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  1. That's the official Discord, mainly used for NF1 but NFM has a room as well.
  2. I could write down a lot of reasons why I don't like this "update", but I think some veteran captains who has spend a good amount of time playing like I do, have already expressed their concerns about some of those reasons I don't like either. To summarize my huge disappointment, I will post 2 pictures: Degrading my ships, those in who I had to spend a lot of time and money on it, simply to boost the value of this new totally random lucky draw system.. shame.
  3. I made an error in the Vanguard stats ( hard to write in the phone sometimes, apologies.. ) just edited it, the Vanguard has 2692 range, the worst range of all the BB's at level 100. But still, the superior armor, reduced size ( Small compared with huge titans like the Yamato, Iowa, or H39 ) and the 3rd highest broadside damage in the game ( even superior to some level 120 BB's.. ) makes the Vanguard a scary ship. But again, this ship has cons like any other, like the short range and low speed.
  4. Vanguard: 12x1980 = 23760 broadside damage at 2692 range, 1790 reload, 34700 hull 0 stars ( 41640 vetted ) I would like to correct this information, as those stats are from the Mikawa ( BB level 110 ) Yamato 9x1848 = 16632 broadside damage at 2823 range, 1764 reload. ( Unfortunately the in-game Yamato doesn't do justice to her famous main battery.. ) About the subject, as you can observe with the stats shared, the Iowa has: - The highest hull - The 3rd highest firepower - The 2nd fastest speed ( Only the Yamato surpass it with 27-40, 3rd engine upgrade ) Every ship has it's pros and cons, the Iowa is a well balanced BB ( Like the whole USN line, very well balanced ), even if her firepower is inferior to others level 100 BB's, the speed, maneuverability and hull is superior to others. Try to play differently, the BB players from KM has to deal with their horrible big, slow and low damage ships, taking advantage only of their range.. ( I hate you Kaiser players, I hate you all ) PD: Queen Victoria has huge damage ( 25200 broadside to be exact ) but it's impossible to sink a 43k hull Iowa with 60% damage reduction in a single volley
  5. Thank you!
  6. Hi there, there's an "Ignore" option for the chat implemented, but it doesn't work, even if you "ignore" a player you will keep watching his messages on the chat.
  7. Hi there, I can't give an extense and exact opinion as I haven't reach the high level ships on SN yet, but here it goes my experience for now, feel free to correct my thoughts if they're incorrect . The Soviet Navy main advantage is their "Balance". Their hull is usually good, while their armor is the standard and doesn't have a bonus like UK. Their speed is the same as UK ships, which is not bad, but slower than USA and IJN. The main guns ( Talking about BB's ) range can differ between 2650 and 2900, I prefer the upgrades with 2650 range as they provide good shell damage and as consequence high broadside damage. I don't know if the BB's 90 and 100 have different stats on their main guns and the range/damage improve, I have seen some players with Stalingrad BB's with 4 barrels in their turrets.. The CA's have good firepower and they're very fun to use. Probably my favorite characteristic is their large amount of launchers in their DD's, and the possibility of using mines, which are very powerful on SN. I don't have experience on their SS and CV. From what I have seen in online battles, the size of their SS is medium/big and they have between 6 to 10 torpedos, which is a good amount. I hope a main Soviet Navy player can give us it's point of view, and again, feel free to correct me if something is not correct.
  8. Agree, it's a hard Daily Quest to complete, not only winning all 5 battles, but staying alive as well.. PD: But shouldn't be that hard for an IronMan
  9. As "only" has 24149 hull with 0 stars crew, I would say it's comparable to a level 60 BB ( without the XP bonus unfortunelly ). In fact, we can say that the Provence is a clone from the BB60 from USA ( South Dakota ) except on speed and of course the launchers. Both BB's have the exact same hull and 2nd main guns upgrade ( South Dakota 3 turrets, Provence 4.. )
  10. Special Battleship in Steam Package Event STATS ( 0 stars crew ) NOTE: This BB can be obtained as a gift by buying an Steam Package between 21st December and 18th January, the ship is permanent and comes with Expert Crew ( 2 stars ) so the stats will be higher than in this screenshot. Main Gun upgrades Launchers upgrades Engine
  11. Interesting subject, personally I bought the Kai-Kou Type some months ago, when it was available at level 55 for 1500 gold, and I have to agree with your review of it's actual situation. Maybe some months ago being available at such low level ( 55 ) it was interesting, now at level 79 and with it's actual stats.. This SS is NOT worth it nowadays, you come from the level 68 HEI Type I with 9k hull, 163 oxigen and 8 bow launchers, to find at level 79 the Kai-Kou Type with 11k hull, 178 oxigen, 6 bow launchers.. ( Okay, the Kai-Kou has 2 scout planes, but still.. ) While the extra oxigen is very important, the hull increase is not that much and you lose 2 torpedos.. if we compare the Kai Kou with the I 400 the situation is even worse for the Kai Kou, the I 400 has 15k hull 178 oxigen, 8 bow torpedos, and cost steel instead of gold. I want to correct this part of the post, the Kai-Kou has the same size as the I 400, another negative point for this submarine.. Maybe adding stern launchers could make this ship interesting as well, as SS 68 and 92 only have bow launchers, but I'm sure it would need some kind of rework, as right now I don't think it is worth of that valued gold.
  12. The idea is pretty interesting and historic, but I think it's not very useful as only 3 torpedo/dive bombers doesn't really make the difference and it would require upgrade slots, that are more necessary in other aspects of the submarine.. But anyway, having that possibility/alternative to the usual setup of SS could be interesting, who knows, maybe those little 3 torpedo planes can really make the difference? I like the idea for the diversity, IJN is pure diversity and fun after all! ( IJN FANGIRL DETECTED )
  13. Hi there, the Andrea Doria is permanent, you will keep it like any other ship in the game. Take in mind, the ship will only be added to the nation where you buy the Starter pack, that means: If you buy the starter pack in your USA nation, you will receive the Andrea Doria in your USA captain, but the BB won't be available on KM, IJN, SN... only in the nation where you bought the starter pack, remember it!
  14. Glückwunsch!