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  1. To explain how that Harbour Assault was done in second stage:
  2. Ahoi, I'd like to see the remaining damage points of the Landbase and guns and may be the level as well. Just like the green bar of ships. For example: If I would have seen how little effect the guns of my cv had on the garrison I would have stopped watching, long before 34mins...
  3. Ahoi, for different stages of gun-upgrade in some ships manual AA is enabled or disabled. I'd say the colour for "enabled" should be green, because that is the advance solution. In that example image my ship has gun III with disabled AAW and the info is of gun I which would enable AAW.
  4. Totally agree with that! Wouldn't that make it more easy to stay in the dark and just waiting for those who are so naive to show up and attack them without warning?🤔 Yep... that's horrible waste of time AND you always have to fear those negotiations in global get noticed by those fleets who read 3×3 wof and waiting for you to show up only to attack with full force and ruin your "date"... My suggestions wouldn't be that four kinds of WoF, but being able to "search for WoF": Set your fleet to war only by giving a cap of Players and a limitation to ships-level without designing captains. If there's a fleet willing to meet your conditions, they can attack you. And in those three minutes before battle both fleets have to designate the captains and enter with ships according to the cap-level. (Those limits are done in beginner and expert battles so should be easy to programm) Agree to differentiating point-system such as 5 points for limited, 10points for unlimited… Making more fleets willing to show up could as well get done by giving 1 point for every 15mins while your fleet is set to war... ---------------------------- ...of course there are other suggestions such as: Only captains which are in the fleet the moment when the ranking is reset and the wof-round starts, should be able to participate in WoF. Looking forward to great and fair competition. Neuner
  5. Don't know when that upgrade hit. Either it's not been announced or I have missed it, but: press for two seconds the chat-icon to enable/disable chat notifications. Thank you.
  6. Ahoi, I would like to pass a suggestion I heard today: It would be nice, if you could mute a single chat window or two or even all of them. Just to have no notification-bobble that there are new comments, when it's not the channel you want to read. Thank you
  7. Bug fixed with the latest patch. Thanks
  8. The autoskill in HA is bugged: If you use torpskill and they are not able to aim at a target when their counter reached zero for the first time, you'll have to fire them manually for the first time once they could aim a target. After that, they'll shoot themselves. (will post pictures if needed)
  9. I think best we could do is spread and share these stories, so that all Captains would see the need of destroying some Land-guns. wasn't a typo writing SS4 I meant the fourth SS you could build at level 92. The first three have those auto secondaries but the fourth lack any other weapons than torps. It's a great sub for sure, but in some battles I've been only too slow and did the scouting for long range ships and couldn't get a point. damn...
  10. Ahoi, I've noticed that if there are landbased guns in the capture zone, they would gain control of the zone for your team, when there is no ship inside the zone. That would make it hard for single SS to gain control, and easy for BB to avoid the SS if the guns are on BB-Team. I think it's a bug and not a feature... edit: see the pic with all ships out of control zone, but the BB will capture the zone by the land-guns and the SS and DD will loose that battle if they chase the BB
  11. I'd say SN BB50 is best of that level and quite easy to play. Not that high level player myself bit looking foreward to the big BB. 👍🏻
  12. edit: "read" from bottom to top
  13. I just got the info that this bug has been reported already. And be assured, there are steel rewards, star-points and captains-exp even if its not shown.
  14. Ahoi, whenever I got sunk but my team got the victory, the counter of the daily quest "Win great battle in a row" was reset to 1. So I would have to win 5 in a row and stay alive (in the last four of them). 😧That's hard...
  15. Not only hard but bugged. Even if the task was "win 5 in a row staying alive" the counter should get reset if sunk and winning and not go back to 1. Will do my very best captain, but most of the time I'm playing ships with untrained crews. Only for the daily "sinking subs" and "shoot down aircrafts" I get out my DD50/SS4... However: If the task was meant to be "win 5 in a row staying alive" it should give you more than 2gold (guess it was that "much")
  16. .

    Totally agree with Bombona about the promised tournament. And that "limited" Battles of that first tournament might bear a solution to have more fleets participating in everydays-WoF. There should be some kind of Setup when you sing in for War: - total ships - available/forbidden classes - maybe ships per class Maybe with less points with restrictions and full points for "without-limitations". ...however, there still other reasons not to fight in WoF, since most captains dislike Fleet-Hopping...
  17. There are many good points in your logical arguments. Thinking twice, maybe you are right and team should just have a better awareness... 👍🏻 However it's frustrating when you're in the sub and have to come for the capture zone (that was the reason why they where developed) in second half of the battle, but the enemy has all possibilities to stay well away from you. Zone was build to bring all enemies closer together and not only those without land-guns. 😣 (btw KM SS4 has no Surface Arms at all)
  18. First to say, i really like the new result pages. With sunken ships included, and name of the ship thats been in the battle. For the result of harbour attack, i miss the captains name and maybe his/her fleet. I think it would be nice to have it in the results. We all love tontake and share screenshots 😄
  19. I knew there are worthy prem ships and my opinion not to suggest any prem ships was meant for km only, so maybe it was wrong to post it in here. Sorry for not being straight to follow. However: Shiptrees, and the prem ships within, need some makeover i guess.
  20. Agree to all of that, but it would be true for several nations and not only SS but most prem-ships! They've been a great advantage when they were abailable at the same level as lower level-ships. but in the new system there's not many prem ships recommend to buy. (if not for exp-bonus)
  21. I'd say that kind of battle already exists and it's called WoF. 😉 🤔 But to be serious: Limited use of repair kits and smoke would be nice. I don't think that there's a need for more than the three existing levels of online battles (beginner, expert, great) at least not at the moment. Better focus on an even matchmaking and review the WoF-modalities. There are several good suggestions to be found in here.
  22. Actually you don't have to restart the game, but have to change nation (re-log the nation) ... ASAP is such a good phrase... 😉
  23. ...would be really nice to have such a button. was suggested before...
  24. Ahoi, I think it would be nice to have a small notification (little number on red like on chats or achievements) on the "Daylie task-button" whenever you finish one. That would be nice on the ships-icon down left in the harbor as well, once one of your crew members is ready to train. Thank you.
  25. tactics

    May be the tutorials should teach more about those tactics and not only how to hit with gun and torps... Those tutorials might give some hints about what task for which class in a mixed taskforce...