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Navy Field Mobile 101 - a beginners guide to the ins and outs of NFM

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Hello new captain, welcome aboard! On behalf of the Navy Field team I am happy to have you with us and I hope you will enjoy the game. To make things a bit easier, I have compiled some of my own experience and the answers to many, many questions I've been asked into one lenghty post covering the basics of what you need to know. If this post/thread still leaves questions unanswered, you can always ask other players.

I hope to have covered most of the basics, for other veterans: please share your own tips and experiences below (and let me know if I've missed something). Tip: follow this post, so that you're alerted when I update it!

Disclaimer: I write this guide as an experienced player, not as a NFM official... nothing can be held against me... you know the drill ;) Also please note that this guide is written with shipyard ships in mind - there's a special section for research and its ships.


So, first things first: you've just started playing, chosen a nation to your liking and completed the tutorial. And then...


1) Getting started: upgrading your harbour



Once you have your first ship built, you'll need to begin upgrading your harbour. The maximum level of your buildings depends on the level on your command center, so start by upgrading that. Then, upgrade your steel mill and oil refinery as soon as possible. Especially the steel mill will make your life easier. Once you need more storage (because you are sailing bigger ships) you'll need to upgrade the oil depot and steel storage. You can ignore the research center, communications tower and defence command for now.

Once you hit lvl 25, research is unlocked. To store more blueprints, upgrade research center.

Once you hit lvl 50, harbour assault is unlocked. Upgrade communications tower to do more harbour assault, upgrade defence command to be able to upgrade harbour defences... but since harbour assault loot isn't subtracted from your own resources, it is a great waste of steel to upgrade defence command and defences. Just sayin'.


2) Getting started: different resources



  • Steel: obtained from steel mill, battle rewards, missions, daily quests, supply boxes and harbour assault. Used to build, upgrade and repair ships, also used to upgrade buildings and harbour defences.
  • Oil: obtained from oil refinery, supply boxes, daily missions and harbour assault. Used to fuel ships and train crew.
  • Gold: see below.
  • Nation xp: obtained from battle rewards, missions, daily quests and harbour assault. Increases your nation level, unlocking new ships.
  • Crew xp: obtained from battle rewards and missions at 15 xp for a victory or a maximum of 10 for a defeat (not counting any doublers). Other than the "extra crew xp" (see below) this is automatically applied to all sailors of the ship you were using in the battle.
  • Debris: obtained from supply boxes and daily missions. Needed to do research.
  • Range points: needed to do harbour assault.
  • Extra crew xp (sailor with a blue arrow): Obtained from supply boxes. Can be applied to ship crew to speed up training. Stored centrally and costs gold to apply to a sailor.
  • Crew points (white certificates with golden seal): Obtained from raid battles and supply boxes. Used to "master" a crew member, bringing him up to 4 stars for a period of 1 day (high chance), 3 days, 7 days or 365 days (only 1% chance).
  • In battle: repair kits (cost 10 gold per 2, instant 25% repair), smoke bombs (10 gold per 10, create a smoke screen for 20 seconds) and fireworks (10 gold per 50, can be used for saluting other players). Repair kits, smokes and fireworks are bought in the equipment screen of a ship.


2a) Getting started: gold



Gold is the premium currency of this game. It can be obtained in several ways:

- completing campaign, survival or operation missions.

- completing daily tasks.

- completing achievements.

- completing research collections.

- daily bonus.

- loot boxes.

- crates in Battle Royale.

- defeating attacking fleets in harbour assault (if your defensive fleet wins, you get 3 gold).

- buying it from the store.

There are several uses for gold. Some ships cost gold to build (but outfitting costs steel, don't worry), it can be used to speed up upgrades and crew training, you can buy every other resource except for nation and crew xp and range points in exchange for gold and it's needed to have a chance for A and S tier ships in research. Transferring resources to France and Italy and using extra crew xp also cost gold. Finally, gold can be used to open other nations. I strongly recommend you do this, as opening new nations gives you new ships ánd new missions, and the spent gold will pay itself back quickly.


- open new nations!

- keep your research blueprints, except for doubles: completing collections earns you a lot of gold.

- You can choose to directly upgrade a crew member to two stars (expert) for a fixed amount of gold. It is much cheaper though to apply extra crew xp and train normally.


