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Found 2 results

  1. In this latest update, some new main guns have been added to the game, and some warships with little advantage have been strengthened, such as Nelson s. But there are some ships that I think need to be strengthened that have not changed. For example: [Surcouf S]Unlike other s-subs, it does not have the highest level FCS by default; the number of torpedoes is small (10 tubes). Poor turning ability. [Charlemagne S] the main gun is not the best in France, but it is acceptable. The range of its AA sub gun is very poor, and the reload time is a little longer. Four long range sub guns are not as powerful as other SBB's. [California S]Poor main gun properties [Amagi S] in the current version, Amagi s has no advantage in firepower. It's not even as good as the Amagi A. I think Amagi should be equipped with air defense or anti-sub weapons instead of ordinary sub guns.
  2. I think that as it is now its too hard to defend against bombers of higer level CV. It would be great if we could use our secondaries against air targets manualy. it could be point and click and angle of shooting would be set depending how far you would target. Alternatively only DD and CLS would get it as another utility in battle. That would force CV to be more careful and planing in their attacks (bombing distracted dueling BB , manouvering around AA ships, or changing height of aircrafts to avoid fire)