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  1. ...have you tried to use smoke in the very beginning? it should give you enough time to turn your ship sideways to become a smaller target ...
  2. Ahoi, I like the second stage of HA. A and in the end, if you'll lose in second stage, you'll still have half the loot. But for your Sub vs Sub in stage one: Its really annoying, happens every time.. well I use SS3, so it won't sink after one round of torps... manoeuvring should be a bit more randomly... About the torpedoboats: What makes me angry every time is the fact, that most damage is done as friendly fire, when those torpedoboats are close behind my own ships...
  3. oh.. I thought that bug was fixed month ago? have seen several H44 two times in one defense line... ...make a screenshot and mail it to the devs I'd say. It's not done by happenstance but on behalf!
  4. ha

    ...I made it from lvl100 to lvl101 only by doing HA, because I was reduced in my mobile speed and had only time to play while in the train... it's not that bad I'd say! I really like the "new HA" after last update, it's much better with the nearly unpredictable battle efforts against HA Defence weapons.
  5. bug

    ...when in battle, you should focus on the enemy, and not doing any administration! đŸ€Ł
  6. I play it very often myself, to cover fleetmates while levelling their BB. Upgraded Maingun only once, to have manual AAW (I know about the lack of damage, but love to blind the enemy) and HH for ASW... Give it a try, but spare "NFKM Wolfsrudel" when you see it đŸ€Ł
  7. Just had some "Masters" as well in my SS4. Maybe it's really about sinking some ships without getting any damage?! đŸ€”
  8. That would be my suggestions as well. You can easily reach lvl60 with DD50 and SS to have the next BB for the BB-Operations.
  9. defence as well... â˜ïžđŸ»
  10. Heute wurde ein neuer Patch eingespielt, der im entsprechenden GameStore herunterzuladen ist. Die Änderungen betreffen: 1. Wieder EinfĂŒhrung der Google Play Belohnungen 2. Fehler in der zweiten Sequenz im Hafenangriff wurden behoben 3. Automatische Account-Wiederherstellung eingefĂŒgt 4. Balance wurde verbessert und berĂŒcksichtigt nun den Status der Crew 5. Die StabilitĂ€t wĂŒrde verbessert Viel Spaß im Spiel, Neuner
  11. wof

    Perfect suggestion... searching for WoF is a mess atm. Especially when you are playing the only active fleet in your timezone!
  12. Ahoi, heute wurde wieder ein Patch durchgefĂŒhrt: 1. Hafenangriff: Die Wartezeit der FĂ€higkeiten wird bei allen Klassen reduziert 2. Die Stahl-Belohnung fĂŒr Zerstörer und Leichte Kreuzer angehoben 3. Der Mindestabstand fĂŒr U-Boot Torpedos wird wieder abgeschafft 4. Bugfix: U-Boote können als Ziel angewĂ€hlt werden 5. Belohnungen werden sowohl fĂŒr das Ergebnis in der KapitĂ€nsrangliste als auch in der Flottenrangliste eingefĂŒhrt 6. Beide Teile des Hafenangriffs werden angepasst: a. Teil eins wird deutlich schneller ablaufen b. Die Verteidigungswaffen werden entfernt und durch richtigen Schaden ersetzt. c. Das Bild des Hafens und der Karte werden ersetzt d. Wenn ein UBoot den Hafen erreicht, gewinnt der Angreifer e. Wenn die Garnision zerstört wird, wird der Sieg/Niederlage Ablauf verĂ€ndert 7. Anpassen der Aufteilung in der Online Schlacht 8. Die Mienen aus den Ecken der Karte in der Online Schlacht werden wieder entfernt 9. Ein neues Online-AnfĂ€nger-Training wird eingefĂŒhrt (5 bis 8 Karten) a. Inklusive eines zusĂ€tzlichen feindlichem Flugplatz, um die Flugabwehr zu ĂŒben 10. Die TĂ€glichen Aufgaben werden angepasst: a. Die Aufgabe an Online Schlachten teilzunehmen wird zufĂ€llig vergeben mit steigender Anzahl an geforderten Teilnahmen. 11. Die sekundĂ€ren GeschĂŒtze der FlugzeugtrĂ€ger werden in Reichweite und Schaden angepasst 12. Wetterbedingungen werden eingefĂŒhrt (Seegang und Bewölkung) 13. Das Tutorial fĂŒr Einsteiger wird ĂŒberarbeitet Viel Spaß, 9er
  13. Congrats, have fun with your Bismarck. ...but stay away from Torp-Bombers. 😂
  14. I fear it's those "more powerful ships" that will have that bonus as well. So there won't be any help for low-level players/ ships... 😕
  15. I'd say so! ...just write me in line or discord, and I may share pics of different setups...
  16. wof

    I think it is that way for missions. should be the like for online battles as well. #fleet-comes-first
  17. speed

    That would be fine, and please make it to be set by the captain himself for each ship due to her/his preference.
  18. weather

    I really love the idea, but fear that players would just surrender, whenever they see it's not their best weather-condition. Who would play a CV to death, when it's males is that great, so he wouldn't see his enemies? maybe if malus in gameplay would be compensated with a doubled reward for that ships class in case of victory?!?
  19. ss

    Agree to that, there should be a minimum distance to use the heavy shells of a BB. That's what secondary guns are for!
  20. wof

    Great Idea!
  21. Ahoi, when there is the task to have a series of Great Online Battles won, you have to claim the reward as soon it's earned. Otherwise, the counter will drop to zero once you'll lose a game. And you would have to start and win the series anew.
  22. Would be fine, indeed!
  23. kits

    That would surely overpower pay-gamers... the devs-team might like it! đŸ€Ł
  24. online battles

    This might surely help... but I wonder where would you get that information in real life, without decent Intelligence Collection Ship?
  25. Hipper habe ich selbst nicht, aber andere Spieler in deiner Flotte!