3) Getting started: different ship classes, their roles and how to outfit them



There are several classes of ship in this game: destroyers (dd), light cruisers (cl), heavy cruisers (ca), battleships (bb), aircraft carriers (cv) and submarines (ss). Dd, cl and ca are commonly referred to as "light ships" and bb, ss and cv are referred to as "capital ships". Every class has its own perks and weaknesses and its own role in the "food chain" of the game.

DD: destroyers excel at speed and manoeuvreability. Their guns are often weak, but they have launchers that can be upgraded to launch mines (0 upgrade), torpedos or hedgehogs. Some dd's can be outfitted with aaw (more on that later). With their fast speed, aaw-capable guns, sonar and launchers they are great support ships. Their main task in the game is to protect capital ships from enemy submarines and planes. Use them to hunt submarines, shoot down enemy scouts and bomber planes and try not to get hit... too much. Most dd's are low level, but the lvl 50 dd's are quite powerful!

CL: there are two kinds of cl. One comes with launchers and is basically the destroyer's big brother. Its role is the same as the dd's. There's also the kind with no launchers but secondary guns. These should be outfitted with aaw and used to shoot down planes and smaller ships. CL type ships also have sonar.

CA: the heaviest non-capital ship. The lvl 25 ca's are generally crap, but the bigger ca's pack some nice powerful guns and aaw-capable secondary guns. A CA's task is to be too fast to be an easy prey for a battleship and hunt both small battleships and light ships. They can also escort capital ships to protect them from assailants and supply additional firepower. A well used CA can really turn a battle, and they're great fun to play once you get some stars on them!

For some excellent notes on dd/cl/ca gameplay I strongly recommend you check out Baldricks cunning plan!

BB: battleships are slow, but they have a lot of hull, good armour and long-ranged, powerful guns. Their job is to hunt anything that comes too close, and they can slaughter light ships easily. However, their slow speed means that they can't get out of a tight spot easily. Battleships are by far the largest class in the game, and in my opinion the easiest (and most boring) to play. Choose wisely which bb to build, as building a weak bb is a great waste of steel (they're the most expensive ships to build and outfit) and time (4000 xp takes a looooooong time to reach...)

CV: aircraft carriers don't have any guns to speak of, instead their main weapon is their planes. There's three types: fighter planes that shoot down enemy planes, torpedo bombers that drop powerful torpedos and dive bombers that are useful for taking down ships that are too fast to hit with torpedos. CV is generally considered the most difficult class to play because you have to be somewhat good at multitasking, but I find them the most fun and rewarding ships to play. They do require a lot of skill though.

SS: at the top of the food chain sits the submarine. They can submerge, making them invisible until they come into the range of a sonar. Their torpedos are short-ranged but very powerful, and their main task is hunting capital ships (yum yum, slow battleships!) They are usually quite fragile and they have a limited supply of oxygen, so their survival depends on their ability to submerge. After CV, I find this class to require the most skill and to be the most fun. I guess I like a rewarding challenge ;)

So, how to outfit them? Keep in mind you only have 8 upgrade slots!

(but you can always try new setups using the unmount option - costs 5 gold, and bought upgrades remain available) 

This is how most people upgrade them and how the different ships work best IMHO. Of course there are always people with different tastes, experiment a bit to find a setup you like! But these setups work well. Some ships (especially for IJN) work best with slightly different setups, find something that you like.

DD: torpedo's or hedgehogs depending on your liking, aaw-capable guns (except for the lvl 50s which need 3rd gun), 3 engine and use the rest on fcs for extra sonar or armour for a bit more survivability.

CL: same as dd, if it has secondaries upgrade them to aaw-spec guns, go 3 main guns, 3 enging and spend the rest on armour.

CA: 1 secondary guns for aaw, 3 main guns, 2 armour and 2 engine OR 1 armour and 3 engine.

BB: 3 main guns, 2 engine, 3 armour works best for most bb's, but some work better with 2 main guns. In that case, use the remaining slot for 3rd engine.

CV: I find 3 planes and 3 flightdeck mandatory, but some don't upgrade their dive bombers to free up space. Apart from that I use 2 engine to have a chance of outrunning chasing ships, but some use armour. Anyway, a CV without its planes is just a helpless floating paperweight, so upgrading flightdeck and planes is a must.

SS: there are two commonly used setups. My personal favourite is 3 engine, 3 oxygen and 2 armour, but 3 engine, 3 oxygen and 2 torpedos works as well, expecially on subs with a lot of launchers in the bow (for taking down heavy capital ships). The first setup works the best for ss duels because of the shorter reload time.


