapons in Stage 2 battle - For defender, you can earn gold depending on your defenses. (3 gold if you win in 1st stage, 1 gold at final win in 2 stages) - For a defender, you can acquire resources in victory bonuses. 2. Add 130 Lv Battleship, 120 Lv Aircraft Carrier - Battleship: US Missouri UK Lion II JPN Musashi KM Tirpitz SN Spiral - Aircraft Carrier: US TICONDEROGA UK ADVENTUROUS JPN ZUIKAKU KM HINDENBURG SN PROJECT 73 3. Add chat features - Added copy and paste function in chat window. 4. Expert online level limit change - Up to 69 level available (battleship, carrier, submarine not available) 5. Battle UI Change (Smaller radar moves left side, Dive pad for SS makes smaller too) 6. Increase Steel Depot capacity for 10~ 12 Level * The above schedule can be changed by the developer. Enjoy your sailing!
  44. 1 point
    This is a good one folks!!!! 3.9.8 version will be released at next week! We will release 3.9.8 version for iOS & Android. Patch schedule will be next tuesday. Patch List ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Private message function added. 2. Chat interface is improved 3. Added refuel function for all ships at once 4. Screen shake effect added when a ship is sunk or a defensive weapon is destroyed 5. Add 10 seconds rule for offense team in offense/defense mode 6. Offense/defense map is modified slightly 7. Some crash issues are fixed. Thank you.
  45. 1 point
    3.5.8 version is postponed to release on next week! We will release 3.5.8 version January 25, 2018. Patch List --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Move point will be displayed for aircraft. (Check the image below) 2. Selected aircraft squadron will be distinguished. (Check the image below) 3. Change gun target line image. 4. Crew Point is used instead of Fuel for crew training. - After patch, you will use Crew Point to train Crew. 5. AI ship and AAW in land will fire against enemy aircrafts if the ship is equipped AAW gun. 6. War of Fleets will be changed. - War of Fleets will be distinguished Beginner, Expert, Great Battle. -------------------------------------------------- - * Schedule and contents may change due to the condition of the development.
  46. 1 point
    We released 3.3.7 version for Android. We rollbacked the game graphic engine for stability enhance. Please update your app from Google Playstore. Sorry for your inconvenience.
  47. 1 point
    <Weekend event announcements and patch list at the end of September> Hi! all captain. Updates and patches scheduled for this week have been postponed again. At the time of Apple's review, iOS 11 update is in a situation where some changes are difficult and need to be reviewed again. We are sorry for you once more. But next week we will be able to make sure we can patch it. Thank you in advance for your understanding. * We will present 60 gold for weekend combat subsidy. Captain xp, steel acquisition value, 25% increase event - From 7 pm on September 22 to 5 pm on September 25 (Korean time) * We have 100 Crew points as a gift to all users. 1. Add Daily Quest - We will give crew points from battle result to daily quest. 2. Fix bug for time end battle result with submarine attack point. 3. Submarine can pass under the ships. 4. Torpedo fire safety distance added (Torpedo damage is not applied within a certain distance) 5. Fixed the phenomenon of switching to WEST when changing the screen from chat channel EAST 6. Remove pop-up for asking gold with ship repair 7. When a submarine lands on the surface under a different ship, the ship will sink into collision damage. 8. Add online training mode for new comers (availabe until 24 level) - Ally consists of a player & AI ship - The enemy is made up of AI only, making it easier for novice users to battle. - Available until 24th level 9. Add "PLAY TUTORIAL" mode 10. Ranking interface is changed. (system change and compensation added ASAP) 11. Display required captain level and command center level for unreleased ships. 12. Added icon to distinguish automatic and manual gun mode. 13. Add target point for hedgehog. 14. When purchasing a ship, it has been modified to be purchased without filling in the name of ship. 15. Add detail skill information 16. Harbor assault is changed. - Pillage system is removed - When the attack succeed, system will give the reward. - When the defense succeed, system will give the reward. 17. Correction of 1-tierDD torpedoes and hedgehog launchable angles - US (Fletcher), England (O Class), Japan (Kagero), Germany (Z1), Soviet (Storozhevoy) torpedo (hedgehog) can be launched in any direction. It is changed. - The Soviet (Storozhevoy) DD is changed to only the torpedo in the middle, and the rear torpedo is now. 18. Gunfire or airfields are added to an island or land on the Dead Zone. - The gunfire and weapons in the Dead Zone will attack both the enemy and ally. 19. Add an ally defense weapon (allied occupied territory) - Ally defense weapons attack enemy ships and provide sight to ally at the same time. - If your defensive weapon is destroyed, you lose sight. * It is not a function to occupy an island or land. 20. Adding Great Online Battle Map - Added 5 Great Battle maps. (Total of 10 maps) 21. A mine is added to the Outer (Edge) area of the map of Online 'Great Battle. - In case of a ship being automatically operated (such as a ship or a submarine or a Macro-operated ship that is automatically operated due to a crash during a game), it may sink without direction (steering) operation. 22. Anti-subnet (vs Submarine defense) - Apply to some maps (currently 1 map). 23. Modifying ship SD image of Yamato (battleship) and Gato (submarine) 24. Add an anti-aircraft gun to CA 1-up seconndary gun - Added to some ship 2-up (You can check it in the ship equipment window.) 25. crew xp add transition (move to another crew) - It can be added to the next patch on schedule
  48. 1 point
    2.6.7 Version. Data patch We will notify you of the patch today. July 12, 2017. --------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Ship balance US - North Carolina 3-up mainGun Damage 1901 -> 2178 - Montana 3-up mainGun Damage 1560 -> 1480 - CALIFORNIA DP 40560 -> 39749 3-up mainGun Damage 1574 -> 1682 - NEBRASKA DP 46700 -> 44832 3-up mainGun Damage 2230 -> 2368 / Range 2867 -> 2906 UK - Lion I 3-up mainGun Range 2632 -> 2779 - DUKE OF EDINBURGH 3-up mainGun Range 2692 -> 2735 - QUEEN VICTORIA 3-up mainGun Range 2692 -> 2775 Japan - MIKAWA 3-up mainGun Damage 2000 -> 2107 - AMAGI 3-up mainGun Damage 1397 -> 1411 KM - H39 Class 3-up mainGun Damage 1739 -> 1806 - STRESEMANN 3-up mainGun Damage 1329 -> 1401 - KAISER DP 43950 -> 45269 3-up mainGun Damage 1901 -> 2000 Soviet - PROLETARIAT 3-up mainGun Damage 1572 -> 1672 - PROJECT24 3-up mainGun Damage 1760 -> 1800 / Range 2888 -> 2904 2. FCS accuracy bonus Modified (increase) - 1 Up, 2 Up, 3 Up FCS ------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you all
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    Hi! The server check was conducted from 5 pm today for 40 minutes. The server check list is as follows. -------------------------------------------------- -------------- 1. Fixed that Captain Boost experience was incorrectly applied 2. Change request and restriction levels 3. Increase refinery storage and fuel storage warehouse storage capacity 4. Fixed a bug where some Starter Pack-enabled accounts were not paid for the Daily Bonus -------------------------------------------------- -------------- Thank you.
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