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Found 14 results

  1. Looking at the damage. I don't know which of these is true.
  2. Hello support team, I tried to build a Tier C CA Zara (Regia Marina) but I had issues. The cost of the ship which 1.2M was taken away and the blueprint was removed from my blueprint collections but no ship was built. Please fix this or return the resources and blueprint so that I can build it again. Thank you! Player ID: 9461-715A-14C9-EEA0
  3. Dear devs, As a CV user I don’t mind to have such extreme wide perspective with my iPhone 8 Plus. But it may be somehow difficult for my SS and B.B. to aim. thanks for your notice! Davmak
  4. For some reason the number on star for favourites and actual number of favourite players don't agree. Also when I scroll down to see all favourite players the list just jumps to the start making it very hard to see them all
  5. A Aurore's deck gun is placed at extreme bow and below sub, appearing to float alongside or just in front of sub from most angles Other ships have similar issues (guns placed low on hull) but nothing that extreme or funny
  6. I want to build Surcouf but as i press the button, (the steel is reasonably enough) it won't initiate. I try do risky things by pressing other submarine to build (excluding the gold) but nothing seems to work. I check my internet and it was fine. Refreshed my phone, check, but still won't build her. Do something please. Thank you
  7. Got a B tier Somers but: - When I try to get it in DD Operations the game gives me the stock (E tier) Somers instead, I found no way to get in the B Somers, even if the stock was repairing at the time - Crew experience required for levelling seems to be like CA, not DD (400/600/800 xp for first star, image below)
  8. Just noticed that while victorious crew did not get full xp (30 due to event) but only 20.
  9. How is the local time that a comment is made supposed to be an improvement over the time elapsed since a comment was made? I found myself looking at the time several times just to check how long ago a comment was made and if it's still relevant. This is a chat system, not a forum or e-mail. Add to the above a bug... the chat window was not updating; I replied to a comment, made an other one, then the window updated. My reply appeared several comments later than the message it replied to and my comment was completely irrelevant at the point it appeared. I guess some people thought I was drunk yesterday...
  10. Since last update all guns upgrade statistics show gun range as 0. (primary and secondary guns, new and old ships).
  11. Hi devs, Since Captains below level 65 are not allowed to play HA (neither attack or defend), but in HA captains (of course higher than lv65) can still find those low level captain to attack. Please remove those captains from the drawing bank as the low level captains cannot upgrade defense building nor change the fleet setting now.
  12. So now the game allows logging in into a single account (same captain) with multiple devices. Some players thus playing two same ships in one single GB, and enjoy double captain xp. And unluckily their inability in controlling both ships make each of them sink easily. Such selfish and disrespectful acts toward teammates leads to imbalance in GB as well as deterioration of game experience. They claim that it is a hidden rule that devs allow it as this is the game system as it is. So do the devs really encourage us to boost with multiple devices?
  13. Hi all, after 08/11 update the games seems to have reduce it FPS. The smoothness is critical for a good game and NFM seems not to have it any longer. Please roll back the update or fix it ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
  14. bug

    When in battle if you go on your profile (by pressing your name on chat) and check Fleet -> War of Fleets to see who's online, when exiting you're taken out of battle.