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m class game moderator muted 老高 for no reason. 老高 just said, " 🏻‍♂️🏽🧑‍🦯走过路过不要错过。一为避免新人走弯路,二为避免老人盲目抽船把号玩废,⚓故,我《大海战中国玩家微信交流总群》群内200+大佬为你排忧解难➕微信15840191266拉你进群"  for recruiting new members. Furthermore, he has the freedom of speech without any violation.

m class, as a new moderator, abused their duty and made the game in chaos instead of keeping it smoothly going.  How stupid he is! Is he a racist? 

You, m class, must clarify what u did, make an apology to 老高,  relieve the muted time, and promise you are no longer stupid!


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Dude, chill , it is only 24 hours not be able to talk in public chat, thats nothing.

I was once  muted just because i mentioned Pamela Anderson in joke, not insulting anyone ,  but you dont see my crying and asking for justice and holy retribution lol.


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