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  1. Obviously that would make ss-play much easier... ...but we would loose the fun in counting ourselves and the most funny situation when you finally have the best torp-firesolution and have to realise there are none of your eels ready?!? 🤣
  2. I think it could help to train whole fleet and give the newcomers a good way to see how battle should be done (either by watching your team or the opponent 🤣). ...older Suggestion...
  3. ...what I can say for sure: it's not related to the damage done!
  4. I think that's the root to your problems... Daily Task should include expert battles as long as you are able to play them... There's no need for a difference between those. Just say "play in online battles" - no matter which one...
  5. Pensacola will get you there.. no doubt!
  6. They all have a DD50 - meaning the Destroyer at lvl50 like Timmerman and shimakaze
  7. Try a dd50 with manu-AAW, HH and use it with speed and some armour... it's fun for sure.
  8. Brilliant suggestion! Team play would be increased by far with some kind of "defense-points" (like shooting down scouts). edit: With the increased atk-dmg of aircrafts the effect for your team whit shooting them is immense. So some kind of reward for doing so should be granted.
  9. I don't believe the contend is related to the ship that earned that box.
  10. Well I think it's ok to have that advantage only with some in-game progress, so that the chief could grant that for being active and helping others for example. But atm I don't see any reason for officers at all? They can't start WoF (anymore) and fleet-invite seems to be broken as well....
  11. Ahoi, I think crewpoints are as valuable as gold and should be combined and linked in all nations. That way grinding in an alt-nation could improve the first fleet with the crewpoints. I fear otherwise the alt nations won't get played a lot until BB120crew in first fleet is all veterans.
  12. I thought you get only the loot of tabbed box, but it's all three of them. I just got: 1k steel - 6 cp - 4 cp With Mogami'44 in first expert battle.
  13. ...another nice one:
  14. ...not always that bad, isn't it?!
  15. I got some Oil - useless.... 😧
  16. Problem got solved with today's patch: [...] 5. If a player withdraw from a fleet, the player has to wait 3 days to join another fleet. [...] Thanks
  17. Hi devs team, hello mods, ahoi captains... since there are rewards for.fleetpoints in the ranking, there are several captains changing their fleet more than once a day with their main account to push the fleets of their secondaries or third nations captains. I'm really upset/annoyed and think it's unfair to "earn" twice the amount of reward that way. It's unfair that some players place their fleets this way in top ten she others fight as well for the rewards... If you want to play more than ten Wof a day, do so - but not with your main Account. Not if you have five captains available to do so. I'm tired of facing the same captains and high level ships in every second Woe with different enemy-fleets.... ...and I will make a suggestion to stop this in another thread.
  18. AI of the bots could improve that's for sure... But in online battles or even WoF when someone looses connection that ship is sailing on with AI that isn't so bad. Seen some ghost ships sinking enemies several times.
  19. Hm... what do you suggest? I'd say filling the rooms with bots (and KI isn't always bad anymore) is a good way to have full rooms when the battle starts. With them you don't have to wait more than 59sec for the next online battle. In other games you'll have to wait up to 5min or even more for a battle to start. That wouldn't be any better I'd say.
  20. Because some ppl used more than one device to enter the same battle with the same ship or different nations. Being able to see the enemies ships that way. I'm glad about fixing that problem, even if I used a second device as well, but only to do HA in the alts while playing one nation in online battle....
  21. They only response with patching. Usually for the better... I wonder how we disappointed them so much that they've thought we deserved that last roll-out... Even reducing the cost twice, I'm still looking forward for the increase of crewpoints-reward. Otherwise spending gold on BB120 wouldn't make much sense to me.... ...but then: what would?!? 🤔😑
  22. Not sure if that "bone is big enough"...