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Found 2 results

  1. submarines

    Hello everyone, I think the submarine should make some preliminary reasonable balance correction. 1) Reduce the sight range of the submarine and further reduce it after diving. And deep dive have no sight range (similar smoke bomb) 2) When the HP is less than 85% (or more reasonable proportion value), diving will slowly reduce hp , deep dive will double speed to reduce the HP . The main purpose of the above two points is to increase the operation difficulty of the submarine without reducing damage, speed and oxygen, and is more interesting and fair. Most players should be able to accept it [I hope my poor English will not affect my expression....]
  2. If I might give another suggestion: Please take care for your customers voice. We give you our best suggestions for free to enhance your product. At least you could say "thank you" and check if the suggest is worth trying... ...or leaf any other comment, but don't just ignore our suggestions... Otherwise we might get the feeling you just don't take us serious... 🤔