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Found 2 results

  1. Hello new captain, welcome aboard! On behalf of the Navy Field team I am happy to have you with us and I hope you will enjoy the game. To make things a bit easier, I have compiled some of my own experience and the answers to many, many questions I've been asked into one lenghty post covering the basics of what you need to know. If this post/thread still leaves questions unanswered, you can always ask other players. I hope to have covered most of the basics, for other veterans: please share your own tips and experiences below (and let me know if I've missed something). Disclaimer: I write this guide as an experienced player, not as a NFM official... nothing can be held against me... you know the drill Also please note that this guide is written with shipyard ships in mind - there's a special section for research and its ships. So, first things first: you've just started playing, chosen a nation to your liking and completed the tutorial. And then... 1) Getting started: upgrading your harbour 2) Getting started: different resources 2a) Getting started: gold 3) Getting started: different ship classes, their roles and how to outfit them 4) Getting started: different ship stats and weapons 5) Getting started: battle modes 6) Getting started: using the global chat (west and east channel) 6b) Moderators 7) Research and ship tiers 8) Special ships: repair ships and s tier skills 9) Harbour assault and skills 10) Battle tips
  2. I’m now lv57 and got Kongo and Hiryu. I’m not intending to level Kongo (just use it as harbour assualt) but I was planing to upgrade Hiryu since has most number of planes in its level. However when I start working on levelling many problems occur: 1) The steel required is extremely high. I need to use farm steels in battles. 2) The crew XP got in battles are extremely few, only 2-3 XP but it needs 1000 XP to level up a pilot. 3) Opearation of CV is also not easy. It is almost impossible to sink 2BB and 1CV by only a new, untrainined CV. My question: How do other experienced player level their CV? Also, as training cost is so damn high, should I give up levelling Hiryu and continue to farm resource / build base buildings with my DD, CL, CA (which are all in vet level) until I can buy some CVs at lv 68 or 79? Any BB or CV are worthy to level?