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  1. Nao tem nada a ver mas Seria muito bom ter como lançar torpedos manual dos torpedeiros
  2. Save everyone from the game I'm here showing my Hiryu configuration that I made myself to have a great performance in causing destruction in certain I am Are from brazil it is name in ship Is brasileira 7 have End ano Good for all
  3. Me parece útil Ja que i am dont have strong Wifi
  4. Suma do meu perfil troll Não tem o que fazer não caral**
  5. Ah sim isso mesmo obrigado
  6. good after several months of experience with IJN and a few weeks with Kriegs I decided to put maturity to see if the damage is reduced and to find that it reduces a lot and little at the same time and it is effective to put the maturity on the ship to reduce the damage or not and just to spend iron
  7. Eh acho que não o mínimo que pode fazer e só coletar ouro mesmo (okay i am are 🇧🇷)
  8. At the very least my recommendation is to have b5n and d3a although it doesn't cause decent damage it causes damage that +/- basic hiryū recommendation 3 hangar or 2 3 types of old Arenoaves all replaced by New and more powerful 3 or 2 engine experienced or veteran crew way to hunt a BB effectively (warning: it depends on the enemy's nation and battleship and their reaction time) 3 squadrons of torpedo boats were sent to make a siege with them (left right and bow) this should be enough to sink the BB or disable its speed my view on the hiryū I think it's a ship that pays off but it was all based on my vision that's right