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Found 8 results

  1. suggestion

    Hi! I want to make a suggestion to the chat channel. I think the public chat channel should be divided into 3 parts, the global channel, the local channel and the fleet channel (like the picture in the following). The local channel is grouped according to the language chosen by the player in the settings.This will be more reasonable and useful than the East and West channels. PS:I'm very, very, very much looking forward to updating 4.0.0. PS2:Sorry for my poor English.
  2. How is the local time that a comment is made supposed to be an improvement over the time elapsed since a comment was made? I found myself looking at the time several times just to check how long ago a comment was made and if it's still relevant. This is a chat system, not a forum or e-mail. Add to the above a bug... the chat window was not updating; I replied to a comment, made an other one, then the window updated. My reply appeared several comments later than the message it replied to and my comment was completely irrelevant at the point it appeared. I guess some people thought I was drunk yesterday...
  3. chat

    A good idea for a new patch is the possibility of selecting what other players write in the chat,making possible the use of Google new function instant traslate,that translate a text by simply copying it,making possible a better communication in global chat and in international fleets
  4. Ahoi, I would like to pass a suggestion I heard today: It would be nice, if you could mute a single chat window or two or even all of them. Just to have no notification-bobble that there are new comments, when it's not the channel you want to read. Thank you
  5. Hi there, I don't know why there are different colours for the captains name in the chat. Just to differ them more easily? Is it randomly, ore nation based? Or is it fleet-based? Some colours are not easy to be seen on that ground, and should not be used, I'd say... Thx for answering
  6. I think it would be nice to have subrooms in chat so it is less chaotic. For example general, help(someone needs something answered now questions are getting lost in ), recrutiment etc. It would be also nice to include separate chat for battlerooms
  7. Give us a way to talk "private" with other captains. Some kind of personal message...
  8. It is so hard to read the global chat or search something written there, because with every new entry it skips down. Would be nice to disable that function.