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I have no hourly or daily production of steel or oil.

Oilplant is LVL2

Steelplant LVL 6

Have since over 12 hours now 12 Oil and about 62.000 Steel. Not going up.




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Hey there 

you have to click on the symbols, otherwise the resources won't fill up by themselves... so click the steel and fuel symbol... you also have to pull them up so that you get the right resources...

best regards 


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Few facts first, then check if something match your situation:

While upgrading, steel mill and fuel rafinery do not produce anything until upgrade is finished.

Steel depot and  fuel depot have maximum capacity at each level, so if they are already full,you cannot transfer resurces from steel mill/fuel rafinery to them,and those resurces refuse to transfer and they stay in steelmill/fuel rafinery,upgrade depots more to be able to store more.

Example on images below: at lv12, my steel depot is at full capacity,  3.5 M steel deposited , so i cannot transfer any produced steel to it, so steel mill will keep producing and store steel until its is full as well, up to 100k capacity at lv12,then since it cant store anymore, it will not produce anything until you spend some steel.

Basicly, steel mill now just trow all that exces steel in to ocean, since it cant store it anywere.





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