4) Getting started: different ship stats and weapons



If you enter your ship collection and press the (i) next to a ships' name, it brings up several different statistics. How to read those? N.b. sailor and armour effects on ship speed, overheat speed/time and reload do not show up here.

  • xp bonus: percentage of nation xp that is added to the regular nation xp reward.
  • hull: how much damage your ship can take.
  • max speed: cruising speed.
  • overheat speed: maximum speed.
  • overheat time: how many seconds the ship can do overspeed. Recharge takes just as long.
  • AAW: basic aaw damage. Only noticeable when planes come flying by really close and really low.
  • Scouts: number of scout planes
  • Sight, radar and sonar range: self-explanatory. I don't know the unit, but it's the same unit as gun range is calculated with.
  • Bonus to critical hit: I think this means how much extra damage a critical hit will do. Not sure though.
  • Turrets: number of turrets.
  • Barrels: number of barrels per turret.
  • Shell damage: damage per barrel.
  • Gun range: self-explanatory.
  • Reload time: how long it takes for a gun to reload. I don't know the unit.
  • DPS: damage per second per turret. Thus, a 4 turret ship with 100 dps will do 400 dps total. This is calculated by taking the total damage per turret (multiplying shell damage by number of barrels) and then dividing by reload time.

Ships can have four kinds of weapons: main guns, secondary and even tertiary guns, launchers and AAW. This is not the AAW that shows up in the ship stats, this is what is called "manual AAW" (although it also has auto aim). It's far more powerful and it's a real threat to a careless CV player. Secondary/tertiary guns cannot be controlled and shoot automatically at the closest target. The guns on a cv or ss work like this as well.


5) Getting started: battle modes



NFM has the following battle modes:

Online beginners: you against only bots.

Online experts: light ships only.

Online great battle: all kinds of ships. Win by sinking the enemy team, or, after 5 minutes, capturing the center area by being the only team in the center area for a minute. Bomber planes count as a ship!

Offense vs defense: like great battle, but with a capture area. Stay in the capture area for 10 seconds to win the game, or if you're on the defensive side, make sure that the enemy doesn't reach the capture area.

Raid, Expert Raid and Fleet Raid: offense game where you have to navigate a tricky map with powerful enemies to reach the capture area (alternative: sink all enemies) before the time runs out. Brings rewards like great battle, but with the addition of 20 crew points. My tip: use only heavy battleships (tier B or above) or carriers for raids. CV's are by far the most useful in raids, and playing CV in raids is a great way to train your CV skills (the enemies' aaw is rather deadly).

Battle Royale: 7 player free-for-all with crates that give certain bonuses. To win you must be the only survivor. Tip: you can use scout planes to pick up crates for you!

War of Fleets: 3v3, 5v5 or 10v10 battle between two fleets. Beginner and Expert WOF modes have ship level restrictions and earn/lose you less points.

The different battle modes have different level requirements, although I shamefully forgot what they are. A high level player has access to great battle, raid and battle royale, the others become disabled. A low level player doesn't have access to higher level modes.


6) Getting started: using the global chat (west and east channel)



The chat is a wonderful way to interact with your fellow players. There are however a few functions and rules that you need to know.

Language: all languages may be used in global chat, but there's a segregation in east and west chat. As a rule of thumb, asian languages use east chat, all other languages use west chat. Bad language of course has no place in either ;)

Buttons: by tapping a player's profile you bring up a number of buttons:

  1. profile: brings up the player's profile.
  2. copy: copies the selected message
  3. private: sends the selected player a private message. Private messages show up in purple and can only be read by the player you sent them to.
  4. invite duel: challenges the selected player to a duel battle.
  5. invite: invites the selected player to your fleet.
  6. report: reports the selected message to the moderators. ONLY use this to report chat offenses, offensive player/ship names or other unacceptable behaviour. THIS IS NOT A PM BUTTON... reports end up in the admin chat, and spamming that chat is an offense in itself. I have written a guide on chat rules in the "rules" section of the forums.

Chat users: all users show up with their name in a fancy colour and with their avatar. A gold star means it's a paying player, a name in red with an admin label means the player is a moderator (like me).


6b) Moderators



This game has several moderators. Their job is to a) help players with questions (although not always by writing an encyclopaedia of a guide ;)) and b) enforce the chat and game rules (see also section 13 below). The moderator job is voluntary and does not come with any perks for the moderators themselves, and the moderators are perfectly normal players outside of their mod duties (we are also not developers). If you experience bugs, have problems with your profile, if someone doesn't behave him- or herself or you just have some questions, the moderators are there for you. In the global chat, the moderators (and other game staff) are usually identified by a red font and an "admin" label.

