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  1. The game is more or less a naval minesweeper... Please add some feature to ss to get a chance against mines...
  2. Gonna write in my language in order not to commit mistakes. Lo lograron, hicieron del juego una porquería en lugar de enfocarse en el balance de las partidas cambiaron La interfaz de juego, decisión estúpida. Tener que aprender a usar el juego luego de 1 ano de jugarlo es un sinsentido La verdad apestan como desarrolladores del juego. Espero que reflexionen y se dediquen a otro desarrollo o sucumba. Navyfield apesta
  3. The values should be reviewed, but will you upgrade from e to s (un poco demasiado chiflado). And please remember that is a business for the company not just a random open source game maintained by the community. In addition nadie te pone el cuchillo en La panza para pagar.
  4. Hey Devs, a new proposal. I have been playing MNF since may 2017. I am a member of one of the top fleets (Bosses Fleet) in the game which has lot of player that spend money on the game. Most of us love the game and want it to continue running as long as possible. I am representing the people of the Bosses fleet in proposing a change that we believe could benefit all of us. You could raise more money and older captains continue to invest in this game. The latest major update is a game changer for worse. The balance is extremely ruined this time. All nation ships are now "rusty ships" as any new player can match or over power SS/CV 92 and BB 120 which took lot of time money and dedication to master them, so could you please consider some updates in order long term captains not abandon for good this amazing game? Let me call this proposal feature as Ship Tier upgrade system. Add a new feature to improve tier for current ships. E->D = 250 gold + 40 debris + 100k steel + 10k oil + 50 Crew points x crew member D->C = 500 gold + 60 debris + 200k steel + 20k oil + 100 Crew points x crew member C->B = 1000 gold + 80 debris + 400k steel + 40k oil + 200 Crew points x crew member B->A = 3000 gold + 160 debris + 1200k steel + 60k oil + 200 Crew points x crew member A->S = 5000 gold + 320 debris + 2400k steel + 80k oil + 200 Crew points x crew member In addition every single tier update will trigger a ship configuration reset && a crew training reset. The advantages of this is that new players with good luck will get their Tier S ships and old players with bad luck could update their ships. Notes: Please check the following post that all in all are asking for the same update:
  5. Totally agree research center should be useful not a BP warehouse Please add something to improve up our current ships otherwise levelling up is pointless. Revert this update immediately!!!!!
  6. Hope they improve the game otherwise this is the beginning of the end for nfm
  7. Nice topic!!!. I agree with baldrick. I propose a new game online battle mode for high lvl players ships. Yes!!! only high lvl ships. Lets said that only top lvl DD,CL,CA,SS,CV,BB (lvl 100, 110, 120) are allowed with a new sort of regards.
  8. Hi all, after 08/11 update the games seems to have reduce it FPS. The smoothness is critical for a good game and NFM seems not to have it any longer. Please roll back the update or fix it ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
  9. KM SS's. SS55: an standard SS a really bad hull so it is easy to get sunk. 4 bow launchers and 1 in the stern. SS68: hull up to 12k. 4 bow launchers, 2 stern. Autocannon is an issue. SS79. DON'T GET IT SS93 (XXI) for me is the best SS in the game. Smallest size, a really strong hull (up 22k). 6 bow launchers and 4 in the stern. As it is a really small ship is super maneuverable and you can elude enemy fire at very close range. Here i live you a video of XXI in action
  10. Latest update rules!!! finally you did good, keep in this way!!!
  11. ss

    Hey, i want to tell you something and ask a question. First, why don't you complete remove SS from the game??? After the last update SS warfare is almost impossible... SS has new limitations but BB/CA/CL/DD can use their main guns to target a ultra close range target... In addition those ships can still see SS when subs has less than 10% of oxygen left. I know this is a south Korean game and the only people that Devs take in consideration are Koreans., And it is known that those players spend more money buying BB and hate SS... So doing easy math, their people + income === silly-unbalanced game. So as the evolution of the game seems to be following SK BB players desires i wish you luck and want to know how to completely remove the account....
  12. Hi Forum admins, Can you please make a ship tree like Navyfield official page... The current ship tree is a joke outdated and not useful at all. In fact, you cannot watch it properly in mobile..
  13. Hi devs, It should be really useful to have something to check remaining ships in a battle. There are tons of times where you get 6-1 and you don't know which ship is still on battle. I saw that feature on Navyfield PC and was really great. I know that you have a couple of seconds when the battle begins to check enemies ships, but for timing issues it is not always possible to see them.
  14. kits

    Hi Dev team, I am wondering if you could include items for ship type. I am an SS player and smokes and repair kit doesn't make the difference at all, in fact are almost useless. It should be good to have : DD/CL/CA/BB smoke & repair kit & buy an scout (if ship allows it and all of the aircraft have already shot down) SS smoke && oxygen kit (similar to repair but gives you back 25% of oxygen) CV airplay replacement (add 25% of your shot down airplanes)
  15. team killer

    Hi Navyfield stuff, last week i wrote a post talking about a team killer. Now i come back with the same but now we got confirmation that we are going to permanently have friendly fire from some Korean members like the ones from assassin's fleet and others. Please make something about those players ASAP!!!