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Found 8 results

  1. Hi captains, this post it's only for fun and my question is...What you do when play Navyfields? Eat, play with friends, with you fleet, alone or only talk about the world and the game in global chat? Answer below and only with good "humor"
  2. Hi devs team, hello mods, ahoi captains... since there are rewards for.fleetpoints in the ranking, there are several captains changing their fleet more than once a day with their main account to push the fleets of their secondaries or third nations captains. I'm really upset/annoyed and think it's unfair to "earn" twice the amount of reward that way. It's unfair that some players place their fleets this way in top ten she others fight as well for the rewards... If you want to play more than ten Wof a day, do so - but not with your main Account. Not if you have five captains available to do so. I'm tired of facing the same captains and high level ships in every second Woe with different enemy-fleets.... ...and I will make a suggestion to stop this in another thread.
  3. Hey devs team, I'd like to suggest that every captain would only be able to participate in WoF for the fleet if he is in that fleet when the ranking is reset. Otherwise a captain is able to have five different fleets with four low level captain and one high-level captain all in top ten. Only playing that high one jumping hrough his fleets. It's just unfair and would not seem proper to me.
  4. Ahoi. These past few days lots of new players joined the Navy Fields. And lots of time they asked how to join a fleet. It's not that hard to find out yourself and not that unnerving to explain. However, it could be easier: When you tap on a captains name in global, to watch his profile you can see his fleet as well. Why don't you install a "Join this Fleet" or "Apply" Button on that page? Find and join the right fleet would be much easier that way. Thank you.
  5. wof

    Hey devs, nice work!!!. I would like to see friendly WOF withing fleets members. It would be nice to have this feature in order to practice as a fleet and not to practice during real wof. The friendly WOF should be set by a leader/officer just for fun/training and NO REWARDS for it (no steel, no exp, etc...).
  6. fleet

    Hey, It would be awesome to have custom avatar and not the ones that already exist in the game. Like the ones of NavyField PC I am in bosses fleet and we want to get this avatar!!!
  7. reward

    Hi team, It would be really nice to get a reward for been at the top of leader board both player and fleet, of course you will need to make it public in the forum and give a sort of reward (steel, oil, crew or captain exp, gold would be nice too). What do you think?
  8. Hi, since our last chief left his own fleet with us to create a smaller one, there had been WoF-Announcments of our former Fleet in our new Fleet-chat. (This way we can always see, which fleet is farming points by attacking inactive fleets 😉) And: A Chief should be able to hand over his position. (It should be done automatically, when he leaves his fleet anyhow) I guess there is many a fleet without Officers and without the ability to promote some.