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:ph34r:masochistic: to enjoy something that seems painful or tedious.

The following are a few things that I think need a serious looking into.

1) vetting My Level 50 battleship has taken forever mostly because I have to make myself do it and can only manage to do that for short periods of time. It's so mind-numbingly boring. How many times must you get sunk and earn 2 crew points a game. How many games do you have to play at this rate. This includes watching till the end of the game and hoping your team wins. I see absolutely no reason why there has to be 2 thousand points between 2 Star and 3 star. And then a 5 hour waiting period for each third star sailor. Why can't Sailors be available immediately upon the completion of the required points.

2) as I mentioned watching till the end of the game in the hopes of gaining the full 15 crew points I'll slide this in now.

Endgame scenarios that need a serious look at.....

SS vsCV: the submarine can't leave the capture Zone and the carrier will not enter it. All that happens is a bunch of failed attempts by the carrier to sink the submarine and the game usually ends up going to the final timer and a winner being declared. This can take four or five minutes. Imagine playing your 0 * battleship, of course getting sunk right away and then having to watch all that for two points.

Texas vs just about anything

Anyone in my fleet will tell you how I feel about Texas and any Texas class ships From Any Nation. They got to go they are completely useless and are only consistently used by skateboarders I'm sure. It's too fast and small for anyone to anyone to hit and again the game usually ends up going the full length of the timer with the winner being declared. If I find myself one on one with a Texas and 4 minutes on the timer I just blow myself up I refuse to waste the time for possibly another two points.

3) bonus crates/certificates

Why there are still certificates in Navy field I'll never know. An ill-conceived plan that I thought the community made clear they did not want. When I get a " bonus crate" with three of those crew certificate thingies that you're supposed to use to upgrade your Sailors with (costing ridiculous amounts of gold) I sometimes wish I had just gotten the two points.

They say you can play Navy field for free and acquire All Ships up to and including level 120 BB. I believe this to be true and look forward to celebrating my Russian 120 BB with my grandchildren (I'm 23, single, no kids). Sadly I know captains who don't share my enthusiasm and have given up on ever "rubbing shoulders" with other 120 BB captains. The Grind and the high cost in a game that gives little Rewards has made the Holy Grail unattainable.

I really want to hear if you guys agree or disagree with me. I'm sorry I only present to you these problems but I know I can count on you all for Solutions.

On the bright side we got fireworks!


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10 minutes ago, 1diddy said:

I see absolutely no reason why there has to be 2 thousand points between 2 Star and 3 star.

This is really true. It discourages players to train any low level ships as they consume same time and efforts.

But on the other hand, if a GB which is full of either high level ships and DD50, it is also not a health one.

There are joys to discover the beauty of each ships, but the game is blocking us from doing so. It is not about spending gold or not, but the cost of leveling ships is unproportuonally sensible now.


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Generally agree and well said.

1) Surely a BB50 seems like a chore now. At 0 stars the only thing it can do is stick close to a stronger BB, add its damage to a target and hope it won't get targeted. 2k xp is a huge amount but keeps me playing a ship as it gives me a target, once a ship is "vetted" its generally at dock until summoned for wof.

2) Endgame CV vs SS - bombers occupy: unfair for SS, bombers don't (supposedly) unfair for CV but faster resolution of battle.

Texas / any PCL18: while the reduction in damage some updates ago balanced them a bit their tiny size is still a problem for the reason you (diddy) said.

3) Useless for most, might be of use to some, doesn't hurt the game (other than that I just accumulate them and have no use for them - I just see an empty box) so I don't complain

BB120: Just wait another 6-8 months, I'll get my 120 and duel you. with fireworks.


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I have no issues with the CV aircraft in capture zone it balances out the **** SS which can't be destroyed by either DD or cl equipped with torpedo or hogs

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