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  1. That problem got solved with latest Patch. Thx, 9er
  2. 2 CA ? I've got a better screenshot! ^^
  3. OK, and KM's surrender-button should delete the ship from the harbour.
  4. I did the same with Moltke and can fully agree on that.
  5. Ahoi, here are the values of my O-Pro with it's "Veterans only" Crew with it's setting for online Battle:
  6. ...but I think that wasn't the French but the Italian Navy. Give 'em Mainguns only on the aft deck, to be most powerful when retreating. 🤣
  7. Hi there, I Think it would be nice to have the possibility to observe the WoF of your Fleet when you are actually not set on war. This way new members of the fleet could see and learn about tactics and the specific use of different ship classes... Thx, 9er
  8. Hi there, my achievement counter in *master of steel* and *master of deep* do not count up anymore! Since yesterday there is no progress, though I did sink a lot of ships in online...
  9. And it shows Moltke Setup with: FCS II Engine II Maingun III Armour I
  10. Hi there, I think it would be nice, if steering while driving backwards would be possible. Probably you can enable that ability, when the Crew-Captain gets Veteran-Status. That would enhance gameplay and actuality.
  11. I've got new info about that problem: The counter doesn't work at all, when loosing the battle. It works properly when winning! (may be survival is important as well, i will check that)
  12. ...for me it seems like no points were given or taken... and all fleets are free, so those running wars were cancelled...
  13. I've got a question that wasn't answered in chat for two times when server maintenance were announced. What about the timer of a running War of Fleets? Will it start where it stopped, when the server is available again? Or is the battle counted as a no-show of both sides? Or are all Wars of Fleet just cancelled? Thx, Neuner
  14. Thanks to the dev-team for your great job so far and for the future planings. Could you also enable all Fleetmembers to see who is set for fleetwar? I would also love to have each member has it's own switch for fleetwar like "I'm available" so that it would be much more easier to set your captains on the list. Thx, Neuner
  15. He just wrote, that he had the same question: How do you earn the Achivement "Master of Mankind"?
  16. An ok, I thought it is related to something (Fleet or Nation) but however, at least one of those colours is very bad to be seen. I hope you would check the colours again for being qualified. Thx
  17. Hi there, I don't know why there are different colours for the captains name in the chat. Just to differ them more easily? Is it randomly, ore nation based? Or is it fleet-based? Some colours are not easy to be seen on that ground, and should not be used, I'd say... Thx for answering
  18. No problem mate, didn't meant to be offending
  19. Hi there, I started a new nation and learned that you changed gameplay to a faster progress. My crew can completely be trained to senior, but I've got no oil. This leads me to the question: Will they get their exp anyway, if I play that ship, or will it be lost? Thx for answering
  20. ... I just tried our myself... There won't be any experience get lost. When you finally train your crew, you can just train them again to the next level afterwards, if there is enough exp. Best regards, Neuner
  21. Yes, i really miss that feature from nf1.
  22. I've got the combination of Maingun 3 / Armour 3 / Engine 2 What is your equipment?
  23. Thx for the pic, but Salvo and Critical Hit also targets CA I'd say. Not sure about the rest, I only use those two. But i think Torpedo can't aim at CA.
  24. Once I had the same idea (acc-bonus when your own scout is spotting on an enemy) but I think this could overpower one side, if there is only one cv in online. Split is not really balanced yet, and this accuracy ability could make it even worse. 🤔
  25. Thx, yes I missed that. I was just looking for the same button as seen in those sub-forums... Thx, it worked well.