If an offense is reported using the report button or witnessed by a moderator there are several possible penalties that we can use:

- warning: a first or mild offense gets a warning. Nothing serious, but don't take it any further.

- 24 hour chat mute: you can still read the chat, but you cannot chat in east or west channel or use the report button. This is the most used penalty, but still we use it only when it's needed.

- 24 hour game ban: blocks you from accessing the game for 24 hours. This is considered a very serious penalty and is rarely used.

- 72 hour or permanent chat mute - if you really, really mess up... the permanent mute is used mostly for trolls and spammers. Fun fact: the 'permanent' mute is in fact a 48300 hour mute. Don't ask me why.

- If all else fails, or if a very serious offense is committed (like violating the terms of service (see section 13 below)), the developers can permanently suspend or delete profiles.

Of course you can always contest a ban by emailing support ([email protected]) with your defense. You can reach the moderators at [email protected] or by talking to them in the game.

We can also delete messages, which is mostly used to clean up spam.

Reporting offensive messages, captain names or ship names is done using the report button. Do not use the report button for anything else than to report aforementioned offenses! It is not, I repeat: not, a normal message button. Misuse attracts a penalty, as they say.

Please note that fleet chats are not our domain. It's up to the fleet chief to take action in his own fleet if necessary.

Phew, sounds all a bit formal, doesn't it? But don't worry, we're usually nice ;)

At the moment of writing these are the active moderators:

- Ethor98 (speaks English)

- Ibby (speaks English, Dutch and some German)

- Neuner (speaks English and German)

There are also some game staff that check reports and hand out bans when we're away (even moderators need their sleep).


7) Getting started: fleets


Fleets are the 'clans' of Navy Field Mobile. They are very useful for making friends, but they also have their distinct game modes. Any player can start a fleet by going into the 'create fleet' tab in his profile. It will cost 100.000 steel. There are quite a few existing fleets out there already though, and especially for newer players I recommend earning your sea legs and joining one of the bigger existing fleets (at least for a while). There you will find older players who can give you a lot of tips and help you become a better player!

Joining a fleet: there are two kinds of fleets: 'free' fleets and 'invite only' fleets. 'Free' fleets can be found in the fleet list, and you can join them freely. 'Invite only' fleets cannot be found in the fleet list; to join them you have to be invited by the chief or a leader of the fleet. Every fleet has its own rules and customs, ask a leader or chief what they are.

Fleet members and ranks: a fleet can hold a maximum of 50 players. Every player in a fleet can hold a rank and get promoted or demoted. The ranks and their traits are as follows:

- Chief: creator of the fleet. Can invite, promote, demote and dismiss anyone in the fleet and can start War of Fleets. The chief is responsible for his fleet: if someone in a fleet misbehaves, it will reflect on the reputation of the fleet and its chief. Thus is the way of social structures, I'm afraid. 

- Leader: leaders can promote up to leader, but cannot demote or dismiss other leaders. They can start War of Fleets and invite new members.

- Officer: honorary rank, can promote up to officer.

- Normal member: no special perks.

- Ensign: rank held for a few days after a player joins a fleet. Ensigns are automatically promoted to normal member after a few days, but can also be promoted straight away by a leader or officer.

If the chief leaves his fleet, a leader of that fleet should send an email to support ([email protected]) asking for a specific player in the fleet to be promoted to chief.

There are two distinct game modes for fleets: War of Fleets and Fleet Raid. They are described under 5): game modes above. 

War of Fleets is a fleet vs fleet game mode. Chief or leader must set this up. It's customary to agree on a wof mode (beginners/experts/masters) and any desired conditions with a representative of the other fleet before the game is started. Chief or leader can enter the WOF menu, choose the mode, choose the players he wants, select the ships they will be using and enter/withdraw from the WOF room. After a fleet is attacked a message pops up in the fleet chat, after half a minute or so a countdown starts and all selected players are pulled out of any games they were playing. A WOF battle works just like a normal great battle: winning conditions are the same. If multiple games are played between two fleets on the same day, only the first game gives points.

Fleet raids work just like normal raids, but are fleet exclusive. To start one, press the 'fleet raid' button in your profile. All online members should get a tab. If you don't get a tab when someone starts a fleet raid, you can still join by pressing aforementioned 'fleet raid' button. Funny detail: you can enter a fleet raid with more than 5 members. I've personally seen up to 7 members in one fleet raid. The number of enemies is capped at 20.

