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  1. It's pronounced sieg heil, not hiel. About the topic, you have some good points.
  2. Lol, has happened to me sometimes aswell.
  3. Absolutely agree baldrick! I have nothing to add.
  4. I think it's not good that you can get all French and Italian ships at level 1. This makes people to just play the lottery and not the actual game. I also feel myself that it is pointless to try to grind to the level 120 BB when I can have one right now if I have luck. This is why it would be better that we would get French and Italian BB120s at 120 level, CV92s at 92 level and so on.
  5. Yes, this has to be added! I don't want that my premium ships get useluss just because one patch. It would be same thing for me to just throw away the 3000 gold I invested to those.
  6. Yes, I agree with both of you. If all the BB120s, CV79s, SS79s, etc become obsolete just because this patch, then this patch should NOT be done. I have myself used 1500 gold for Nelson and 1500 gold for A type thinking that they are worth investing. Now month after buying the latter I regret doing that. I had no idea that this kind of patch will come. I have wasted 3000 gold to complete trash! They MUST add upgrading or selling options for ships. It would have been a lot easier and better for all of us if they could have just added France and Italy as completely new nations... But I understand them. They just want to get their income. I'd do the same thing if I were one of them.
  7. Now when the new patch is coming, there will be different tiers of (premium) ships. If someone used all his/her gold to buy for example BB120, doesn't that person feel betrayed? The new tiers are better versions of the old ships but with same price so there is no point to buy lower tier ones. The fact that it is not possible to sell premium ships is overall just ridiculous. It feels that NFM developers just want easy money this way. They want to force players to get 'new' higher tier ships and buy gold from them which makes the purchasing possible. This is why selling should be implemented. And the amount of gold that we get back should be over 20 % (!). If that doesn't happen, well... I see this game as your very greedy attempt to gain money.
  8. Also, please add the possibility to sign out from Google and Facebook. The Q&A page tells that there is a sign out button somewhere in the game but I have never found that.
  9. Is it possible for me to have Charlemagne next week? I have over 5000 gold.
  10. Also, will the raid now change so that there won't be only French ships? I think it would be good if the game randomly decides what's the nationality of the enemy. Sometimes, there would be Kaisers, H39s and XXIs, and sometimes Amagis, Yamatos and I400s.
  11. Do we have to get 4000 crew XP if we want to get our BBs, CVs and SSs next tier. Totally this would mean 24 000 XP? Also you may have seen my posts before, put please tell the developers to add CV5s to the game! Shinano for IJN, Midway to USN, etc.
  12. So if I am 100 level with my Royal Navy account, can I get French and Italian 100 level ships? Personally, I would have liked completely new nations, but this is better than nothing! I like the tier system though. By the way, the videos regarding the patch are not available.
  13. In 1940 when Germany invaded France in Fall Gelb, uncompleted French Richelieu-class battleship Jean Bart fell under the control of Vichy government. After the allied landings in French North Africa, the ship switched sides. The French hoped that the ship would be finished in the United States just like her sister ship Richelieu. There were plans that it would be completed as a hybrid battlrship-aircraft carrier. Jean Bart had only two main guns total and both of them were in the front so neither of them would had to be taken away. On the place of the area back of the turrets there was supposed to build a flight deck which operates six planes (does not have to be six in the game). As you may already now, this plan was never done. But now when there are a lot of rumours about coming French and Italian ships, couldn't it be done here? Think about it, this is a battleship version of Mogami 1944, a ship we all love. Wouldn't this ship be just amazing?! I think this could be maybe level 90 premium ship as it is very unique one. Then level 100 would be Richelieu, 110 Alsace and 120 Charlemagne (the famous triangle). Hope this will get implemented! I wrote this on my phone and don't know how to get that white background away.
  14. Good investigation there! More of this please.
  15. Yes, it is very sad that bb100s are better than bb90s. Actually in my opinion the places of them should be switched and bb110s and bb120s taken away. Those are just unhistorical (not saying I would not like to play with QV 😉). Then of course current bb90s should be made better. Maybe as good as bb110s now.