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BB Conqueror (S tier)

Setup: 2 gun, 3 engine, 3 armour

Secondary armament: aaw



CV Adventurous (A tier)

Setup: 3 planes, 3 flightdeck, 2 engine

Secondary armament: aaw

Fighter stats: 312/119/205

Torpedo bomber stats: 305/165/40, 9456 damage

Dive bomber stats: 307/150/40, 3560 damage



CA Furious (C tier)

Setup: 3 gun, 3 engine, 2 armour

Secondary armament: launchers with mines, torpedos or hedgehogs

Special: 2 scout plane squadrons


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CL Dido (C tier)

Setup: 3 guns,2 engine, 1 launcher, 2 armour

Secondary armament: launchers with mines, hedgehogs or torpedos

Notes:qute possibly worst C tier CL in game



CL Tiger (C tier)

Setup: 3 engine, 3 guns, 2 armour

Secondary armament: launcher with mines,no upgrade options



CA County (C tier)

Setup: 2 engine, 3 guns, 2 armour(note:third engine upgrades gives +2/2/0)

Secondary armament: default 6 aaw guns,no upgrades



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