Leaving or switching fleets is possible at any time. You can leave a fleet by pressing the 'fleet leave' button on the fleet tab in your profile, you then have to wait 24 hours before you can join another fleet.

8) Research and ship tiers



Once you hit lvl 25, you unlock research. Here you have a chance of finding the best ships in the game, but be warned - research isn't cheap and no result can be guaranteed!

The way it works: there are seven different ship tiers: f, e, d, c, b, a and s. E t/m S can be researched, only the lvl 1 and 3 dd's are f tier. In research you can find better (higher tier) versions of shipyard ships and research unique ships. You can use steel, oil and gold to increase your chances of getting a higher tier ship: maximum 300k steel, 30k oil and 500 gold. DO NOT, unless money is no object to you, USE MORE THAN 150 GOLD PER TRY!!! It's a total waste - the maximum chance of getting an s tier is about 0,5% anyway. 300k steel, 30k oil and 50 gold is my go-to, and it has given me quite a few nice ships.

If you do a research attempt, you get a blueprint. You can then choose to build the ship or not, depending on whether you like the look of it. If you don't build it, you keep the blueprint anyway. You can sell blueprints to gain debris, but if it isn't one you already have it's better to save it. If you save a blueprint or build the ship, it gets counted towards your collections. If you complete a collection it gives you a great reward in gold. If you sell the blueprint or dismantle the ship you lose it in your collections.

Research ships have different upgrade possibilities (fewer) than shipyard ships, but they usually have better stats (uprated speed, hull, secondary guns, main guns) than their lower tier versions.

Advice for lower level players: tier B and higher capital ships require a few million steel to upgrade, with the 3rd level upgrades costing 2 or even 3 million steel to buy. Make sure your steel storage can actually store those amounts and that your resources productions are leveled up as well. A harbour assault fleet greatly helps to raise resources quickly.


9) Special ships: repair ships and s tier skills



Repair ships have, what's in a name, a function that enables them to repair allied ships. Get an allied ship in your repair range (gold circle), tap the repair button and the ally to repair and it'll repair the ally in small increments over time. Long press on the repair button disengages, if your repair dp is depleted you cannot repair allies anymore. The amount of repair dp depends on the ship. D tier repair ships have 18k repair, C and B tier repair ships usually have 30k repair, A tiers usually have 60k (cl's) or 45k (ca's) repair. There are several different repair ships:

- MN A tier CA Jules Verne: the ultimate repair ship. Huge range, has 200k repair.

- MN A tier BB Gascogne (30k repair) 

- IJN A tier BB Takao (18k repair)

- A and B tier CA's: US Portland, UK London, IJN Aoba, KM Deutschland, SN Rurik.

- B and A tier CL's: US Texas, UK Tiger, IJN Dhonburi, KM Bayern, SN Gamelin.

- B tier CL's: US Juneau, UK Arethusa, IJN Agano, KM Seydlitz 1939, SN Kerch, MN De Grasse, RM Luigi Cadorna.

- D and C tier CL's: US Omaha, UK Sirius, KM Leipzig, SN Bogatyr. The D tiers are available from the ship tree, the C tiers are research ships. IJN Oyodo doesn't have repair.

- B tier DD's: US Somers, UK L Class, KM Z99 Class, IJN Akitsuki-kai (which, by the way, doesn't have any guns), SN Tashkent.

All repair ships except for the D tier CL's are research only.

S tiers: S tier battleships have nuclear bomb skill. 5 minutes cooldown, does a lot of damage in a small area and gives ships in its effect area radiation damage, bad accuracy and a great lack of speed. It can hit submerged and even deep dived submarines. S tier CV's have airstrike skill. 3 minutes cooldown, deals a moderate amount of damage over a larger area. It can hit submerged submarines, although not very hard. It cannot hit deep dived submarines.

N.B. These skills are not to be confused with harbour assault skills.

This post contains a complete list of all S (and A) tier ships currently in the game.

10) Harbour assault and skills



Harbour assault is a great way to quickly gain steel, oil and nation xp. You'll need to assign an assault fleet and upgrade your communications tower to do harbour assault. Harbour assault is unlocked at lvl 50.

The loot you gain depends solely on the strength of the defending fleet. Strong fleet = big reward, weak fleet = small reward. If you beat the first stage (fleet) you get half the rewards, if you beat the second stage (harbour) you get the full rewards.

