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  1. Yeah,it was a huge and stupid mistake,i just wish i could go back in the time and prevent me from doing this,and if i have a second chance,it'll be fun to start from zero.By the way,i know how to greatly minimize the flaw.
  2. I know its quite a long time since i hacked the game,and I'm here to apologize for that,because i know i did very wrong,but i like much the game,and i want to play again,i know i dont deserve it,but please reconsider,i love mich the game.
  3. unmount equipment

    Actually,the unmount system on the game is very unfair,especially on high level ship,as the upgrade cost can be 100 or 1.000.000 that unmounting will only cost 10 gold,which is unfair as if you upgrade wrong equipment or a bug occurs,like a member of my fleet,that upgrade 3 gun on Iowa and the upgrade turned into 3 engine,you will get nothing back,everyone makes mistakes,and you should get half the steel(To don't be OP) you used back after unmounting equipment,making easier to undo wrong decisions and bugs.
  4. new system

    A friend system could be added to the game,with the possibility to add players as friends and know when they're online.
  5. aim

    Actually,if you're not using manual aim,it's accurate,against bots,if you try to hit a player that's moving on a fast ship(DD CL or even a fast CA like Pensacola)you will only hit its side,because he do a small turn and evade a entire salvo,making almost impossible to big ships kill small ones.
  6. gun fix

    In the game I noticed that Prince of Wales don't have its iconics 4 barrels guns plus one gun with two barrels,having only 3 guns with 3 barrels,his guns need to be fixed to look like more realistic,and that shoot he loses after every salvo makes the difference at the end,losing more than 1k damage per salvo,so my ask is to fix his guns,making it a better ship
  7. aim

    I play navy field only a few months,but I already saw major changes that made the game better,but the new aim that was added is the worst I saw in a game,you just need to turn a little and the enemy miss an entire salvo,and vice versa,if the aim would stay that way,I would prefer the old aim system,because was hard to hit distant targets,but you at least hit turning targets close to you.
  8. chat

    Rexifelis also remembered a great point,a private chat would be a great addition to the game,making possible various possibilities,like recruiting a member to a fleet.
  9. chat

    A good idea for a new patch is the possibility of selecting what other players write in the chat,making possible the use of Google new function instant traslate,that translate a text by simply copying it,making possible a better communication in global chat and in international fleets