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The Right Gun For Prince Of Wales

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Note: I may not entirely good at english.

I'm going to discuss a suggestion about the gun of Prince of Wales. But before i begin, here's a bit of history about King George V gun development:



Her main armament is BL 14 Inch Mk VII Naval Gun. This gun historically wasn't pass with flying colours. Before the construction of the gun, theres a debate in the Admiralty for the choice of her gun with a little or no participation from the parliament.

The Admiralty had study a variety of ship each with different gun including with nine 15 inch (381mm) guns in three turret. Two forward and one aft.

Even though they have an industry capable of producing it, they quickly reject it for they felt compelled to adhere the Second London Naval Treaty signed in 1936. And also there was a serious shortage of skilled technicians and ordnance designers, along with compelling pressures to reduce weight.

As a result, the class was design to carry twelve BL 14 Inch Mk VII Naval Gun in three quadruple turrets. But this configurations had a heavier broadside than the nine 15 Inch guns.

Because of this, it is proved to be impossible to include this amount of firepower and the desired level of protection on a 35,000 ton displacement, and the weight of the superimposed quadruple turret brought the stability of the ship into question.

To solve this problem, the second quadruple turret was change to smaller twin gun turret to accommodate a better protection armor, reducing the broadside weight to below that of the nine gun arrangement.

Now for my suggestion. As you can see in the screenshot, she has the quadruple gun. Which is her standard gun. Of course like other ship in the game, without her upgrade, she wasn't complete. And the gun sometimes isn't originally belong to them. For example, The Hood, Admiral class battlecruiser. Without upgrade, each turret has only one barrel which is ridiculous. But the second upgrade as i can remember is perfect because her gun is twin barrel turret. Now for the Prince Of Wales, she doesn't have her original gun. I was hoping that at the third upgrade the quadruple barrel turret is available but its proven wrong. In history i presume, King George V Class together with Richelieu and Dunkerque had a quadruple turret. So if Prince Of Wales, King George V Class did not have her quadruple gun, its not Prince Of Wales at all. Lion Class is the one ho deserve to have the triple turret for she is design in that way. Putting a triple turret on Prince Of Wales is just making her a Lion without armor. Which is embarassing for the Royal navy and history.



Another thing, The Nelson. Alright its clear that its not a problem but instead its a gift. Nelson Had two upgrade of triple turret and the third one is quadruple turret. The question is, where is the quadruple turret for Prince Of Wales? Which is the standard gun?


About the second twin turret, i know its wasn't easy to create game mechanics, ( I don't even know anything about game mechanics ) But for make things easier, why not just copy the Nelson third gun upgrade and try to change the specification to balance the gun power. Just add three quadruple turret and ignore the twin turret to make things easier. It think it may not be easy, but its doesn't mean it can't be done.

I hope the developer reconsider this and add the quadruple gun upgrade to Prince Of Wales rather the triple turret, making her look like Lion Class. I really want to see her real gun.

Thank you.


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Found misspelled Word. Many thanks to S Gorskov. 😊

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  1. Hello everybody, i agreed totally with Joseph Templar and thank him for very specific explanation, actually I not understand why one of the few ships that really had towers with 4 barrels should not have them in the game while many others imaginatively vessels (or upgrades) have them.  :)  @Davmak, Hi, in SN BB Stalingrad, (actually a BC never finished building), normal steel BB100 has in 3° gun upgrade 4  barrels for turrets.
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