No fleet or defeat gains you 1000 steel and 100 oil, BUT sending your attack fleet out uses 5% fuel on ALL ships in that fleet. Can get a bit expensive, so make sure you only attack harbours that'll make you break even overall. This is why it is courteous to put some strong ships you aren't using in your defense fleet: they help other players to progress a bit more easily. This is also why I advise not to upgrade your harbour defenses: you waste your steel, and others have a lower chance of rewards. But it's your decision.

To win the second stage (harbour) you need to destroy the garrison at the end. Your ships fire automatically, but by tapping a ship you can select it and then assign it a target by tapping that target. This also works on the garrison ;)

To make winning the first stage easier you should upgrade your ships so that they get a skill. If you go into the equipment screen of a ship and tap the "skill" button next to the ship's picture it'll tell you which skills the ship can get and which upgrades activate that skill. A ship in harbour assault outfit is usually rubbish in pvp battles, but at 5 gold to swap equipment it is well worth the investment.

For the light ships line I recommend at least one ship with torpedo skill (against subs and capital ships) and also at least one with salvo skill (against light ships). AAW skill is useless IMHO.

For the heavy ships line there is only one skill: critical hit.

For the CV there's two skills: dive bomber and torpedo bomber. This is a tough choice: the torpedo bomber skill is much more powerful in the first stage, but your dive bombers will be useless in the second stage. This is why I have my attack cv equipped with dive bomber skill: weaker, but it can hit light ships and my dive bombers can actually make themselves useful.


11) Battle tips



  • Scouts are of vital importance - it's quite hard to hit a ship that you can't see. If you use smoke, your ships' vision range is blocked. A scout will enable you to see. A scout plane that's almost out of fuel will return to be used again, but if it runs out of fuel before it's reached your ship they fall into the sea and you lose it. Out of scouts? Good luck...
  • There's a post in this section about T-tactics. Go read it.
  • Auto aim works well, but especially against fast ships manual aim works better sometimes. Same goes for AAW: you can use that manually as well, which has its uses.
  • Try to remember the role of your ship in the team. Teamplay wins battles!
  • Sometimes patience is key.
  • To get any rewards, you need to do some damage. Shooting down a plane counts as damage.
  • Try not to cut off others.
  • In every battle there will be several bots (recogniseable because they are in light ships, go mindlessly ahead and never use overspeed). Yes, offline profiles are used so that they look like real players (including mine), no, they aren't the real players. They're just cannon fodder.
  • If you sink but don't return to the harbour, if your team wins you still get 15 xp.
  • If you want to shoot an airfield that is outside your field of view, use manual aim.
  • This thread holds a good few tips on battle tactics. Go read it.
  • This thread contains an excellent guide on dd/cl/ca gameplay. Go read it.


12. Support

If you encounter problems, such as not being able to access your account, duplicate ships, missing resources, wanting to reset your account, needing a new chief for your fleet or other questions, you can email support ([email protected]) detailing your problem. They will do their best to help you out! Of course, as I said above (6b), the moderators are also happy to help you.

13. Elementary game rules and Terms of Service

We at NavyField Mobile pride ourselves in having one of the finest and nicest communities in the online gaming world. To ensure that it stays that way, there are a few rules that you will need to observe. First, there's some rules on naming your captain and ships. We (moderators) do check actively for offenses, but if you encounter offensive names - please report them. Secondly - play nice. Game antics are not something that we moderators usually interfere with, but just be nice to each other! Thirdly - internal fleet business is the responsibility of the chief and leaders, not of the moderators. A bit of social control works wonders. Finally, we understand that sometimes emotions can run high, but please don't shout at others too much to avoid escalating conflicts, with moderators having to step in and mute people. Of course you can express displeasure, but please do it politely!

I strongly suggest you read the Terms of Service. There's some important stuff in there. For example: it is forbidden to have multiple accounts (multiple nations is, of course, encouraged), you need to be at least 13 years old to play this game, you may not buy or sell accounts, etc etc. If you let your kids play the game and someone shouts stuff at them that they shouldn't hear - of course we will take action as with any player, but the kids are your responsibility, moderators cannot accept any responsibility here. We ask for your understanding. The same goes for other people using your account - you are responsible for their actions.


That does it for now, good luck and have fun!


Edited by Ibby
Added new repair ships for 5.2.1

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Hi captains,

at first I wanna say thx Ibby for this great guide for NF and for your job as Mod.

And as support for your guide you asked for my introduction clip for NF on can see it by the link below.



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