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  1. I don't think they should Nerf the Providence class I think that truly was a bonus worth the starter pack. But it's not the case with the Andrea Doria starter pack. I'm sure there is a difference between every nation and their level 50 battleship. I just don't get the point why give the Andrea Doria which is so weak and then you make up for it by giving the super strong Providence such a low high deal.
  2. Okay, the Providence starter pack was an awesome battleship. Well worth the package deal. So what happened to their first package deal the Andrea Doria....? This is basically the equivalent to the Colorado a level 50 battleship...! What a joke definitely not worth it....!!! I really think they should modify this and make it worth the $20 that people have spent on the package deal... maybe they could modify it to have its 6 in guns?? The Providence also started out with a master crew. This was not true with the Andrea Doria we had to grind it out which was a very difficult ship to do..!!! I'm sure the developers could check out the specs on the Andrea Doria and do some type of special modification for her to make her worth the $20. I personally like this battleship she's fast has accurate guns. I was hoping that she would have the 6 in secondary guns watch the real Andrea Doria had. But no such luck. Maybe they could make it a battleship with AAW ..??? Also since there is no head way of adding French and the Italian fleets to the game. But yet they are in the new RAID Mode! And not to mention their battleships have AAW on them. Or maybe add 5 th turret like the World War 1 setup. It would definitely make it worth the purchase. Please don't feel that you made up with it with the Providence class. This is a great ship and it needs to have a little bit better ability. Not worthy of a level 50 battleship.
  3. See I don't see it as having a bigger Advantage if everyone is capable of purchasing it and helping support the server and the game they should have a slight advantage over your normal player. Because otherwise you wouldn't be making purchases you purchase items slots weapons to advance your ship and make it better than others. I feel if you help support the server in the game by purchasing gold experience points Etc you should have a little bit better Advantage than the regular player.
  4. I think the creators need to take a look at the American secondary guns. On the Atlantic class they have mid-range 5 inch guns on all the battleships they're nowhere near the range of the Atlanta. Then you have the Timmerman which has a really long range set of 5 inch guns. All the American 5-inch guns should have the same range in same damage points. It is unfair that the German ships start firing at greater range than the Americans, and all other nations
  5. I think it would be a great idea to be able to purchase with either gold or experience points / crew points. Two extra modification spots for your ship. This would help keep the game going for those who are close to finishing a nation.
  6. Andrea Doria battleship Very light on Armor. A very unforgiving battleship in ways of trying to level up crew and Captain. Once you get the ship to veteran crew then becomes a useful ship. Not for the beginner battleship. Once the battleship is full veteran good medium range guns light armor good secondary guns and fun to play
  7. Providence is a great Battleship could hang with the big boys. With two gun modification the range is very good low reload time. Shell damage is also very well. Highly maneuverable ship and only Battleship equipped with torpedoes. I definitely recommend this ship to anybody.
  8. Instead of giving the Andrea Doria Battleship there's so many other ships that they could have chosen far from each Nation to give their own. In hand the United States they could have gave the Wichita class.
  9. Yes but it still be nice.
  10. But I can't figure out is why the Timmerman class destroyer has such long range heavy-hitting 5 inch guns. Which are the same guns that are used in the Gearing class DD and the Atlanta class light Cruiser. And all u.s. battleships. Why is the range and she'll damage not the same for all of the ships? You would think for the price that you pay for the Nebraska and the California class battleships that their secondary guns would perform to the Peak Performance! Which in many cases in the Germans secondary guns their range and hit power is far greater than that of the United States Japan and the United Kingdom.
  11. It just goes to show it does not take big ships to win. LOL
  12. So it's really not worth promoting your crew to master and wasting the points
  13. I agree it gets a little expensive when you have to mount and unmount to change your ship.