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  1. For now they say it will be mid/late august... Which is not much cause i have been hearing "in a month or so" since april
  2. Are there any updates on the release?
  3. Dont think there is such list. But you can ask on forum for info on the specific ship and somone may give you info if he has it. Its not possible to lose torpedo salvo from upgrade. Number of launchers stays the same no matter the upgrade. You may want to check placement of launchers on the ship. For example RN Emerald has two launchers per side and while you can potentialy fire 4 salvos you would have to fire 2 then turn to other side for another salvo. Same goes for KM emden or SN Chapayev and some other ships
  4. Depending on the ship really. But most are better than same level nonpremium counterpart, but worse than highest level ship of given class. Cant say much about KM i have only 37lvl on them and only have emden. Its quite nice ship but i found mpro better. From RN perspective the only ship i found better in its class is emerald. That thing can rip trough every survival mission no problem. When it comes to pvp honestly only bb ss and cvs matter. As RN i only have Nelson and cant say its better than hood. On last cannons upgrade It has bigger damage than even Prince of Wales but only 2300 range-even ca can kite you. On second level you have 2600 but less damage. And you have no scout plane.
  5. Sadly If I remember correctly we get nothing at all. If you didnt buy gold/ premium and have time you can reset your account and do everything again but i dont think its worth it
  6. If i remember correctly if you win ship battle but lose vs harbour defences you get half of resources. So in log your ships probably lost but attacker got destroyed by coastial defence and hence information about resources in won report(you won but bastard still managed to rob some resouces of you)
  7. Definitely game mode only for dd,cl and cas is badly needed. I too finished my survi with emerald you just need 3 star gunner and at least 2-star rest to do all,up too ~10/17. 3 lvl engine ugrade and at least 2lvl gun upgrade 1lvl torps for subs. Full 3 star emerald smetimes rips enemy bbs vefore they can fire second salvo. All tips i can give is to always be side to bbs and start turning on overheat when you fell,like,they,will be shoting(npc fire as soon as they reload so after few deaths you will get ahold of it) if there are ally ships,in,survi try to hide behind them(npcs shoot for closest target even if its submerged ss if they can,see it). If all thats left are subs and you have problem with them you can send scout out, use smoke, possition and scout out of smoke. Subs, if they no enemy ship has visual contact, reemerge and same thing happens if you use smoke
  8. Weren't italian ships supposed to able to switch sides once per battle ?
  9. Seeing that your rating event doesnt work that good i think you should do what manyother games do - pop up after lvl 3/11 "rate our game 5/5 and recieve 20gold" its kinda cheap tactic but it works(and i think this game is worth 5/5 after bug fixes. You have many 1/5 for early bersion crashes and bugs)
  10. Great! l cant be more ready. Hope they come with unique reverse overheat speed (jk ^^)
  11. They are suposed to be Monitors - type of relativly small slow ship with large guns used as coastial defence and able to cross shallow waters (like rivers). Only IJN was real(Dhonburi) rest was just concepts
  12. Around month ago i got information, that French fleet will be released in a month. Today you added new ships but no new nation. Does it mean that there will be delay in release? Or its not related.
  13. Well damn there is information about that. That s great keep up the good work
  14. I think that as it is now its too hard to defend against bombers of higer level CV. It would be great if we could use our secondaries against air targets manualy. it could be point and click and angle of shooting would be set depending how far you would target. Alternatively only DD and CLS would get it as another utility in battle. That would force CV to be more careful and planing in their attacks (bombing distracted dueling BB , manouvering around AA ships, or changing height of aircrafts to avoid fire)
  15. I think it would be nice to have subrooms in chat so it is less chaotic. For example general, help(someone needs something answered now questions are getting lost in ), recrutiment etc. It would be also nice to include separate chat for battlerooms